Putin: Syrian Humanitarian Assistance Should Go Through Assad’s Government

NBC News’ Keir Simmons questions Russian President Vladimir Putin about his threat to close the last remaining border crossing into Syria.

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Putin: Syrian Humanitarian Assistance Should Go Through Assad’s Government


  1. Already seeing Trump supporters simping to Putin over Biden. They call themselves patriots btw

    1. So crazy. They know there’s people across seas who have died for their freedom to live free in America. I feel like Trump supporters are the children who didn’t get their way and then they end up going to juvie because they can’t control themselves.

    2. EXACTLY!
      If they love Putin so much and want to live under a DICTATOR – then they should MOVE to RUSSIA or NK!

    3. Biden is a puppet and Putin is an independent leader. We aren’t obliged to support Biden because he’s American. Are all Russians obliged to support Putin? No. They protest all they want with their beloved Nalvany. Funded and supported by Soros. He sure does love his protestors.

    4. @Debbie Rasmussen Move out of America? But then they become victims of America’s murderous foreign policy!

    1. @Ruth Antiaobong It’s a constitutional republic Ruth, now get some metamucil with warm milk and calm down.

    2. @David bot 🤖 yeah we’ve seen you before bro. Aren’t you missing the next chance to become the next Ben Shapiro?! Your late Cinderella!🤦

    3. 5 investigation with 2 are criminal. 🤪
      The Jan 6th insurrection investigation 🤪
      The Phone subpoena investigation 🤪
      As a civilian, other criminal investigations involving Trump does not have to be made public. 🤪🤪🤪

  2. If Joe wins after the audits im leaving the country and moving to the New mexico rather then live under socialism and sloppy joe

    1. @Otis Dylan They didn’t simply come under U.S. control. They were taken by war and invasion. Especially Hawaii. And it didn’t end there. I’m using the corect words to describe it, while you’re attempting to whitewash it

    2. @KesselRunner606 Clearly you don’t know what socialism is either. Welfare and medicaid are social programs, but as they don’t rely on the state controlling the means of production, transport, or banks, are not socialism.

    3. @Harvey Manfredsenjenson Please name one country in the world, who never invaded anyone else, or was invaded by another group. My grandmother was born in New Mexico long before it became a state. Her family bought their land, they didn’t take it by force from anyone. Long before the Mexican-American War, gringos lived in what became New Mexico, California and Texas, in large numbers.

    4. @Harvey Manfredsenjenson And therefore, they are now part of the United States. Come on, this isn’t that complicated.

    5. @Deborah Freedman Exactly. By Harvey’s reasoning, Wales isn’t part of the UK, Bavaria isn’t part of Germany, Burgundy isn’t part of France, much of Russia, China and Spain aren’t parts of Russia, China and Spain, etc.

  3. Is Putin an authoritarian or a manipulative sadomasochist, sadomasochists are experts of masterful Nero Strangelove heart string plucking critical not cynical manipulation.

    1. MS NBC reporter today about how terrible things are in Russia. When Trump unleashed Americas images actor that brought under control inflation to the Russian economy and able to achieve his military object is. I don’t see how you can now say that Trump helped Putin. If anything Trump college degree deal of damage to Russia. It’s not me that saying that either MSNBC reporter this

    2. @Otis Dylan The mantra that we used was that Trump and Putin were in cahoots. Nothing could be further from the truth because Trump so badly damaged the Russian economy that Putin was unable to achieve his military goals. Unleashing Americas energy sector caused runaway inflation in Russia because their entire economy was based on petroleum and fossil fuels. We know this now, MS NBC reported about the terrible conditions in Russia.

  4. Syrian Humanitarian Assistance Should Go Through Assad’s Government the same way international child protection should go through NAMBLA.

    1. Yep…fox guarding the henhouse. Agreed. Positive vibes from New Hampshire and remember to be kind to each other and yourself during this pandemic and social crisis

    2. Cool idea, I can’t wait to see Assad’s troops using aid tents for shelter, aid backpacks, and food for their own good while nothing goes to civilians in areas under their control or those under the SDF or Rebels…. The Syrian Government stopped existing in 2011.

  5. We have human rights violations occurring every day on our southern border with Mexico. Thousands of foreign nationals from around the world are living in tent cities within inches of one another. Both adults and juveniles are violating CDC guidelines. AOC called these conditions concentration camps when Trump administration was running them.
    Where is the outrage now? Was it terrible when Trump did this but it’s OK when we violate human rights? I am surprised investigators from The Hague have not visited South Texas.

    1. @Ted Roe Nope… this is our outrage and it is very real. Why was it absolutely terrible if Trump was doing this but it’s OK if we do this?

    2. concentration camps is not the right word, but I believe AOC, that the living conditions are not human. She is fighting for the poor and unwanted, you all should help her

    3. @Zack Simpson I am fighting for Americans.
      We too have too have tired, huddled masses of Americans and their children who have dreams and are yearning to breath free. They are the wretched refuse on our teeming shore, the homeless, the despicable, and tempest tossed by the failed promise of government programs, lock-downs of commerce and school.

    4. They need to figure it out in their country it is not our obligation to feed them or provide for them… Who cares what they do and their tent cities. They need to get off the border and go home. Sorry to say this but it is the truth American is full

    1. You mean like USA foreign aid to Ukraine? Some much foreign aid and charitable donations to different countries is money laundered and stolen I’d be surprised if it didn’t happen everywhere. It’s sad.

    2. @Lego4366 Yeah, graft (from aid) in foreign countries is a time-honored tradition, particularly with dictators like Assad and those puppets in Africa.

  6. Aid to Assad goes straight into Putins pocket… just like money for Trumps re-election goes straight into his and his family’s pockets.

  7. We now know what questions Sleepy Joe is going to ask Putin on Wednesday’s private meeting …Because the mainstream media is the mouthpiece of the Democratic Party…Now that we have the answers to the Quiz that sleepy Joe is preparing to give Putin on Wednesday. ..As we are all witness to Putin putting the democratic media to shame it’s all an induction is what will proceed behind close doors.

  8. So, Putin helping al-Assad murder his own people, is to stabilize the region? Bringing things under the control of a genocidal maniac is not helping human rights. Of course al-Assad is not to be trusted with supplies, rather than going to the people he is oppressing and trying to ethnically cleanse, they will go to Syrian troops and Iranian backed militias.

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