Watch: Jeff Bezos, Crew Float In Zero Gravity During Space Flight 1

Watch: Jeff Bezos, Crew Float In Zero Gravity During Space Flight

Jeff Bezos and the Blue Orbit crew are seen floating in zero gravity during their space flight in video released that was filmed within the New Shepard capsule.

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Watch: Jeff Bezos, Crew Float In Zero Gravity During Space Flight


  1. [awkward astronaut butt]

    “Who wants a Skittle??”

    [more astronaut butt]

    That’s some classy stuff right there.

    1. @quest 77051 for a little whe it was no one ON the planet that had done that, not until they landed. It was the only person in the entire Universe!
      I hope you smiled today, if you did, please pass it forward!

  2. So, how does the earth look from space? Did it change you in a profound way? I don’t know, we were too busy spinning and throwing skitters.

  3. not trying to be that guy. but, I wouldn’t be able to take my eyes off the earth if I were there…

  4. 760 million US tax dollars went to blue origin. They haven’t produced a rocket capable of orbit.

    But Jeff is having Fun and that’s all that matters

    1. @ilebillybobjoe can you clarify on why talking about increasing the military budget is at all relevant to nasa’s being lower?

  5. It’s bonkers that these people were more occupied with 0-G than looking out at our f-ing planets surface.

    1. It’s because all of this is bs. You really think that old woman let alone any of those people could withstand the g forces to survive this?

  6. really? spinning over and over again. i would have stuck my face on those windows admiring the gem we live on.
    but yeah stuff me with skittles.

  7. This is the most amazing stupid moment I had ever watched in my life entire and the most expensive in the middle of a pandemic and millions are dying and 28 million, One person just burns fuel to fart in Space.. bravo Jeffy you are the 2nd for the first time.

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