'Disgraceful': Former President Trump's niece reacts to what he's doing on 9/11 1

‘Disgraceful’: Former President Trump’s niece reacts to what he’s doing on 9/11


Former President Donald Trump's niece, Mary Trump, reacts to the announcement that the former President and Donald Trump Jr. will provide pay-per-view commentary for a boxing match at a Florida casino on the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks.

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  1. It never ceases to amaze me how so many can witness the same chain of events and see them so differently. God help us…

    1. @torivarnor The Dems so hateful? It’s the Republicans who are calling for civil war, sending death threats to election workers AND THEIR FAMILIES. SCREAMING at school board meetings. Invading schools to scream at kids for wearing masks. This is just a short list of their hateful behaviors. The Dems so hateful? I don’t think so!!!

  2. Watching from afar, the first two decades of this century have left America looking like a trainwreck. Nearly half of the people need mental health intervention.

    1. It is absolutely astonishing that journalists from India, or even Ecuador can report the actual “Truth” going on in the world…than an OVERPAID propaganda network like CNN…That’s the real disgrace.

    2. You ought to live among the millions of psychos we are living with. Many of us are simply afraid to go out the door given covid deniers, fools armed to the teeth, selfish people who drive as if the whole road belongs to them, just plain selfishness and astounding stupidity.

  3. If Jim Jones can get large groups of people to follow him to a promised utopia turned forced labor death camp, Trump can get large groups of people to follow him into idiocy too.

    Trump: “Leprechauns stole the election and I’ve got the unicorns to prove it!”
    Followers: “Hell yeah, I saw them leprechauns and unicorns too!”

    1. @DeathClutchKing Lol! That’s because they are all Qanon sheep WWG1WWGA. Plus they were working on the drug for years it’s not experimental at all. You need to expand your information streams.

    2. @Margaret Stewart So what you’re saying is that the government has been working for years on a vaccine for a virus that the government claims hasn’t existed for even 2 years yet? You Q people are so far out there that you make Rick James seem like he was normal.

    3. Why do you people bring up Jim Jones when it comes to Trump? Do you need a reminder of the people who followed Jim Jones? Do you need a reminder of how your Vice Presidents “boyfriend” thought Jim Jones was a perfect example of a man? You people were the people that praised Jim Jones! You are also probably some young punk with no knowledge of any history.

  4. “The ideal subject of totalitarian rule is not the convinced Nazi or the dedicated communist, but people for whom the distinction between fact and fiction, true and false, no longer exists.”
    ~Hannah Arendt

    1. Born: October 14, 1906, Linden – Mitte, Hanover, Germany
      Died: December 4, 1975, Upper West Side, New York, NY

    1. @Matt Jackson I am not in either side.,,, but I am definitely on the reality side… looking at reality happening nowadays under control of incompetent GOV… if I was Trump I would overthrow all hypocrites incompetent government too…
      America now like a clown on the world stage:
      Putin is laughing with his vodka
      Xi is laughing with his dumpling and fried rice
      Kim Jong Un is laughing with his Kimchi

    2. It is absolutely astonishing that journalists from India, or even Ecuador can report the actual “Truth” going on in the world…than an OVERPAID propaganda network like CNN…That’s the real disgrace.

    3. @Luan Nguyen it is irrelevant whether you think Biden is doing a good job or a bad job as President. You are entitled to your opinion.

      The point is that Biden won the election and Trump lost. Biden is the legitimate President. You don’t get to overthrow the government because you don’t like the result of an election.

      That’s what it means to live in a democracy. We have elections and you accept the result, whether you like it or not. You don’t undermine faith in democracy because you’re upset about losing

    1. @Debra Johnson the Kennedys got rich by bootlegging alcohol during prohibition, they killed Marilyn Monroe, Ted killed Mary jo in a car wreck that he left the scene of, the Kennedys are one of the biggest gaslighting lying murderous family of politicians this country will ever see.

    2. @Debra Johnson get some up . Supporting covfefe the orange rapist who bankrupt America on government handouts to corporations and millionaires

    3. Our justice system is so slow he wouldn’t get convicted until after he won the Whitehouse and then it will be too late for a conviction. There is no justice in our country. Too many people want white supremacists in power and corruption of justice than want the real God.

  5. He’s going to make his supporters think that he’s going to run so he can collect a lot of money from them

    1. Trump was the only president to lose money while being president. Obama made close to 70 million. Explain that please lefty

    2. @Bingbong Bang So you’re telling me a multi-billion dollar real estate developer has millions in debt? I am shocked! Anyways, according to your friend James, he could easily pay off that debt with the 450M he made in office.

      And when you own over 500 businesses, you’re sure to get some disgruntled people suing you. Do you know how many times companies get sued? Walmart? Amazon? Youtube? CNN? He became one of the most hated people once CNN told you to hate him. You don’t personally know him, you just know how the media portrays him and that’s enough for you. CNN had a reported hired to the Biden administration. You think you’re getting objective reporting?

