DNC Chair Talks Restrictive Voting Laws, Democratic Messaging On Crime 1

DNC Chair Talks Restrictive Voting Laws, Democratic Messaging On Crime


Democratic National Committee Chair Jaime Harrison joined Stephanie Ruhle to discuss Democratic messaging about crime and the "defund the police" movement as the party attempts to hold onto its razor-slim majorities in Congress. He also reacts to the Supreme Court's decision to uphold restrictive voting laws in Arizona and says that Democrats need to "roll up our sleeves and work."

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DNC Chair Talks Restrictive Voting Laws, Democratic Messaging On Crime


  1. As one court noted, these GQP voter-suppression laws are targeting Black voters with “surgical precision.”

    1. @Debbie Rushing Many illegals vote in CA, WA, and other states with ‘Motor Voter’ laws that issue DLs to illegals. The driver’s license applicant only has to check a box asking if they are a US citizen or not. No verification or proof of any kind is needed. If they check “yes”, they can go out and use the license as voter ID, no questions asked.

    2. @Harry Longabaugh That’s true to an extent, but the negativity of, say, having your child die from cartel fentanyl or your business be burned down by “protestors” tends to go beyond the boundaries of “perspective.”

    3. @TesserId This Country was built on the sweat of a brow of a white man and here we are projected to be in the minority come 2045. How is that even possible? Could it because Democrats have encouraged and permitted immigrants all over the world to come here? That’s all they want, just more power because they know foreign born people from third world countries are overwhelmingly more likely to vote Democrat. It’s the Democrats way of changing the entire American electorate

  2. I should hope people watching this video should not have to be told how important mid-terms are.

    1. @Sarah F. 4.2 I’m a law abiding, employed and tax paying citizen. I’m not hiding from anything.

    2. @Conservative Interrupted that’s a no brainier looking at your post.and I mean no brainier.for sure.

    3. I don’t want to debate you I know where you stand .on the wrong side of history.the sad reality is you might get what you concervatives want.

  3. So can there be laws that prevent abuse and fraud for those rights that citizens are guaranteed?

  4. What I want to know is if Big Corp is standing by their initial threat to the Gop concerning these voting laws and refusing to fund them in any manner.

  5. I’m moving this month to a new state. Registering to vote is on my first week to-do list.

    1. Hopefully you won’t be helping to ruin another Red State. In that case, stay home.

  6. Why doesn’t he mention the highly restrictive voting laws in Joe Biden’s home state of Delaware? I guess the Dems are confident of winning there, so don’t need to fight for legislation that enables massive voter fraud.

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