Vladimir Putin On Arms Control Talks With The United States | MSNBC

Russian President Vladimir Putin tells NBC News’ Keir Simmons how he is approaching the topic of arms control during his upcoming summit with President Biden.

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Vladimir Putin On Arms Control Talks With The United States | MSNBC


    1. My guess is yes. But since Biden won’t even express his corporate master’s opinion on American media, I doubt he’d sit down with a Russian interviewer

  1. Arms control??? LOL just this past December, Congress voted to increase the already bloated US military budget by about $20 billion AGAIN. More money for weapons

  2. What Russian say, Iran says, and we say in return: “We like the people, and culture. But your government sucks”. 😀

  3. Don’t trust Puttin. But President Biden, please ask him to take in his bestie..Since diaper don loves him so much…

    1. Hairy leg corn pop is his bestie. Laying down pole and paying off ransoms. Never saw anything like this from the past admin.

    2. @Google User Past administration was on their knees for Putin the “Killer” Russia COMPROMISED the last administration and the whole world saw it, first thing Trump did was remove sanctions in Syria fulfilling a promise to Russia. The last administration sold their country out!

    3. @Ramon Gonzalez Opinion and conspiracy is not a valid defense buddy. Fact: previous admin upheld sanctions unlike dementia boy.

  4. Biden can get tough on Russia because he never “Took a Golden Shower” in a Moscow Hotel with Russian ladies of the night like the Mag-a-Lardo dude.

    1. @Google User Yet another Keyboard Clown/ looking for attention. Gtfoh trolling MSNBC Channel.

  5. It must be annoying for Putin, having to deal with a president who he doesn’t have on a pee pee tape…

    1. @Google User no, but anyone who’s heard dementia Don the incompetent con speak knows what dementia sounds like.

    2. ​@Ignoranceisbliss Judging ones competence based on doctored clips presented on opposition media? You probably self-identify as being intellectually superior also?

    3. @J you’re funny. But you’re right, the media do make Donald Trump look like he has dementia. They point a camera at him and let him talk. I assume that is the “doctoring” you speak of, as many of his speeches and answers are played in their entirety. But hey, if you’re so stupid you still believe he didn’t say what everyone heard him say, maybe you should get your own memory tested…

  6. We now know what questions Sleepy Joe is going to ask Putin on Wednesday’s private meeting …Because the mainstream media is the mouthpiece of the Democratic Party…Now that we have the answers to the Quiz that sleepy Joe is preparing to give Putin on Wednesday. ..As we are all witness to Putin putting the democratic media to shame it’s all an induction is what will proceed behind close doors.

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