Doctor Says We Must ‘Break The Barriers’ Keeping Some From Vaccination 1

Doctor Says We Must ‘Break The Barriers’ Keeping Some From Vaccination


Half of all adults in the United States are now fully vaccinated for Covid-19, but vaccination rates lag among some demographics. Dr. Ilan Shapiro of AltaMed in Southern California has launched a new initiative to encourage those in the Latino community to get vaccinated, in an effort to make vaccination “easy and proactively understand how we can better serve them.”
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    2. @Lulu Garcia You can write this until you are blue in the face.
      If the do do birds want to give their life for free to save others.. let them..

  1. The only barrier is the choice to refuse. Can’t break that without the commissars busting in your door

  2. I have no intention of getting any of these Covid vaccines regardless of how much they try to break the barriers as they say. If people want to get it then that is their business. I won’t be forced into taking something I do not want in my body.

    1. Personal medical care is supposed to be private, between patient and doctor. “And just like that, federal HIPAA laws didn’t mean a thing anymore …”

  3. 99% survivability rate and experimental vaccines?! I’ll take my chances. I eat well and exercise.

    1. I’m 50, overweight, and sedentary. I had covid and recovered without even needing to go to the doctor. It was just like a bad flu. Most people don’t understand the importance of staying hydrated when ill. I’m not saying covid isn’t serious because it is for a minute percentage.

    2. Matt, literally thousands of doctors, nurses, virologists, etc. speak out against this experimental operating system. They are refused a platform on the MSM. The same vermin that own the MSM own the filth behind this plandemic. Read the Great Barrington Declaration. Search other engines than google. Pfizer made $3.5B profit off this in the first 4 months. Take care. Research. Think.

    3. @Matt Sezer

      Yeah I like how Trump was a conspiracy theorist to think this could possibly come from a lab in China right? You will be proven wrong, yet you will fail to admit defeat because of your pride

    1. @Know These Trump loves the poorly educated, and they’re not Democrats.

      Face it. Trump lost. Get over it. Womp womp.

    2. @wilsonle61 Nah, believing the media isn’t causing this. Believing Trump and an anonymous source called “Q” is causing this. They’ve got you over a barrel.

    3. @DrumWild Face this: Democrats murdered the elderly, willingly, wantonly to spread the CCP’s bug. Cuomo. Murphy. Whitmer. Some coincidence, huh?

      Womp womp? You think it’s funny the Democrats did that AND tried to sweep it under the rug? And made sure to fight a travel ban Day One? Why are you so quick to defend sick DC corrupticrats?

    4. @Adolf Hitler cnn is far worse. I’m not taking these experimental shots. None of you are worth risking bell’s palsy, rashes ,paralysis, or a stroke.

    5. @DrumWild doesn’t mean people have to unite behind Biden. And no matter who’s president I’m never taking them shots

    1. grade school indoctrination has led to this.. hands down. they are taught they want to be controlled

    2. @DrumWild do you wear two masks or three? If your not doubling or tripling up you’re not protecting anyone.

    3. @DrumWild 60 percent of Americans refuse the vaccine. If they are all “Trumpers” then there is no way Biden won the election and you are being lied to. Or many Biden supporters are also refusing the vaccine and you are being lied to. It can’t be both And either way, you’re being lied to and you are believing it. Brainwashing is very easy. I told my dad I was going to brainwash him before I did and he still didn’t catch it.

  4. The doctors or the experts say, hahahahahaha! Every comedian should now start their show with that line now

    1. Make them liable, and they wouldn’t make the vaccines. Or maybe we unite as a group and pay our own lobbyist to get what we want done. Step one repeal citizens united.

    2. Holy cow really? Do you think Hep A&B, Polio, Mumps, Measles, Chicken Pox, Rubella vaccines and any other ones actually give you a guarantee for liability you’re delusional, that’s not the way it works.

