DOJ Releases Notes Showing Trump Asked To Declare The Election Corrupt 1

DOJ Releases Notes Showing Trump Asked To Declare The Election Corrupt


New York Times Justice Department reporter Katie Benner, former U.S. attorney Harry Litman, and executive producer of Showtime’s "The Circus" John Heilemann discuss the unprecedented move by the Justice Department to release notes showing Trump asked the department to declare the election corrupt.

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    1. @Hugh Jass The news media, or public in general, regardless of political affiliation, is not allowed by law to see tRumps, or any others, Taxes, when it comes to a Congressional investigation. Perhaps you should read up on the legal rules of these types of investigation, then you might actually “see how it works”.

  1. “Declare it rigged and I’ll do the rest” yep, the republicans and Bill Barr will do as I say because they are scared of me. That includes Mitch McConnell, McCarthy and Lindsey Graham et al.

    1. @Andrew Lawrence Here’s another fact for ya . What was considered the first immigration act was passed in 1882 . Then another in 1917 , another in ’24 , then 65 and 90 , might be one in the 40’s but would have to look that one up .
      Meaning anyone who migrated to this country prior to the 82 act would be considered “illegals” by today’s standards . Because all you had to do was get here .

    2. @Dennis Brooks i understand that anyone that isnt native american is a immigrant or descendant thereof but this isnt the issue, the issue is its the law and they are breaking the law period! They are rounding some illegals up yes but they are given i.c.e court dates and released most wont be found for a while if at all!

    3. @stephen ashton Maga-heads and Deadheads roaming the comment sections from show to show, pretty much nails it right there. You’re so right in many ways.

    1. @Scott Robinson Martin Luther King a quote: Free and Free at Last. So you want to get to the mountain top. Keep climbing. But when you get that you might roll back down to the bottom. The whole process keeps repeating: Sysiphus.

    2. @JW Dot Org Biologically they cannot be done to cross breed a bird and a dog. You can only cross breed within the same species.

  2. And everyone of those politicians that tried to strip away our democracy needs to be held accountable. This is ridiculous. All of us average Americans would be under the jail if we committed the crimes these people have

    1. Melanie Marceaux, yeah, and even Republican anti-vaxer Mike Lee said that politicians are blood sucking ticks. And he is an authority on the subject. 😂🤣😂🤣😷😷😷😷

    2. the republicans have no backbone they are spineless no morals and no honour they are to scared to stand up to the orange clown.

  3. tRump only needs the sound bite, he only needs the appearance of scandal, or of investigation. He only wants to create confusion and chaos. That’s enough to keep throwing sand in the gears of democracy.

    1. @miapdx You mean pink unless you really believe Caucasians(cave dwellers) are the same color as a piece of paper.

  4. and remember that Jim Jordan was really really nervous the other day when asked when he spoke with trump on January 6th.

    1. Subpoena Jim Jordan’s telephone records (office, home, cellphone) and check the dates, the number of times of each call, additionally check the length of each call that he made to the former president and vice versa. Much valuable information will be revealed. Then subpoena Jim Jordan and confront him with the findings.

    2. Putting them under oath would not ensure that they would tell the truth. They have no problem breaking their oath to the Constitution or their oath of office. Lying is as natural to them as breathing.

    3. Gym Jordan is on the floor in a headlock and desperately trying to wriggle free. Shame the only defence he’s got is a loudmouth that spews nonsense.

    1. @Dr. Michael Knightwood The mass of those people are not static. They are fluid. The number can increase or decrease or remain constant. The ways to decrease those numbers are through re-education, indoctrination, reconstruction, reconciliation, structural tweaking both economic and political. In the hopes that these people see the lights. But some of those are hardcore and fanatics that can’t be corrected. It will be a tall order. Keep trying.

    2. More about the voters that wanted trump gone. to bad joe was the only option trump wasn’t america first he was trump first trump always

    3. @Jack DethApparently, you I see the lights. Age has little bearing on Biden’s political acumen. So far he demonstrated good control of his administration and pushed forward his agenda. Whereas the Ex President man is blatantly incompetent and unethical. Only one thing in his mind: How to advance his own self interests. The interest of the country he put them on the wayside or use them to benefit himself, family, and friends. 70 plus millions of Americans supported this joker. I wondered if these people see the LIGHTS.

    4. @Jack Deth and the village idiots who still support him know this and are literally willing to die for someone who wouldn’t spit on them if they were on fire 🤷🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  5. Hey Jim Jordan, et al: the Trumptanic is going down and taking the lifeboats and dighys with it.

    1. @Nameless Progressive Clone you spelled straight jacket wrong…wrapped in a straight jacket by 2024..

    2. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the proverbial Smoking Gun. Lock him up! Come ohhhn, man? How is trump a free man? This Clear And Present Danger to the Republic simply cannot be left at large!

    3. Seems to be a lot of confidence around here. Almost like you think raining ballots on harvesters will be legal in 2024.

