DOJ Subpoenaed Account Info On Former WH Counsel: NYT | MSNBC 1

DOJ Subpoenaed Account Info On Former WH Counsel: NYT | MSNBC


The DOJ subpoenaed Apple for information in February 2018 about an account that belonged to Don McGahn, President Trump's White House counsel at the time, and barred the company from telling him about it, according to NYT reporting. The panel discusses.

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DOJ Subpoenaed Account Info On Former WH Counsel: NYT | MSNBC


  1. this guy is an insider making excuses..get him off the Air.

  2. They didn’t trust each other. Your best friend could be your worse enemy. Anyway bring them all to justice and see how they flip on each other.

    1. @William Yahwehson Fascinating that your response to the comment “bring them all to justice” is “President Trump committed no crime.” Original poster made no such accusation. Didn’t even mention the Orange Oaf. Yet somehow, you felt you needed to defend him (and attack those that he sees as enemies, whom the original poster similarly did not exonerate). How odd.

    2. @William Yahwehson The judges need to lose their robes. For this unlawful acts they need to be removed form the bench for life.

    3. @William Yahwehson proof please. The Obama administration did not spy on trump. But apparently they should have. Remember that little meeting with the Russian, they got nothing but they wanted too.

  3. If they want less leaks, it’s an easy fix. Actual, genuine transparency about these kinds of things. Leaks occur when the people need to know, have a moral, ethical, patriotic right to know – but the actors at play don’t wanna tell them.

    1. Leaks happen when people want to sell part of a story. It’s called selective leaks, and it’s how the Russian stories began.

    2. @David Drake I’d also add that while leaks are generally for noble reasons, the person doing the leaking is usually a coward

  4. Trump would go after McGahn because he told him to fire Mueller then told him to lie about it.

  5. Our political system is a joke. We need new leaders that don’t have money making their decisions

    1. Good idea – but if you want that you’re going to have to get rid of capitalism – they’re joined at the hip, obviously.

    2. Not only the political system is a joke, the judicial system is worst and it had been for two centuries.
      Black Vs white accused. Who goes free?
      Rich vs poor accused. Who goes free?
      Celebrity vs regular. Who goes free?
      Etc, etc, etc.

    3. Root problem: to many people vote like robots. They don’t do research before voting which is why swamp creatures like McConnell, Graham, and Gym Jordan don’t ever go away.

    4. I say let political figures receive money, but let it part of the public record! Or better yet, have them wear their donors like NASCAR! If we can follow the money, it will be easier to determine their motives!

  6. There is a difference between policy of a department and the law. Make sure you know where you stand.

  7. Let’s not forget that McGahn has been a part of the administration and as such, has been playing games with the House for over 2 years. Garland should use transparency to his advantage. I hope he’s up to it.

    1. Not only was he a part of the Administration, but he dodged a subpoena for 2 years. Why would you do that if you had nothing to hide?

    2. @Janie Buck Not only was he a part of the Administration, but he was a part of The United States of America Executive Branch for 2 years.
      Prove he dodged any less than any other of either party.He just wasn’t as good a dodger as some.

  8. Why should A.G. Garland be more forthcoming and transparent then barr was? barr has already set a low bar for transparency. thanks a lot tRump administration and DOJ.

  9. They’re starting to jump ship at the DOJ now that this probe has been mentioned. They need to investigate everyone that’s leftover at the DOJ from the tRump administration.

    1. Oh my GOODNESS I hope they thoroughly investigate the ENTIRE situation and let the guilty swing for all to see….. But beware my icy friend, the result may be an unpleasant surprise, which would feed you a steady diet of crow for a very long time.

    1. Duh, we sign off on requests? who knew?
      Is it a conspiracy to all get together and to practice & plan the same lies when committing criminal activities?

  10. Donnie was looking at anyone and EVERYONE he felt to be a threat … He wanted to know who was talking to whom , and if they were near anyone he thought might be an actual danger

  11. When Americans get FREE HEALTH CARE And A LIVING WAGE AND white Privileged holds white Privileged Accountable, America Will truly be Great.

  12. Joe doesn’t give Mika a second to breathe…God bless her heart for not ever trying strangle him on air or at home

  13. Hopefully Garland doesn’t disappoint the American people. Unless this subject is of national security, the American people deserve transparency.

  14. The DOJ should start looking into the Treasury Dept. where Steve Mnunchkin hid Trump’s billings to the Secret Service and God knows what else. As for leaks, you just need to look at his initial admin. He had a lot of competent people … people who figured out he was a moron … a moron with nukes … you would leak to warn the country.


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