Disgruntled Trump Actively Undermines Vaccination Push 1

Disgruntled Trump Actively Undermines Vaccination Push


“There’s a big chunk of the population which has no interest in listening to Joe Biden, or the CDC, or public health experts—They only want to hear from one man, their messiah, their beloved, former President Donald Trump. And what they are hearing from him is not helping,” says Mehdi Hasan.
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    1. @Julie Crane how many dying on Biden’s. First he did was t he could legally closed flight Jan 31 who said on Twitter the 14 of wasnt human to human he did it anyway even dem said they would closed the border that’s racist and xenophobia dems letting there people run streets like aninals no g he and sanitizer building fort in burn loot murder that killed children that still in Portland attacking people in church antifa cry babies still in Portland. Like a bunch animals attacking kids . Spreading covid

  1. all i heard him say is…” think of the money involved, thats another ten billion dollars coming in, look at the dollars signs in his eyes” etc etc….just pathetic.

    1. @Robert Kyle… Exactly Robert!!!… I Couldn’t Agree More!!!… Except for the Name “Adolph Trump”… As Usual Here in the “Once” Sunshine State… Refer To T-Rump As… “Agolf Twitler”… And Others… “Agolph Tweetler”… As Both Fit Fantastically!!!

      But No Matter What “U.S.” Sane & Informed Americans Call Him… Our Country’s Polls, Honorable Historians, And Collective University’s (Excluding The Now Shutdown & Non-Existent T-Rump University)… All Agree With “U.S.”!!!….

      As in Every One Of The Varying… Surveys/Polls Out There… T-Rump Either Places As Worst or 2nd Worst PRESI-DUNCE IN U.S. History!!!… In Every One that I found!!!… Which We Should Proudly Point Out… To Every Single Solitary One Of T-Rumps… Maddeningly Manipulated, Massively Mis-Informed, Clearly & Collectively Cluelessly Cultist… And Seriously & Sickeningly Suckered Supporters… That We Come Across!!!

    2. @Race car Tell you what, I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for Trump to be reinstated. Speaking of fraud, how long does it take the AZ folks to count 2 million votes??? Its been MONTHS! Almost 9 months have passed and STILL no evidence of rampant election fraud. I thought the MyPillow guy Lindell had all the evidence. I thought Rudy Giuliani had the evidence also. What about Lin Wood and Sidney Powell’s claims of having fraud evidence? For some reason no one seems to be able to pull the evidence together for the nation to see. Again, its been 9 MONTHS! Could it be that Trump LIED to his voters? Did no one else find the irony in Trump stating that the election would be fraudulent PRIOR to election day? He was literally telling the American people that if he didn’t win, the election had to be rigged.

    3. @John Mcmullen… You’re Preaching The Gospel “TRUTH”, John!!!… You Are Sooo “Spot On”!!!… Sadly It’s Just A Summarized Fraction of What This Demagogically Deranged, Desperate WANNABE DICKTATOR Has Done To Damage Our Country, Constitution, Economy, Un-Employment Rate… And Most Definitely Our Democracy!!!….

      As Donald T-Rump Is Abso-Flippin’-Lutely The Bigly’est… “Disgustingly Disgraceful, Definitely Deplorable… And Downright Disturbingly Disgraceful Demagogic Disaster & Desperate WANNABE DICKTATOR… Pitifully Pathetic Excuse for a Human Being… Much Less An EX-PRESI-DUNCE… This Country & The Entire Civilized World… Has EVER Known!!!….

      In Fact, If You Look Up The Definition of Demagogue, Narcissist, Sociopath, Xenophobe, Fascist, Hypocrite… Or “Any” Other Derogatory Multi-Mental Disorders… You’ll find that They All Describe Him To A “T”-Rump, So To Speak!!!… In Fact, I’m Pretty Sure They’ll Eventually Post A Picture of T-Rump, Next To The Definition… If They haven’t Already!!??….

      Please Read My Other Comments Above!!… And Please, Keep Preaching The “Truth”… As We’ll Hopefully Eventually Get Though To At Least Some His Clan of Cultist Conservative “Party Over Country” “GOP”Q”ANON REPUG-BLICON… “Blind Believers & Suckered Supporters”… Like The “Race Car Reject” Above!!??

    4. @John Mcmullen… Thanks John, And Ditto To You!!… I Also Posted Another Reply To Michelle Just Above… Who Also Was “Spot On” In Her Post, Regarding T-Rumps Incessant & Always Progressing… “Projecting”!!!….