      Everyone knows why Democrats are panicking about election integrity laws.

  6. With every day that passes, the trump “presidency” just makes the Obama Presidency look that much better.

    1. @Vera Sanders – rubbish. If that was the case why did trump spend his first year trying to undo everything Obama did?

    2. @Bridget Murray the only thing trump tried to undo was the A.C.A which he failed to do just like everything else.

    3. @Bridget Murray What did OBAMA do beside push LGBTQ agenda and give rights to illegal people that are not citizens. Peace

  7. Arrest Trump and the rest of them…so sick of him and these traitors in the Senate and Congress…get them and put them in jail for treason

    1. @SJ No gloom and doom here. Just aware of the truth, Nancy was the leader of the Jan 6th coupe. But thanks for your concern for my well being.

    2. @Fred Sonic No justice in this justice system, If we had justice blm and antifa would be in prison. Pretty simple.

    3. @John Skinner Yes you are pretty simple. I don’t recall BLM breaking into Congress while in session and threatening to hang the VP and attempt to disenfranchise 80 million voters. You own that one but keep trying to rewrite it.

    4. @Fred Sonic – And, *STILL unanswered* by GQPers…
      *’WHAT’, exactly,* do they think MAGAs *were going to do WITH* Pence’s *terrified wife and daughter* on January 6th, *AFTER ‘the hanging’…?*
      ‘Gently pat their shoulders and escort them from the Capitol’ seems… *’bigly’ improbable.* 🤔

    5. @Fred Sonic Neither do I, but I do remember them burning down police stations, government buildings, public businesses, these are the true criminals. Nancy set the stage, wrote the playbook, hired the actors, paid for it with you tax money. And you buy into it hook, line and sinker. Love your ignorance. DA!

  8. Oh Gym, you don’t know anything about the coup just as you didn’t know about the wrestling team being abused.

  9. Now that this “soft coup” has been unveiled the DOJ needs to get the information Trump hid on that secure server following his Ukrainian phone call. The notes from the meetings with Putin and everything Muller tried to get his administration to turn over.

    1. You’re spreading *GRU-funded propaganda* from “RT”, Bruce… *just like #45✳ did.*
      *Beyond* shameful…and yet *utterly* unsurprising.👎🏻

    2. @CynAnne1 If someone shot your neighbor and threw the gun into your yard would you keep the evidence or disclose it?

    3. @Bruce Smith Abraham Lincoln tied his buggy to a post in my yard and lied about it. Let’s look into that.

    4. @Rychy St. Vincent – If someone shot *my* neighbor, it would be caught on *at least one CCTV,* if not more…just like *MAGAs were on January 6th.* 📹
      “It is what it is.” 🤷🏼‍♀️

  10. Anyone still supporting Trump should be considered complicit in a criminal organization.

    1. @Christopher Bachman Barr made no effort. FBI sat on hunters laptop for months. The vp should have the swing states back for investigation on Jan 6th. But Pence is also deep state loyalist.

    2. @Christopher Bachman – That’s why no one’s heard from Barr recently…he’s hiding *and* praying he’s not about to be subpeonaed on *multiple cases.*

  11. Proof that the President just ordered everyone to lie and make up a “falsified election”. Yet, his supporters STILL think the Arizona audit is a legit thing

    1. @Brad Robert it says a lot that almost every Trump supporter who makes a comment is incapable of spelling. It indicates a lack of education and therefore an inability to be able to think critically. The word is “their”, not “there”.

    2. @Tyler if someone hires a hitman and that hitman doesn’t succeed, the person who hired the hitman is still guilty of a crime. It is the same with Trump. He attempted to overthrow a legitimate election. That he didn’t succeed is by the grace of God! He is still guilty of a crime.

    1. @Lance Wilber that is why they have done recounts so many times and yet again no evidence nice try though

    2. @Linda Eggleton very well said i cannot believe how many people believe him he done the same thing to hillary clinton and said if i lose it is because they cheated even though he lost the popular vote by more then 3 million votes.

    3. He’s a loser but I’m not so sure I agree that he knows that… He’s a psychopath living in a fantasy.

    4. @Lance Wilber They had no interest in doing a legitimate audit. They hired a firm with no experience doing audits, ran by a partisan conspiracy theorist and haven’t been transparent or allowed people to observe.

  12. It’s clear by now that no matter what Trump did or tried to do, it won’t matter to the repubs.

    1. Haha a lot of people have rich parents. Nobody else in the world is as successful as Donald J Trump. Not even his father. Get over him loser.

    2. @Tyler Who’s the loser? The washed out reality show host who lost the last election in a landslide (according to his own account), who is the only elected president in US history that never even won the popular vote once, the least popular president in US history, the biggest loser in US history (according to his own tax reports) and how about the sheep who blindly believe his lies.

    3. @Jay All day – As was Fred, who died from Alzheimer’s disease…just like #45✳ has now. 📑
      “It is what it is.” 🤷🏼‍♀️

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