1. i put it on, just in case i need to talk to people and can’t avoid 6 feet distance

    it’s great to avoid excessive UV light too

    1. @Muddy Water Take the disinfectant shot. I’m sure it will make you immune to COVID. The issue is you won’t see another day of life if you do.

  2. Nice video!! Very engaging from beginning to end. Nevertheless, businesses and investment are the easiest way to make money irrespective of which party makes it to the oval office.

    1. Bitcoin increased today and I’ve not invested yet, now I’m in regrets I’d like to invest now How can I talk to Michael Marcus

  3. Just got my Covid shot (Pfizer) a few minutes ago. I’ll keep everyone updated on how I’m feeling.

    1. @Nicholas Whitney — and some people claim to care about the sanctity of life and saving others in covid while democrats abort 600,000 americans a year.. so where is the outrage?

    1. @peekosthename 1% death rate of our population with no precautions is 3.3 Million dead, just in the U.S.
      Nevermind all the people who would have decreased quality of life and the strain that would put on the healthcare system in the present and the future (long covid and organ dysfunction). It isn’t just the deaths that ruin people.

      You’re the moron, sir. Don’t worry, smart people will do their part to bail your sorry asses out…..as usual.

    2. @The Man With No Name So true. I feel bad for people walking around breathing through the bacteria encrusted rag they’ve worn all day on their face. Just take it off and breath!

    3. @C H The mask hysteria is ridiculous. I was hunted and chased by security and police for not wearing a mask on a college campus last June. I ran in to the woods and I had four grown men aka Police officers with badges and guns hunting me down like a wild fugitive. I got down an 8 foot ravine in to a creek than ran to safety while the Police officers were getting cut up by the pricker bushes.

  4. Personally I’m not a big fan of mask-wearing but since this thing is still in the air it’s going to be awhile before I put away my mask

    1. Hi Christine. the reason I am not with Trump now is my doctor and I as personal friends established a entire time line of events starting December 9th to present with lot of government records and his untruths about the virus which never ever should of been done ever for all Americans well being, the timeline with Government records actually silences Trump supporters who have read these three pages. If Trump would not of lied about the virus at all, he would of still had 48 of 49 biolgical family members across America whom are legal voters. I am so very sorry about your husband aunt and uncle. I can not imagine the pain you are dealing with at all but indeed I would offer my prayers and condolences of course. I would easily come to your defense from the trolls whom did this to you also. You are respectful and honorable in my personal opinion. I am sorry about your kidney also. I have experienced kidney damage with the accident so I understand your pain with that where you can not hardly walk without doubling over at times. You are just going through both heavy emotional pain with the love of your life being taken along with Aunt and uncle as well as the physical pain from your kidney. I only wish you the very best in life from here on out and my heart breaks for what you are dealing with. If you ever wish to keep in contact, just Subscribe to my channel where I post short videos of my very rare albino and snow turtles and fish. Post a quick comment and I will reply with my email and phone number that you can text or call , linking me to any channel in YouTube by text when you do have troll issues . Or anything else, I would be happy to come to your defense upon texting me the link.
      Just because I am not for Trump today, does not mean I am against all republicans. I also am not for everything the Democrats have done over the Trump years either. If you do wish to keep contact if you ever need to communicate, I will post my information on your comment and then reply back here after that you have it and I will delete it after. By the way I have lidocaine patches from my accident I do not need. Is there a post office box I can send them to you for your kidney issues or do you have them from the hospital?

    2. @J B … Jb, if you kindly research the last pandemic, face coverings help slow it back then so really all this is repeat in history on what helped slow it down sir. It does work but it is not perfect.

  5. It’s always been safe to unmask outside. Just don’t go up and kiss anyone. Go inside a store, mask up. Simple.

    1. @David John Dupee
      Nope, it’s the people vaccinated spreading whatever concoction these serpent scientists conjure up in their genocide programs

    1. Hello dear how are you doing your looking so beautiful have a wonderful day hope we get to know better have a nice and wonderfully day

    1. @Cole Chillen Difference is that’s the TRUTH. And dementia jo has rolled out the red carpet. Arizona has declared a state of emergency and deployed the national guard. Did you know that? Of course not, CNN hasn’t reported it, It’s just to inconvenient. And you’re to brain bleached to get your “news” anywhere else.

  6. When I’m out walking by myself I don’t wear a mask because the virus is not just lofting around in the air and if someone is coming my way I just move over and pass them with 10 feet between us and breathe shallow or I cross the street, and on top of it, I’ve had my first shot…

    1. Let’s put it this way. If the virus were lofting around like that a mask wouldn’t do anything anyway. It would just be a placebo.

  7. I plan on wearing mask long after this is over, but only in the winter time. Not for medical reasons, just to keep warm. Those mask are clutch when you’re out in snow trying to put landing gear down or fueling up at a a truck stop in the middle of winter..

    1. They are especially useful when one has cold sensitive teeth! Breathing in cold air is painful… mask solved that!

  8. Masks are never going away. I went a while year without getting sick. It just makes sense to keep wearing them. Plus this prevents surveillance.

    1. @Cam no you won’t. You’ll wear it like you wear your shirt into a store. Lol I never said I wanted it forced bud.

    2. definitely it’s actually quite common in other countries. Although they usually do it for the smog.

  9. Lmao. The fact that that you need to even ask that question tells me everything I need to know

  10. In Florida you don’t have to wear masks anywhere! Of course, if you like a diaper on your face, you can wear one

    1. I not gonna be rude but that’s SO FUNNY!! In my state (California) we have to wear at least 1 to 4 mask outside if we go somewhere.

  11. My old man and I got my J&J vaccine on St. Patricks Day and we are fine!! Please take care and get your vaccine if your Dr. says it is ok!

  12. Five years from now they’ll say people developed lung cancer and are dying from breathing in cancerous fibers from their masks!

  13. – *Never Wore one inside or outside!! Never gonna, and not getting that jab either! Not sheep!* . Where’s CHARLIE CHESTER?!

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