1. Judge Luttig, darling of the right, says Trump “clear+present danger.” Trump proves it in TN speech
    YouTube · Glenn Kirschner

  2. I am soo sad that he is not running again. He is a true Republican, they are rare and should be on the extinction list.

    1. I hope this isn’t the end of his political career !! We need more people like him in leadership positions. He has served this country in our military and now in Congress.

    1. @Lhooper2009 why would you assume I’m angry? All I did was state facts that you can’t dispute. So you reply is , you know I’m right 😳

  3. Today’s hearing was awesome. It was Republicans talking to Republicans. The Democrats stayed quiet the whole time. It must be getting harder for Fox to spin the story.

    1. @Just Ruthie: What a numbskull, the DOJ were testifying in person revealing what occurred, hardly an edited version of events.

    2. @Just Ruthie wow, it must be so difficult getting through life with half a brain. Are you able to collect disability for that?

  4. Daily Reminder: “Tonight, I say this to my Republican colleagues who are defending the indefensible – there will come a day when Donald Trump is gone, but your dishonor will remain.” – 06/09/2022 Rep. Elizabeth Cheney (R) Wyoming


  5. Really devastating hearing for Trump. His own staff and appointees cutting him into pieces of abject corruption and blatant, knowing, bald faced lies. So hope we hold him accountable.

  6. Rep Kinzinger I really wish you would re-consider running for your seat again. I certainly understand not wanting to be with those Republicans anymore but you are an honest man a good man Mr. Kinzinger and that is the type of congressmen we need Sir

    1. After all this, I probably will never vote Republican. But, I absolutely agree. There has to be people like him around who cares more for the Republic than the next election.

      Please stay Rep. Kinsinger. We need people like you around to save the Republic!

      Like you have said – All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing. We need good men who can do something.

      If all of you good people leave, that leaves the evil ones behind in Congress and they will take over. Then, the Republic will be lost….

    2. I’d bet he’s stepping back to build a foundation for a senate run in a couple of years. Then he’ll aim for a presidential run.

    1. Also “ better to be thought of as a fool then to open ones mouth and remove all doubt “
      Holds true

  7. I am proud of you. Keep it up. I hope every American will do what you have done to beloved country.

  8. EVERYONE of yall on the J6 committee have done an outstanding job.!! People like you make us proud to be Americans. Thank you 🙏🏽 from the bottom of my heart and giving at least half of us hope. 💯❣️

  9. Bravo Mr. Kissinger for a powerful speech and insight to how US democracy was saved by caring few! Let us hope the voters will do the right thing to preserve it in future!

    1. @Arc Decibel
      Hey, take it to the courts that your party filled up. If you can’t win there then you probably don’t have a case

    2. @Salty Socks Spoken like somebody who understands what courts are for, and not at all the written letter of the law.

    1. He is toast in the Republican party! His next Job will be standing in front of Wal-Mart with a sign that says I am a liar and lost my country.

  10. Trump’s consideration of Clark, an environmental lawyer with no prosecutorial experience was like the time he appointed Dr Scott Atlas, a radiologist, his special coronavirus advisor. It’s been said that, with the notable exception of Stormy Daniels all of his hires have been woefully unqualified for their respective positions.

  11. I may not always agree with Kinzinger and Cheney’s policy ideas but I would always be willing to listen to them and try to find a rational compromise because they choose to honor their oath of office and to choose country over party. I admire and honor all the people on this committee. Thank you. We are lucky to have you all.

  12. This guy is the real deal….so refreshing and what and how a representative of our country should be …

    1. Absolutely, I’m a Democrat but definitely believe that this guy would be a solid choice for a Republican presidential candidate.

  13. Rep. Kinzinger’s words will ring out through time as one of the most eloquent defenses of our great Republic ever heard in the hallowed halls of Congress. One for the Ages.

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