    3. @A. P. so everyone else can get sued for hurting someone… except the people making billions of dollars?

  5. The only thing that will break the barriers is time. Give it a couple years, lets see if they’re actually safe.

    1. I agree, in time all the idiots will be dead from COVID and we’ll have a safe healthy society, there’s ALWAYS an upside when dealing with totally ignorant people.

    2. @Dave R wow you think because you took an experimental mRNA gene therapy or if you took the Johnson Johnson Vector virus RNA therapy that somehow you’re going to be too healthy one. You better do some research and you better think again. You know the world has almost 8 billion people!!! Not eight million people 8 billion people.. how many people die every year in America just from heart disease which for the most part it’s a lifestyle choice I think it was 667000 and 2018!!! That could be a 2019 number but it’s an extraordinary amount of people. By the way that number did not go up because of covid. You are living in a fantasy world your immune system has forever been hijacked and changed the way your body is now going to attacks like protein you’re on a whole nother level of having a compromised immune system. Let us know how your body handles the next cold flu season so October through April April 22 give a, and let us know

    3. A study just came out saying that the RNA vaccines permanently change the immune system but it’s too early to know what effect that will ultimately have.

    4. @Monte carlo well we’ve already seen what the short-term does and that is an autoimmune issues cytokine storms whichever resulted in blood clotting heart attacks aneurysm Strokes embolisms massive skin peeling Gian Beret syndrome and other neurological issues and course death.

  6. As a a latino I can speak for the rest, we are waiting what the negative side effects on the first set of ginipigs

    1. There are many negative side effects that the media isn’t reporting. My son had brain bleed after the first shot.

    1. @Collin Mac It has the upside of not even having to take that 1/100 chance. And no downside, apart from maybe 15 minutes of your time.

    2. @Yo Mama The only side effect I could find are incredibly rare instances of an allergy, which is normal for any vaccine.

    3. @Jvane0507 What makes the vaccine rushed? How long do you think a vaccine should take to roll out, keeping in mind that every day you wait, about one thousand people die?

    4. @Prozy Studios I have a higher chance of a negative effect of China flu virus vaccine than the actual virus. That is a fact

    5. @Collin Mac Didn’t take long for you to bust out the racist terminology. Anyways. The chance of you getting covid entirely depends on your community, how well you’ve been following quarantine, how many people you’re in contact with, etc. Assuming you don’t have allergic reactions to vaccines, then the only danger would be TTS with the J&J shot. If you’re a woman under 49, there’s about a 7 in 1,000,000 chance of getting TTS, but if you’re a woman above 50 or a man, then the chances are too low to even get a percent chance.

      And that’s a fact.

  7. They want you to run to your nearest corner store to get an injection without you consulting your doctor. Think about that.

    1. Drs are complacent with this too. They are not informed or even aware of what’s in this, let alone the nurses giving the injections. They are just “doing their jobs” like they are told to do. Otherwise they will be fired. Its amazing to see just how many people have been brainwashed by all of this. Sad.

  8. Lol everything is always 100% safe, until years later when people are all snapped up and suing for being sick

  9. “The daily COVID infection rate has dropped 92% since the month president Biden has taken office.” He is making sound like Biden is responsible for the low infection rate.

    1. Yes, they lowered the cycles run in the pcr test.. less magnification/less positive cases

  10. The left on abortion: “My body my choice!”
    The left on Vaccine Hesitancy: ” *FBI* *OPEN* *UP* !”

    1. the right: no you can’t control your own body!!
      also the right: don’t tell me i can’t control my own body
      works both ways bud

    2. @Amanda in the process of abortion somebody else dies. If that vaccine screws your body, it’ll be just yours. MAJOR difference, Amanda.

    3. almost like covid 19 kills people and abortion kills a cluster of cells.

      Get the vaccine.

    4. @Prozy Studios most abortions happen way beyond the stage when it’s a “clump of cells”. Educate yourself.

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