      I’m Thoroughly Enjoying Reading & Responding To All The “Spot On” Posts From What I Refer To As… My Sane & Informed Fellow Americans!!!… Again,The “Race Car” Excluded… Who’s “Obviously Deluded”… And I’m Planning To Try To Enlighten, Next!!??… Wish Me Luck!!!… And Have An Amazingly Awesome Day, John!!!

    1. @banned conservatism on utube Junior does all the Coke with his “screaming” girl friend…
      Wait, Kimberly? Is that you screaming crazy again?
      Girl, you need to put the straw down and hang up.

    2. @mintymus You supported dementia driven Diaper Donny and you have a problem with ANYONE else? I can see why he loves the uneducated LMAO.

    3. There’s always a troll from the Trump Temple that will try to derail every thread. They’ll call you sheep for disagreeing with them and with Trump. They’ll tell you that everyone is simply out to get Trump for no reason despite the fact that he instigates every altercation. They know this because he told them so and that the only way you can tell what’s true is to disregard anything you hear from sources other than Trump or those networks that narrate his message verbatim.

    4. Trump promised his flock that they’ll be winning all the time. This isn’t entirely false. They’re winning so many Darwin Awards now. Good for them.

    1. He’s the simplest person to figure out. Literally everything he says is projection. And also a lie. So to understand the reality of what he says, just assume the opposite.

    1. @Toward Treatise Sweet Jesus. You’re probably one of those people who is still blaming their mother for their stupidity.

    2. @Kteka heck no. My mother is awesome. I’m lucky. Are you still blaming the virus on bat soup? As it came from a town with a lab that designs viruses from bats, kicked France out, where the French warned about lack of proper precaution, and has missing whistleblowers?

  2. “Naïveté in grownups is charming but when coupled with vanity it is indistinguishable from stupidity” – Eric Hoffer, “The Passionate State of Mind”

    1. He is a pathological narcissist. The damage narcissists cause is limited only by their position because they have no boundaries. This one was gifted a Presidency, hence almost unlimited damage done (and continuing). Eric Hoffer should have investigated the passionate state of personality disorders. He might have come up with some clever quotes.

    2. @Keepskatin That’s as credible as ‘Retreaded tyres, cleared of roadkill, sprayed with shiny black stuff, driving through the bloody mud of a filthy slaughterhouse for Trump.

    3. Michael Yeadon, ex vp of Pfizer says it’s a depopulation weapon and the inventor of RNA shots Robert Malone says it’s dangerous, mask boxes say “does not provide ANY protection against covid” inventor of the test Kerry Mullis says the test doesn’t work, who’s naive again?? Oh and the study on NIH website entitled discovery of a rich Gene pool of sars related bat coronavirus, proving Fauci funded covid, has been there since before day 1, peter Schirmacher the head of the largest pathology union in Germany says 40% of autopsies he preformed showed they died of the vaccine, and one of the companies just lost a lawsuit for knowingly putting asbestos in baby powder for years causing thousands of cases of cancer, Johnson and Johnson

    1. @MAD Trump and some Republicans want to see more deaths that occurred during Trump’s 2020 charade so that he can have one up on Biden.

    1. @Tom Beacher what happen in Afghanistan was bound to happened we all knew it. Stop the petty finger pointing BS because if thats the cause BOTH parties are at fault starting 20 years ago.

    2. Are we still working on getting
      the death toll up, from the paltry
      numbers we have now ?….

      Cause these numbers don’t scare
      folks who aren’t “paranoid”…

    1. Hi….. I’m Joe Biden….

      …and how come every time they
      play MY ‘POTUS’ song….

      ….everbody be singin’
      “HAIL TO THE ‘CHEAT’ ?”…..

    2. @Jaak Savat that little rat jumped a plane and jumped the line here in the UK. This puzzles me, he’s Australian with a US citizenship yet he had a “local gp” (Dr) here in the UK for a vaccine. Talk about privileged, you have to live in the local area to register with a Dr!?!?

    3. Faucci mocked the use of Hydroxychloroquine, called it toxic.
      It was approved in 1955 by the FDA.
      Used safely since that time for immune related issues.
      I spoke to a woman at work that has been using it for years.
      Drs used it, effectively.
      Their results are censored, for your benefit…..BS
      Why the BS?
      Why has mainstream participated in villainizing proven drugs, used successfully by dr on their patients.
      Because vaccines are far more profitable?
      Because they want sick people that require more drugs?
      If trillions of dollars are not an incentive, than you really dont know what drives these large corporations.
      It gets worse.

  3. Republican: “Trump got the vaccine out in record time”

    Democrat: “Good – show your support by taking it”

    Republican: “No – Because a Democrat just told me to do something”…

    US politics has literally become this fickle…

  4. Let’s take business advice from the guy with three bankrupt casinos. And let’s take health advice from the guy who recommends bleach injections.

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