1. @Dixon Uranus hello Mr Floyd did not die from I drug overdose that popo killed ok. I don’t what had in his in his body at that time that’s not what killed yes it’s sad all the overdoses this the times we are living in so we are not to judge lost keep praying until the change come let God be the Glory . 💜💜💜

    1. @valglass12 I could respond all day and it wouldn’t suddenly become valid or even right. And DMX never said to rob anyone or hurt innocent. Besides not too many young kids are even under his influence.

      But anyway pal nothing was burnt anything down by me and I didn’t hurt anyone. Now just go back to FOX or 4chan or whatever racists like you do for fun.

  1. It is so important to protect the children at all costs. They have to grow up to be adults one day. May his soul rest in peace.

    1. OVERDOSE? He died from the cv19 shot he took 7 days prior. Look at the
      4,000+ Recorded deaths of those over 50+ on the VAERS Website. Education is key!

  2. He admitted his struggles publicly never hid them from anyone and still managed to give you some of the best music youll ever hear, music enjoyed from all over the world and all walks of life, a legend despite his struggles. Appreciate that. RIP DMX.

  3. This is so heartbreaking to many of us who were not only touched by his music but by his spirit. RIP brother🙅

  4. RIP🙏🏾DMX it’s raining today April 9, 2021 this means he did go to heaven..From area code 19805

  5. The strongest among us have fought the strongest demons… That’s what makes him so strong… But the demons never give up… And even the strongest among us get tired and need rest. Rest in peace legend…you will never be forgotten.

    1. We caring about this guy only because he was a famous rapper if he didn’t have that title around his name wood we still care about hem no stop being fake and there alot more men that die fighting but most of the world don’t care

    2. The devil is in me. And I don’t care. He killed him. Attack me with your words. I don’t care. I’m not my Christian self. I feel odd towards the death, nothing. I don’t feel sad. I’m not my Christian self right now. Satan has me. Inside me. Everything is falling apart. I, the devil inside want to hurt my psychiatrist. So why would I be sad about death. Death is what I want. I want to be like DMX, dead. Come at me if you want, I want to be verbally attacked. I like it. I might not respond. Nothing matters.

  6. Actually wept after I heard the news. His spiritual struggles that came through his music were so relatable to me, and helped me face my struggles as a young man. RIP My Brother!

  7. R.I.P DMX you are a real legend. Now you’re in the heavens with God you don’t have to suffer anymore, but you will be missed

  8. Addiction is a black hole and nobody can pull you out except the person staring in the mirror… Rest in Paradise X

  9. “They” always have to air your dirt while claiming to honor you. RIP DMX! One of the few emcees that didn’t brag about material things.

  10. I admired how he never hid his love for God and always striving to be better. RIP X No more pain no more stress sing with the angels

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