1. I’ve been done with them since 2008. Their goal then was not to get John McCain elected but for him to die so Sarah Palin could get installed as “president”. She’s who they REALLY wanted.

    2. @Jason Thompson Looks like the Dems followed their lead in 2020 with the election of President Harris

  1. Voting rights is not just a partisan issue for republicans. It’s a ‘Our demographic is dying, so we change the rules to postpone our extinction’ issue.

    1. As long as voting rights are a partisan issue, America can’t really call itself a democracy.

  2. If you Be live politicians like kennedy cruz GQP your 🎵Deep in 🎶the 🎵heartless of Texas🎶

  3. The court recommended Congress take this up. They don’t want to legislate from the bench. I wonder if SCOTUS is reconsidering their recent erosion of the 14th Amendment?

  4. Calling the For the People Act a power grab is like accusing someone who catches a thief red handed and taking back his belongings of stealing.

  5. This is the GOP Coup by other means. Jan 6th was when it started but it never ceased. Save your democracy, America. The midterms will be your last stand, or the fascist element of the GOP’s. That’s up to you. Every single state is your business, here. Get involved! ✌️👍

  6. Here in Texas we need a political party that will stand up to the Republicans, and we just don’t have it. It makes democracy into sort of a farce.

  7. Republicans have NEVER RECONGNIZED their democrat neighbors, why would they start now when they’re completely lost to reason.

  8. Stop acting dumb; voting rights is a racial issue and you know it. Always has been, always will be.

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