Why is everyone saying Donald Trump is running in 2024? 1

Why is everyone saying Donald Trump is running in 2024?


The countdown to when, not if, former President Donald Trump announces another run for president is on as close confidants reveal an attempt to return to the White House is nearly a reality. In the latest episode of The Point, CNN’s Chris Cillizza examines all of the not-so-subtle hints Trump is dropping and where his chances of winning the GOP nomination stand.


Former Trump Adviser Jason Miller: Trump ‘Definitely’ Running For President in 2024

U.S. Rep Jim Jordan in Iowa draws cheers for Trump praise: 'I think he's gonna run'

GOP frets behind the scenes over potential Trump 2024 bid

Trump teases 2024 decision: Supporters will be 'very happy'

Trump’s secret sit-down with Ohio candidates turns into ‘Hunger Games’

Why Donald Trump is Republicans' worst nightmare in 2024

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    1. @SOUP 650 Theyre OBSESSED of President Trump. Their OBSESSION is geting worse when seeing the INCOMPETENCY and INEPTITUDE of DERGRADED BRAIN joe and his team in making Deplorable Messes one after the other in just a few months.

    2. He will make the announcement at a press conference outside a courthouse just minutes before he gets sentenced to seven years in prison for one or six of his very many crimes.

    1. He’ll win and then we were never hear him talk again about hoe the voting machines are rigged or the fake mail in ballots.

  1. Don’t forget, keeping the prospect of him running in 2024 is a way that he can keep the money rolling in to Trump PACs and ultimately into his pockets. The long game after all is to grift his supporters.

  2. Trump: When I said come and kiss my ring, I didn’t mean this. and please remove your finger from my precious.

    1. Drumpf will be fertilizing Attica’s lawn before the end of the year…….joining the fertilizer formally known as El Rushbo

  3. I wouldn’t say so just yet. I still don’t think he’s going to run. His staff are of course going to say he is, because that gets him lots and lots of donations. I think it’ll depend on what Democrats do with the 1/6 investigations.

    1. @Lex Ruptor All they have left is trolling every comment until people give up. It’s sad, but YouTube won’t give people the ability to moderate their own replies, so it always ends up like this

    2. Drumpf will be fertilizing Attica’s lawn before the end of the year…….joining the fertilizer formally known as El Rushbo

    1. @Altrusian WolfDog is that a threat? I am a combat veteran of Vietnam and I say bring it on you delusional Trump supporter

    1. Well the fact that he hasn’t lost yet should say a lot who’s going to beat him in 2024 do you have anybody in mind

    1. Wasnt racist at all, its funny how you guys keep trying to turn that into an “event” when gop isnt too popular right now obviously

    2. Larry Elder was NOT a victim or a racist attack. The fool tried to do a photo op in Los Angeles skid row with bunch of homeless people and it didn’t go well. Elder was only there to take pictures for the news and probably staged the whole thing for publicity. Several of his entourage did get into some scuffles but NOT Larry Elder…

  4. 4:37 … or sometimes, awareness…
    P.S. – excellent to hear you’re taking care of yourself, Chris. Now I have no choice but to follow 🙂

  5. He’ll wait to announce the second he catches wind that the indictments are coming so he can say it is a witch hunt.

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