Texas Schools Find Loophole For Mask Mandate Ban: The Dress Code 1

Texas Schools Find Loophole For Mask Mandate Ban: The Dress Code


One Texas school district has found a way around Gov. Greg Abbott’s executive order banning mask mandates: The school dress code now includes masks.  
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    1. @Jimmy Rank yeah, all you so-called ‘patriots’ support the over-throw of the Constitution. You should take 15 minutes and read it before you go spouting off what you think it means. Lockdowns are gonna come at this rate, and the fault lies entirely with the right. I hear Alabama hospitals are turning away unvaccinated because they’re full. You can’t have it both way.

    2. @Rob Wehadababyitsaboy no we want the constitution to be followed like it was written. Our founders were smarter than all of us. You included. Making up your own interpretation of the constitution is what we aren’t ok with

    3. @Jimmy Rank   Well, the Constitution says right in the preamble to ‘Promote the health and general welfare’ which means vaccines and masks and public health mandates. The Revolutionary Army was vaccinated against small pox…probably pretty expiramental back then. Boston was locked down back then…no one in our out. This vaccine is not expiramental and has been in R&D for sometime. it’s actually quite brilliant how it works. Yeah, and Trump…he had zero understanding of the Constitution. Pretty much zero understanding of anything.

    4. @Jimmy Rank You said read the documents, mind your medical business, and no experimental shots. So, I’m assuming that’s what you meant. The govt is promoting the general health and welfare and you’re not. Am I assuming wrong?

    1. Can you see Jesus with his Niki shoes on going around throne and Jesus said NOW DAD,…??? YES. Jesus has a good sense too.

  1. They’ll impose a mandate to defy a mandate because no one should mandate what you do. They’ll defend your right to choose unless you choose what they don’t want you to choose.

    1. @Francois Yes, I am safe because I believe in SCIENCE and have higher than a 12th grade education that informs me as to imminent danger so that I may act accordingly. Get your shot and cover your piehole .

    2. Your right to choose only applies when the consequence only effects you, but when what you do can effect or infect others you don’t have that right. If someone with HIV infects someone else in Texas against the others consent they could face a 2nd degree aggravated assault charge which is a felony. Let’s start applying that to Covd-19 because just like HIV you could survive with life long problems or you could die because of complications.

    3. @Mitchell Waldrep Prepare for permanent masking with that POV and with that a progressive decline in general population’s resistance to common contagious illnesses.

    1. Especially when they teach you it in our amazing public school system. Sit down peasant and stop drinking the cool-aid.

    1. @RDR2 Fun glitches FTW Of course if your vaccinated and keep sufficient distance, risk of contagion is minimized, but at public and/or closed spaces it can indeed prevent contagion, one can’t always afford to be 6 feet apart from anyone else.

    2. @dago87able awww the privileged first world brat is so scared of getting a virus that has a 99.7% survival rate. You have it sooooo hard. You have a statistically higher chance of dying in a car crash than dying of covid so I FULLY expect you to never get in a car again. Also, you assuredly have your vaccine and wear a mask everywhere you go, the odds of you even getting covid are extremely unlikely no matter what anyone else is doing. The world. doesn’t. revolve. around. you.

    3. @L A number doesn’t mean nothing when people close to you start dying or getting gravely ill, like is my case. Even if I were completely safe (I’m not, not even vaccinated yet), my point doesn’t change a bit, maybe precisely because I don’t think the world revolves exclusively around me, even if in a way it does. Even if I were safe I could still transmit the disease to others, for instance. I’m aware that I might as well die in a car accident, that’s why I take all possible precautions while on the road, including heeding MANDATES like wearing a seatbelt, stopping at red lights and complying with speed limits, exactly the same reasons why I keep my hands clean, observe social distance and wear a sanitary mask in public. I don’t know much about statistics, but the average of yearly deaths for traffic accidents in the US is 38.000, while in little more than a year covid has caused more that 620.000 deaths, so right now it would seem to me that statistically I have way more chances of dying from covid than from a car crash.

  2. It’s what we say to employees and coworkers who still want to argue. It’s part of work dress code. No steel toes, safety glasses, no mask, go home. Don’t come back until you have all three.

  3. I love this anti mask logic: My child needs to feel comfortable, screw your child and their health….

    1. We have non-believers here in Arizona and the Delta virant came through here the other night and killed 300 thousand people and they still don’t want to wear a mask

  4. the GOP…
    has lost it’s feeble little mind…
    lie to your constituents concerning their well being…
    I’ll give ’em this, it’s a unique strategy…
    not sure the math is gonna work out though…

  5. A lot has changed in the last 20 years hasn’t it! I remember when there were dress code bans on face coverings everywhere to stop the wearing of Islamic dress. I guess at least the Republicans are being consistent in still insisting faces can’t be covered (but they’re fine with hip high miniskirts if the girl is rated an 8 or higher in their view)

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