1. Well step ….on it …then, DOJ! Waiting or deciding is taking forever. An indictment would changed things. We need some Hope here.🎏🤎🇺🇸

  2. “The President Bears responsibility for Wednesday’s Jan 6th attack on Congress by Mob Rioters” ~ Kevin McCarthy.

  3. Lock him up! Lock him up! Lock him up…! 🤞🥳🤞
    And lock up his cronies too 🚨🚔🚨

  4. You’ll hold ANYONE accountable…? I feel like that’s maybe not altogether true. I remember how no one could prosecute Trump because we couldn’t indict a sitting president. So which is it?

    1. It is. RICO never sleeps. The statute of limitations have expired on hundreds of crimes that became part of RICO prosecutions. Pardons would be no different.

    2. Martin, this is all going to go the way of Hillary, sorry to disappoint you. But hey, at least you’re winning big at the pumps right now and at the store.

  5. I hope he mines what he said, I am afraid later he says we didn’t have enough strong evidence to convict him, (BS) !

  6. Chris, he meant to say they started it since April, the only reason we know it now is because the grand jurors told the reporters. He only says it was natural for the public to be impatient to the DoJ’s side when comparing the two investigations side by side. He’s not giving out any info other than what that the grand jury already did.

  7. Today we learned that this particular investigation has been ongoing since April – predating the January 6 Committee hearings. This all started coming only because reporters happened to see Pence’s Chief of Staff, Marc Short enter and leave a Grand Jury of We the People.

  8. I want to believe this. I also want an unassailable case, that cannot be lied about. I want the full measure of Justice.

  9. The former Commander in thief is going to go through some things, sounds like, and public exposure prison, destitution and loss of absolutely everything would be a start towards justice for the American people

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