Doctor Calls For Doubling Down On Messaging To Unvaccinated Americans 1

Doctor Calls For Doubling Down On Messaging To Unvaccinated Americans

The American Academy of Pediatrics on Monday recommended that all children over the age of two wear masks when returning to school this year, regardless of vaccination status. Also, virus cases are surging again in Florida. Dr. Vin Gupta discusses.

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Doctor Calls For Doubling Down On Messaging To Unvaccinated Americans


  1. And many of these people refusing to respect each other’s health are doing it in the name of Jesus or conspiracies. Insanity is spreading faster than the virus.

    1. @The FuQ is Wrong with you? Trump started out saying covid was a democrat hoax. Then Trump got upset and stated people are wearing masks to make him look bad. Then Trump stated it was not deadly and had over a 99% recovery rate. I get a huge kick out of people like you worshipping Trump as a big macho man but still have to play him as the victim. The only thing Trump exposed was the willingness of some to let a sitting president dictate what news is real. You are seeing an end to you alternate facts BS. Plus you fools fall for red scare propaganda from the 50’s.

    2. @Jim RiverIf you think you’re getting 100% honesty from Biden and his cronies you’re in for a rude awakening. He was obviously chosen for his status as a (sic) moderate but has shown anything but. Trump’s personality disorders in no way affected his judgement on matters that affected the safety and prosperity of the average American citizen. Since you think the most difficult job on Earth is somehow a popularity contest, then you will no doubt make a fateful mistake upon your return to the polls during election time.

    3. @Mr. White Not true, doofus. Fauci was referencing this Case History;

      In May 1983, amid the rapidly escalating AIDS crisis, a doctor at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) promoted a stunning theory about the newly encountered disease in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA). Noting that the same issue of the journal contained an article documenting one of the first cases of the immunodeficiency disease’s appearance in an infant, the author sounded an alarm about “the possibility that routine close contact, as within a family household, can spread the disease.”

      The article took an increasingly speculative turn in promoting this new theory. “If indeed the latter is true, then AIDS takes on an entirely new dimension,” it continued. “If we add to this possibility that nonsexual, non-blood-borne transmission is possible, the scope of the syndrome may be enormous.” Although the article reiterated the need to “be cautious” in accepting these findings as they awaited more evidence, the discovery “should at least alert us to the possibility that we are truly dealing with AIDS in children,” as transmitted through routine interaction.

      The author of the article has since attained widespread familiarity. It was Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, a rising star within the NIH bureaucracy.

      Press accounts, noticing Fauci’s article, immediately sounded the alarm. “Household contacts can transmit AIDS,” read one nationally syndicated report on the UPI wire dated May 5, 1983. The Associated Press queried the next day “Does AIDS spread by Routine Contact?” and quoted Fauci as their lead authority. The New York Times raised the specter of household transmission between family members, invoking Fauci’s commentary as its main authority.

      We now know of course that Fauci’s theory was wrong. HIV, the virus that was later discovered to cause AIDS, only transmits by exposure to infected bodily fluids such as blood, or by sexual contact. The infant infection discussed in the same JAMA issue involved vertical transmission from the mother to child during pregnancy.

    4. @The FuQ is Wrong with you? Ha! Next time try asking me what I feel of Biden. Here is the thing many who voted for Biden will still give you a list of things they do not like about him. Trump followers on the other hand not only agree with everything they make him out to be a macho man and put his face on a Rambo body then put that on a flag and carry it around, pathetic. Nice strong man he constantly plays the victim. OMG! You are too much! Trump’s crazy killed many when he was pretending covid was a hoax. Do not forget that he also slammed mask wearing. Popularity contest? Who made it about popularity and commenting on crowd sizes? With Trump and supporters it is all about popularity and ratings. Trump was not fit to be president and the condition of the country screamed that fact.

    5. @Jim River To even mention Covid when tens of thousands of UNvaccinated illegals pour over our Southern border proves that you are a bigger hypocrite than even I gave you credit for. Trump is a bombastic egomaniac and yes he was not my first choice, but after witnessing what forever serving career politicians will do to make the most money while lying to their constituents tells me he was the right choice at the right time. He can’t lie like Congressmen have done for decades, his ego won’t allow him to keep a secret. Although that did hurt him in Helsinki.

