Surfside Death Toll Rises To 20, With 128 Still Missing

Miami-Dade Mayor Daniella Levine Cava announced that two more bodies were found in the rubble after the Surfside, Florida, condo collapse, one of whom was the eight-year-old daughter of a Miami firefighter. This brings the death toll to 20, with 128 people still unaccounted for. 188 people have been marked as safe. The number is up due to former undercounting of possible victims. 
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  1. Thoughts and Prayers to all those who are missing, all who perished, and those helping with the recovery. Count your blessings, folks.

    1. @LetsTalkAboutTheMoon Are you 6 years old ? Or just fishing for attention ? The vaccine is free & safe. So please don’t get it. I couldn’t possibly care less since I’m fully vaccinated (and I didn’t mutate into an alien). 😂

    1. Yeah, but there is a difference between someone who has lived a long and full life vs a child that is just getting started in life. They all have value, but it is just more tragic when it is small children.

    2. All are heartbroken over their missing/deceased loved ones, but when a child dies before they’ve really had a chance to live, it’s really sad. No matter how old the child is, the loss is worse on a parent. No parent feels a child should go before them. It’s flesh of your flesh that has died so a part of you feels you have died also. To others who are not related to the child and have a deep compassionate heart, it feels like innocence lost – stolen. But you are right, all these people are greatly suffering. I just felt I wanted to say something for those who have lost a child.

    3. It’s personal and it’s a very young child. That takes a toll. It’s not “ value” it’s human nature. Or at least should be for most

  2. The condo association was getting $1 million a year in fees/dues. What exactly were they using that money for if not the “critical structural damage” they found in 2018?

    1. Baby Ro, Do you agree with Dementia Joe Fingers that Obama was the first clean intelligent black man??? Stop crying right now Baby Ro!!!!

    2. @jongmaster2 _Not exactly correct. Having owned several condos(including in the sunshine state), an association (or HOA) is generally responsible for exterior maintenance of the property(the condo owner for the inside of their unit). Generally speaking, items like the roof(which was being worked on just prior to the catastrophic collapse of part of the property) is covered by your HOA. Naturally each state is different, and each state has specific laws for condos(which leads me to my next point)._

      *_Actually, Florida statutes require the condo association to obtain and maintain ‘adequate’ property insurance for the replacement cost of the respective property(to be insured), recalculated every three years for full replacement cost._*

      _Look I’m clearly not a JD, but at of the day, these people have every right to sue a multitude of parties(including, but not limited to their association)._

    3. @Gene Ebeling Right but in this case there were multiple documents occasions where the residents did neglect to approve the repairs of the more serious issues of the building

    4. @jongmaster2 _Even if this is accurate (and I’m sure it may have merit), a charge of 15 million dollars to repair items that should have been repaired annually to insure the safety of these people(ranging from $80,000 to $300,000 assessment per unit is difficult to fathom). I’m sure the cause of the collapse will equate to improper inspections, improperly built swimming pool slabs, poor in depth maintenance practices overall, and the list goes on from recent construction of the neighboring high rise, to extensive hurricane damage ten years prior. Again, everything will be sorted out from a legal deference. Loss of life, loss of home due to construction maladies is a lawyer’s nightmare and paycheck all at the same time. These residents deserved better, and for some odd reason (insert $$$$$) didn’t get it._

    5. @Gene Ebeling I agree with your whole thing there. Unfortunately the reality is that “cutting corners” like quality of materials and how the building was constructed is a regular occurrence in American architecture. Architects always want the best for the client, unless they work within a corporation. However property developers only care about how many units can fit into a property to maximize profit. No architect should accept a job where safety is the #1 priority. njit there’s always someone to do a job nobody wants to do

  3. Seven years old and dead. Buildings don’t just fall here. Somebody has to held accountable

    1. @Washer_b Little Boy Blue Sheep you were not able to debate anything I said and that makes me feel pretty smart!!! Sorry you cant think and just have counterfeit opinions because you are easily influenced by slick talking fake news reporters!!!!

    2. @Joe Dementia Kid Smell LOL still no link. 🤣 at this point I’m starting to wonder whether you’re literate or not

    3. @Joe Dementia Kid Smell fake news reporters such as Sean hannity and tucker Carlson? Who’s butt you always kiss

    4. @UCyIXqfMt9q3YAKonIi6DnZg They are opinion journalists! DUHH LITTLE BOY BLUE SHEEP!!! CNN is MSDNC is all opinion news but calls itself REAL news!!!

    5. @UCyIXqfMt9q3YAKonIi6DnZg Under a defamation lawsuit against Rachel Maddow her defense team successfully argued she should not be expected to report facts because she is a actor! You are watching a sitcom! Is that Jerry Seinfeld???

  4. Keep it coming the hard fact is the unaccounted for are gone and this could have be prevented

  5. This is so horrible. My only comfort is that they were in bed sleeping peacefully when this happened. I pray it was instant and painless. My thoughts are with the survivors and the families of the lost.

    1. Angela, watching the crews scooping up totally pulverized concrete I’m doubting there were any air pockets. Most, maybe all, were likely dead before they new what was happening. That is my prayer at this point. Still holding onto slivers of hope.

  6. I just feel for those who did survive the fall but then had to lay there and slowly die from heat exhaustion and dehydration 💔

    1. Glaman, I was thinking the same thing until I watched the crews scooping up totally pulverized compacted concrete in buckets. I really doubt there were any ” pockets” with survivors. Maybe comforting that the victims did not suffer?

  7. What angers me more than anything is the constant word salad and political theater of thoughts and prayers from our elected officials when it comes to something they could have prevented. When they are protecting the wealthy and corporations instead of the people. This is not a partisan issue or simple political issue, it’s both sides doing the same thing and failing the American people over and over. All for greed and we’re paying for it, with our money and our lives.

  8. The real crime is them dragging this out and giving families false hope. The rich owners will Get away without any repercussions or charges. After pocketing all their millions and not fixing it in 2018

    1. If the families haven’t come to terms of their relatives being dead, then that’s on them. The government won’t make a haphazard notification with no substantiating evidence.

  9. Quit giving the families false hope. After this much time the missing are presumed dead. This is a tragedy that has never happened before in America. We must take proper steps to ensure it NEVER happens again

  10. This story breaks me. I hurt for the victims. I hurt for the survivors. I hurt for my brothers and sisters in emergency services. I am praying for them all 💔

  11. God bless all these beautiful spirits and souls!! I believe that most of the bldgs along the waterfront needs to be thoroughly inspected for the sake of safety for all🥰😇

  12. I would never live in a condo building like that unless it was less then 5 years old, and built with no sub-contractors, only with full union contractors, this way repairs are done properly with no shortcuts

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