      You really can’t criticize someone’s research when you go on CNN to hear Mary Trump talk. Obsessed much with Trump? Hahahaha.

    3. It is absolutely astonishing that journalists from India, or even Ecuador can report the actual “Truth” going on in the world…than an OVERPAID propaganda network like CNN…That’s the real disgrace.

    4. @Ethan Ash you’re racist because majority of those unvaxxed are blacks and Hispanics

  6. When I first heard of Trump’s interest in politics, I saw a comic of him. He was being held by the Republican Party, on a leash, kneeling like a dog. Can you guess what Don The Dog was doing?

    *Chewing* *through* *the* *leash* .

    1. Biden is a complete disaster, abandoning Americans in Afghanistan, and you’re still holding on to this ridiculous propaganda by CNN. Stop being an imbecile.

    2. @Rod. . .Trump was the REAL disaster. No Americans were abandoned, Trump told them to get out 2020. Your perception of politics is simple-minded.

    1. @An American When you see “vagina hats” storming through the WH posing as Dems…that should clue us all into what VALUES do we still have as Americans ..surely NOT that crap!

    2. @An American “Staging” Anderson Cooper reporting in Rwanda during the genocide…like a real “brave” reporter…when even the UN ran from the genocide…But “BRAVE” Anderson was there “live” reporting on the scene…ALL STAGED!!

    3. Mary Trump is still mad that she didn’t get anything after her grandfather died. Only if her father had died after her grandfather died, we would never hear from her.

    4. @Willa Grolimund He’s obviously a troll paid to get reactions. Best thing to do with him and others like him is just ignore him. He can’t get paid if he can’t get a response. 🙂

  7. 9/11 should be a day in America of peace, remembrance of those who we have lost and acknowledgement for those who survived. Peace, unity and togetherness. Non-violence. I’m not knocking boxing, but I really think it’s an inappropriate time to watch something that incorporates violence, fighting and beating each other up on a day like 9/11.

    1. @Shawn O’Connor as a black man i can not believe that you would DEGRADE ME and call me a SECOND CLASS CITIZEN. my ancestors were enslaved FOUR HUNDRED YEARS and still have to put up with this bull. #BLACK-EXCELLENCE

    2. @His Panic as a black man i can not believe that you would DISRESPECT MY MEXICAN BROTHERS with your weasel youtube name. #MEXICANSMATTER

    3. @Michael as a black man what the hell do you mean when you call me a typical black activist? Man why do WHITE PEOPLE think we’re all the same? Its a marathon not a sprint #BLACKEXCELLENCE

    1. You know this is just a publicity stunt because New York declared they do not want Biden around for the 9/11 ceremony. It’s a direct play out of the 1943 communist directive to vilify your opponent with exactly what you are doing so when the media ask, you can say the other guy is worse.

  8. What is going on at the DOJ either carefully and meticulously building a case or Merrick garland had no business being put into that position

    1. It just keeps dragging on and on and….let’s see what the results are in a year or 18 months. Any COVICTIONS?? any prison terms?? We shall see. If no convictions and sentences, it’s all been a FARCE

  9. He’s got three years to milk his cash cows of their money…and he’ll use every second of every day to do it.

    1. Mary Trump also has three years to milk her cash cow…and she’ll use every second of every day to do it. A Trump’s a Trump she’s no different.

    2. I agree that trump will do rally after rally and send republican Congressmen to do the same for money.
      trump isn’t going to run , but he will say he is going to, to get their money which in my opinion is going to an offshore bank or even Russia.
      No one can tell me he is going to either.
      He is just using the trump supporters for their money.
      He despises those people and they don’t even know it.

    3. @Gary if you actually knew anything about Mary L Trump you’d know she’s nothing like her aunt and uncles. And her father that got used and abused by his siblings (who stole millions from his brothers kids after he died) and father (Fred Trump) you’d know that he didn’t raise his kids to be anything like the relatives. He was actually a good guy….which is why Donald called his brother a “weak” person. Because he refused to lie or cheat people. Trump only likes shitty underhanded people so he can have them do his biddings and has loyalty to no one but himself. I guess we all know what side of the fence you’re on now.

  10. “Be Good” & “bigly” funny when Trump loses the General Election for the 3rd time!!!
    9 million in 2020, maybe even more in 2024.

  11. ““If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”
    – Joseph Goebbels –

    1. @Basil Fawlty Actually look up your history before saying something so utterly unhinged and uneducated. It was Joseph Goebbles, it was the Nazi’s who propagated it from 1939-1945. Are you waiting for the next Holocaust?

  12. Trump hasn’t been “silent” his name is the media every day. That’s what’s keeping him relevant.

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