Doctor In India Says Health Care System Has Been Overrun By Surge in COVID-19 | MSNBC 1

Doctor In India Says Health Care System Has Been Overrun By Surge in COVID-19 | MSNBC


"A terrible situation": Dr. Kumud Rai of ProjectECHO describes the dire conditions in India, where a surge in COVID-19 has overwhelmed the health care system.

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Doctor In India Says Health Care System Has Been Overrun By Surge in COVID-19 | MSNBC


  1. Has anyone with eyes EVER seen India ?? Its not the most hygienic of places LOL literally ANY pathogen could spread like wildfire in that cesspool..

    1. Well, that’s a comment with empathy. Yeah,they do have a significantly dense population in their country,but comments like that are helpful how exactly???

    2. He’s saying, that if you aren’t a white supremacist brainwashed zombie, you don’t matter. I just got my second shot.

    3. @Lee have you seen Vietnam? Their waste is dumped in rivers, and landfills untreated, and yet they have managed covid just fine.

    1. @J. Karpinski I am reporting this post as distributing disinformation (propaganda) about the pandemic and COID-19 vaccinations.

    2. Gas about to be double…when our economy is bad others are really bad..everyone is getting pIayed rn

  2. Sept 2020: India hit the peak of 97,000 new cases per day.
    March 2021: India gets as low as 16,000 new cases per day.
    Late April 2021: India has 330,000 new cases per day for 4 straight days.
    Corona be like , just waiting for you to f*** up.

    1. I live in the US but my grandfather and grandmother were infected. Luckily we have a doctor in the family and they were able to get treated at their home but we were so scared.

    2. @K Cooper I just read that they’ve having vaccine shortages, which is definitely not helping. Hope they can get this under control!

  3. India thought they were conquering COVID less than 2 weeks ago, and then because careless with preventive measures, I wish them luck.

    1. very few, if any . the vaccine takes time to become effective, and India has not had a high proportion of people vaccinated. .
      Where on earth did you get the crazy idea that the vaccine could cause death, other than a tiny tiny number with an adverse reaction.

    2. Well there has been reports that people had died after the shot. Even young people with no preexisting conditions. It is also not clear what are the long term effects. I don’t understand why some people get triggered when others question the safety and effectiveness of the vaccines. Is that not allowed anymore?

    3. @Sue R No, you were not, you are trying to spread anti-vac, Q-Anon crap on a public forum, and I reported your posts as such. Now, troll elsewhere.

    4. @Christine King lol! why so triggered? You have been so brainwashed that any free thinker questioning things make you so mad you feel the need to report them? wow, so tolerant!

  4. For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

  5. Hospitals overwhelmed … on their way to collapse. India has a caste system in many areas. There are 200,000,000 ‘untouchables’ on the bottom rung of the ladder. Wonder how it’s going for them given they don’t count even on a good day.

  6. India becomes a super power capable of nuclear warheads and all of a sudden deaths in India matter to the media

    1. @Ryan Coleman that is because India kept saying they were fine, just like trump kept saying we were fine and we know how that turned out.

  7. Jesus loves and cares about you so much so repent so that we all make it to heaven.

    Like so more people can see this.

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