  2. Antivaxxers trust their gut reactions more than they trust their intellect; they need to use their hearts to feel the truth beyond their fears and prejudices

    1. @Shawn Corbin Everyone of those people are debunked quacks. Longtime antivaxxers and outright frauds.

    2. @Super Scary Russian Bot Not to mention augmenting their failed Covid fear mongering campaign. A twofer! I hope they are stripped of office and thrown into the joint. If you or me didn’t show up for work, we’d be fired. The two tiered justice system has to go! Terrible!

    3. @Mr. White That is a complete lie. Physicians know there is no deleterious effect on fertility. Look to the Israeli data.

    4. @Easy Money and why do you care?…….what’s it to you?………keyboardd warrior liitle boy

  3. I’m at the point with the science denying anti-vaxxer disphits, why waste more time on them. The trouble is, the stupidity of not getting a vaccination, we still have to deal with them clogging our healthcare systems.

    1. @DAVID the link to autism and vaccines was debunked years ago, and even with that just as a precaution thimerisol was taken out of pediatric vaccines. The relative tiny number of adverse effects of vaccines are far outweighed by the benefit. Let’s also not forget that literally EVERY treatment, medication, vaccine has a percentage of adverse effects. So with your antivaxxer view, would the world be a better place if people weren’t vaccinated for polio, smallpox, measles. to name but a few?

  4. Hey, if it balances out voter suppression in red states…

    Too bad children will be punished plus the cultists will give the virus a chance to evolve like Pokemon.

    1. @Mutton Chops You’ll have to excuse him, he was touched inappropriately by Europeans at a young age. Also if you don’t accept Baby Cheesus as your Lord and Personal Saviour then Muddy gives you European citizenship.

    2. @Insignificant360 I have a Blunderbuss too, so are youapeein? Or just a cartoon octopus?

    1. that’s more than there little brains can comprehend. These people like to argue for the sake of argument

  5. I never stopped wearing a mask. Now the mandate is back in place. All because one bigly orange fool won’t tell people to get the vaccination.

    1. That was Biden and Harris telling people not to trust the vaccine because Trump was in charge.

    2. @MeanGeneSanDiego Drives you crazy doesn’t it?

      Keep whining like a scared little girl, maybe someday you’ll actually get through to someone.

    3. @MrSnicker14 that was when the vax was not approved yet. Trumps own team were afraid he would tell his sheep to go and get it and it hadn’t been approved,

  6. They need to get several of those clips of people in the hospital being asked if they regret not getting the vaccine. Lots of those like a compilation,……….then big finish. Get vaccinated. I approve of this message.

    1. find some HEALTHY YOUNG NOT FAT people laying in a hospital bed. Even she didn’t look so sick. They show her feet more than her face.

    2. Yeah, doing something that’s so blatantly manipulative will change their minds. Nope, it’s best to keep the course- keep calling the antivaxxxers russians and bring up Rand Paul’s neighbor

  7. When you are telling people not to trust vaccines, but you yourself are vaccinated, it looks a bit suspicious.

  8. “If someone dies WITH covid-19, we are counting that as a Covid-19 death.” – Direct quote from Dr. Birx
    You could literally make a stuffy nose the leading cause of death using this rule.

  9. The economy can’t completely recover until more people are vaccinated. So if you want to blame someone for the economy it is YOU

    1. So, people can cram onto airplanes for the Fourth of July, but they can’t go back to work. Makes sense.

    2. And that’s what Biden will probably use as excuse if the economy is an issue in 20204. Or he’ll blame rusiia. Or manchin. Maybe they’ll bring up white privilege ad race. Democrats excel at blaming others. Yeah, it’s putin’s fault

  10. YES! It is past time to show the graphic, actual effects of Covid-19 on the body and lungs of patients. SHOW IT NOW!

  11. Well might be all them immagrints they have allowed to enter positive or not. So there you go. Its gonna spread like the wind d blows.

  12. Wait one dam minute here good guy Joe Biden was going to bring the USA together and get them vaccinated . Two weeks to “FLATTEN THE CURVE”. C’monman .

  13. Maybe hospitals should prioritize vaccinated people and elective surgeries over non-vaccinated patients.

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