Doctor criticizes NACI's advice: 'We're talking about four blood clots in the entire country' 1

Doctor criticizes NACI’s advice: ‘We’re talking about four blood clots in the entire country’


Dr. Hassan Masri criticized the latest messaging from NACI officials, saying it doesn't match with the reality in much of Canada.


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  1. Why was there over 30 different cases of blood clots in the uk then? It can’t just be from the variants since they’ve come overseas too.

    1. @uk k There’s risks with every vaccines you took in your entire life. Are you going to stop taking medications because there’s a 0.0000x% chance that something happens to you? You should stop driving a car, you should even stop walking outside if the answer is yes. Don’t take any risks.

    2. @uk k What if you walk across the road and get run over by a truck…. assumptions are a waste of typing…..

  2. This Has been called a war referring to the variants and some Doctor’s have said we should expect ..Collateral Damage…And for that simple reason many are skeptical about taking it and many have dismissed it as an alternative ..

    1. Since when is BC conservative, or quebec? Let’s not forget that this mess starts at the top. Federal liberals.

    1. not sure if anyone cares but in less than 15 minutes I hacked my girl friends Instagram account using Instaplekt. Just google for it if you care

  3. So confusing. If you get a food item that has been placed on an alert for Salmonella, these folks have the entire country pull off the shelves all across Canada and destroyed so no one gets poisoned. I guess blood clotting is acceptable??

  4. Why not share some of the skepticism and criticism for our wannabe Dictator. How are you not reporting our absolutely abysmal response to the WuFlu?

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