NACI questioned over new guidance for AstraZeneca vaccine | COVID-19 in Canada 1

NACI questioned over new guidance for AstraZeneca vaccine | COVID-19 in Canada


NACI is dropping the age of eligibility it is recommending for those who can receive the AstraZeneca vaccine to anyone 30 years of age and older.

“At this time, and based on current evidence, NACI recommends that the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine may be offered to individuals 30 years of age and older, without contraindications, if the individual does not wish to wait for an mRNA vaccine, and the benefits outweigh the risks,” said NACI vice-chair Dr. Shelley Deeks.

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  1. So no one wants to take the responsibility …. it is just a recommendation …. do whatever you decide.

  2. Why are these doctors not talking about the Danish study that showed every person in Europe who developed a blood clot was on birth control. I don’t understand why this information is not being shared for public safety.

    1. Probably because it is tam and trudeau that make the decisions for naci. And we know how often tam changes course.

  3. Is it a coincidence our society is going down the tubes while so many women are in positions of power?
    You know what? I don’t think it is.

  4. Why not recommend healthy lifestyles and natural preventive measures rather a SHOT of DNA altering injections as they are NOT VACCINES???

  5. Why we don’t have Russian Sputnik V and Cuban Sovereign 2 ??
    Very safe vaccines
    Mrna vaccines never been used before we don’t know what will happen in next years

  6. Resign Bonnie. You have failed. The rare risk is almost the same rare risk of death from Covid. 99% recovery rate……….

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