1. Well …. their Dear Leader is above the law….. soooooooooooooooooooooo they too might be b/c Justice is NOT blind. It sees wealth/power and kneels before both of them.

    2. No, that would be the sweet sweet nectar of power that comes with the Office of the Presidency. That nectar has a side-effect, it’s called hubris.

  1. “…Could face repercussions” yah he should have already and numerous times over. We need to show Trump and others in or who formerly held power that NO ONE is above the law because if anyone is somehow above it then it serves only to oppress those who aren’t.

    1. @P mac I imagine it must piss off the people charged with felonies for their part in J6 too.

  2. Oh, so you’re not supposed to pretend to be a presidential Elector? That’s actually illegal? Well, I never. Who knew that?

    1. @Mark You don’t get warrants with probable cause, which make it warranted. So it was literally warranted because they had warrants.

      So for the slow people, the warrants made the claim of unwarranted false because of probable cause. Which makes the search warranted and it got them a warrant.

    2. @Lee Adickes Are you seriously comparing taxes to profit?
      It’s time for some honest self reflection pal. You need to spend more time reading and learning, and zero time making a fool out of yourself online.

    3. @J M why does government make more than energy companies do off of oil? And then people push it to be nationalized. It will cost even more. It’s OK that you like high prices and don’t mind people not being able to feed themselves. But I think it is unnecessary.

    1. Looks like America is not as democratic as you yanks think. It is looking more like The Soviet Union.

  3. Everyone involved in the attempted coup need to face serious prison time, extreme fines, be barred from public office and have to take civics classes

    1. @bill blow
      Civics classes in prison would be great, throw government economics in there and it’s a party.

    2. @Boris Sheen Yes it was pathetic.
      It gives one hope knowing that is the best dump could pull off.

    3. @Charity Ramsey sure it was a practice run.. sure it was. I expected more of them to get mowed down but besides that.. they did as poorly as expected.

    1. Everything HE said , drain the swamp , crooked Hillary etc. He’s following that example.

  4. “It can be difficult to accept that President Trump abused your trust. That he deceived you. Many will invent excuses to ignore that fact. But that is a fact. I wish it weren’t true. But it is.”
    — Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.), June 23, 2022

    1. @Anon ymous A person of character will always be recognized BY PEOPLE OF CHARACTER… ESPECIALLY when said person BUCKS THEIR OWN TRIBE, at personal cost…TO SEE JUSTICE DONE.

    1. @Mike Bob There is clearly no evidence that you would accept, so what’s your point ? ?

  5. Put these gutless cowards in Federal Prison for life! That will let others know in the future that this treasonous behavior will not be tolerated no matter how much they try to influence people with a flood of lies!

  6. Notice how Rudy Giuliani is beginning his “Im old and fragile walk” the closer he gets to being prosecuted? It didnt work for Bill Cosby nor Harvey Weinstein but I guess Giulianis’ giving it a shot…. lol

    1. @Wolfman 51 he wont be able to pick up much more speed than that in a cell, so it may just suit him fine, although the slower he walks, the smaller the jail cell they might give him…

  7. Imagine having that thought in your head that you can get away with anything, thinking you are above the law just because you studied the law and later getting raided while in your underwear. Lol, couldn’t be me.

    1. Well, Donnie dodger said it was alright. Why should he think otherwise? I mean, we’ be heard Donald say that he knows how everything works!!! He knows all the good words,more than generals about Afghanistan, more than the IRS about taxes and he can solve ALL of the problems ( BIGLY,of course).

  8. “If this had happened in ANY other country all these TRAITORS would have been in jail by now, or dead. Not out walking around stirring up more trouble.”

    1. Reporter #PatrickLancaster #PatrickLancaster, shows on YouTube, the word of Donbas from the lips of the people.
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  9. Thanks Cassidy for being a level head in THE WHITE HOUSE ….someone Pat Cipillone could count on to steer Dumpf away from going to the Capitol and someone who could steer Mark Meadows away from attending the meeting in the ” war room” but just ” dial in” instead…..AMERICA was fortunate to have TWO YOUNG WOMEN to help lend some level-headedness to the goings on ….

  10. That guy that never heard about dogs that can sniff out electronics before, he’s supposed to be a lawyer? He was the guy that Trump wanted to name the acting A.G until all those other guys threatened to resign 🤣 🤣

  11. To choose to keep America a Democracy is to steadfastly choose to hold those who attacked it accountable for every transgression against it.

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