Dominion wants Fox hosts, including Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity, to testify

Dominion Voting Systems said in a court filing Monday that it wants to put some of Fox News' top executives and well-known hosts on the witness stand when its $1.6 billion defamation case against the right-wing network goes to trial.
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  1. “we’re just grifters, your honor. How can we be expected to tell the truth when our fans need us to lie?!?”

  2. My first reaction to the headline was, “Why would Dominion want professional liars to testify?” but the report says they want TEN professional liars to testify! That makes more sense. It’s hard for ten liars to get their stories straight. As for Murdoch not being able to travel… LOL! With his level of health care, a medical team can hook him up like a cyborg and take him anywhere! 🤣

    1. Lying on the air and lying in court are two different things. They are not going to risk going to jail to protect their employer. It is only a question of whether they might implicate THEMSELVES in worse things than perjury.

  3. Chances are they will have to testify. Judge will have a hard time turning down the requests to testify. Its crucial to dominion’s case

    1. @Michael Wachendorf Oh – You can guarantee that their own lawyers will be desperately trying to convince the judge that the information provided as part of their deposition should really be enough on its own. And having them to speak about the things they’ve already said before will really be of no benefit (at least that’s what they’re hoping).
      The Dominion lawyers should have none of it.
      The information that they gave goes to the heart of the issue that they personally knew that everything they were going to present on air was blatantly false. They also knew there was evidence to directly contradict what their on-air guests would be saying. And yet at no time did they present a counter argument to that of their guests. Bartiromo actually went further to attack Dominion on her program.

    2. ​@Douglamagne public court filings that contains evidence to back up an argument is not an illegal leak.

    3. ​@Noneshere yep, and in this case, it being a civil case, claiming the 5th is the absolute worst thing you could do.
      It’s the same as telling the jury that you are guilty of what you are accused of.

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  4. They were literally the ones that said it on air. Yeah, they should have to testify under oath with the all the penalties that come with lying under oath.

  5. Better be under oath. That way they can be arrested right after for every single lie they tell under oath!

    1. ​@Holler Lake Homestead , What does your useless whataboutism have to do with this subject? Stay on topic.

  6. I’d like to thank the Fox cult in advance for making Dominion’s legal victory so sweet 😆👍

  7. It should be televised publicly and they should also show their texts that EXPOSED THEM as LIARS!

    That trial would make BIG BUCKS for Dominion on PAY PERVIEW!

    1. @methag 2001: That doesn’t seem to be a problem for Dominion since as I recall it’s already been determined in 60 courtrooms and several investigation teams there was no comprise to their systems, so I think those doors have already been opened and closed a long time ago.

    2. @methag 2001 there is nothing wrong with their machines or equipment. There was no voter fraud in 2020.

  8. This will be hilarious on Saturday Night Live unfettered lying does have consequences 🤣🤣🤣🤣.

  9. There has to be consequences to knowingly spreading lies as these lies are shaking the very foundations of the country.

    1. Is that for ALL the lies that we have been told for 2 years? If you do not know what other lies have been told then you need to get out from under the rock.

  10. Bailiff: Do you swear to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth?
    Witnesses: No. I wouldn’t know the truth if it hit me over the head.

  11. Haha, I think Dominion is just rubbing it in their faces now. Good on you Dominion. Show the world that lies have consequences!

  12. I’m glad dominion is wanting accountability instead of settling out of court like i thought it would all go in the beginning. They are airing out all the dirty laundry in this lawsuit

  13. YES . . . YES . . YES !!!
    This news has made my year.
    Getting Carlson and Hannity up on the witness stand and speaking under oath is going to be a great thing to behold.
    Watching these two squirm when asked the true meaning of the internal correspondences that they had to give as part of their depositions will be a delight.
    And having Carlson also try to explain how he really feels about Trump (having recently try to walk back his comments on a podcast) will also be illuminating.

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