1. God bless that little girl and bless the dr. who basically saved her life. Shame on the bullies who are more concerned with their agenda than a child’s life.

  2. Those pesky facts cause more problems- the doctor helping the 10 year old is amazing and a hero. I’m sorry not everyone recognizes how she may have saved a life and helped a little girl recovering from a rape. Victim blaming is always horrifying and now it’s expanded to those who help victims

    1. Palepride Worldwide, his CULTURE??? Really, “”CULTURE????””
      Please explain this to me, cause I’m LATINO emigrated from VENEZUELA, legally. I have a vast KNOWLEDGE of Latin America CULTURE and visited many countries in S. America including Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, Peru, Bolivia, Colombia and Brazil and have FAMILIES in those COUNTRIES. PreTeen Marriage and Pregnancy is NOT PART of “MY CULTURE” or CONDONED.

    2. @Luca Jacobson He had 4 years and failed as usual. That crappy wall hasn’t kept a single person out. Lol

  3. Explain to the rest of the world how this attorney-general has not been tossed into prison yet, facing a variety of charges … good luck with that!

  4. Everybody in my family left Ohio. No reason to ever return. Indiana attorney general needs to be fired governor

  5. Good luck to you. I hope you teach this AG a lesson he will never forget. I am sure the 10 year old girl and her parents are so thankful for your help and compassion. I know that I would if she were my daughter. God bless you. 🙏

  6. Republicans don’t think the girl even existed?? These bozos also think that gravity is the work of the devil 😆

    1. Oprah Winfrey did a show on a religious compound in Texas. What has been going on there is horrific, disgusting and appalling.

  7. The Doctor did the right thing by saving the young girl’s life and terminating that pregnancy. No child should ever suffer that kind of indignity, humiliation and pain because of an unwanted invasion of her body.

  8. Activist acting as a doctor, with a history of failure to report. I hope he gets a chance to testify under oath about these allegations.

  9. “I’ll show them how pro-life I am by kidnapping a child …”
    As soon as they are out of the womb they just stop caring about lives…

  10. I hope the doctor follows through on this. I hope she is saving every bit of hate mail and threats I’m sure she’s getting as a result of this garbage pile’s lies. Go after his wallet, and his job. It’s the only way he might learn.

  11. 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜WE SUPPORT YOU DOC 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  12. I hope he gets disbarred, sued to the max, and forced to go back on TV and apologize to the doctor. That would be the least of resolution.

  13. The right has lost their minds. Being pro life is one thing, but going after a Dr. for saving a 10-year-old is another thing all together.

  14. We have to find a middle ground on abortion, to Guide in the process, tailoring it to the individual, rather than control and shame.

  15. So the same people who supposedly care the most about children are threatening to kidnapp a child………………………

  16. I usually find myself fairly center of the aisle on most issues. It’s something like this I can’t imagine how ANYONE would criticize helping this poor child a victim. People have lost their minds.

    1. It was like one guy… who would never have been able to use his power to do anything. It IS insane that he thought he could/should, but this is a mountain out of a molehill. I haven’t heard a single pro life voice out there saying anything but “This guy, with THIS attitude, is an absolute exxtremist outlier.”

  17. It takes a special type of greed and evil to politicize a 10 yr old girl being raped… I seriously could care whether or not abortion is legal for consenting adults, but use a 10 yr old’s tragedy for personal gain is disgusting

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