Don Lemon: The Chauvin Trial Is ‘Deeply Traumatic, Emotional, We Are Reliving It Over And Over’

Don Lemon: The Chauvin Trial Is ‘Deeply Traumatic, Emotional, We Are Reliving It Over And Over’ 1


    1. @Illiad mcswain some of them definitly took advantage of the protests. But allot of BLM activists did aswell.

      So you say some take advantage of the situation. But 1 in 30.000 cops you blame all cops for being racist… Hypocricy, thy name is you.

  1. Contemporary English Version
    “I, the LORD, refuse to accept anyone who is proud. Only those who live by faith are acceptable to me.” Habakkuk 2:4

    1. @Catherine Hendrickson You act like that low belly snake that the bible speaks of. I rebuke you, Satan in the name of JESUS CHRIST!!

  2. Don is a really passionate and extremely intelligent mss was. Thank you both for doing the work that you do.

  3. Not all fair skin people are racists. Way many of us believe in “Love Overall Values Everyone!” Many of us respect & care about all lives as all are precious & certainly do matter. We need to put back ‘United’ in United States! ❤ HUGS2U

    1. Blame the media, full stop. They’re the ones dividing you on race, amongst other issues. In fact, any issue they can find that might divide you.

    2. You bumped your head we are in a war with these people if we let them have it their way this will become Somalia.

  4. 3 cops were on him!!!
    They all should be prosecuted!!! Chauvin with his hand in his pocket!!! DIDN’T look like he felt threatened to me!!!
    MURDER pure and simple!!!

    1. @Joboygbp Edwards How bout you make a YouTube and show us how safe it is to have this done to you?? Your reasoning needs to be backed up with proof…..I wanna see you in handcuffs on the ground with three guys on you for 9 minutes

    2. @Carmel Maui Where’d you go? No comment. I gave you what you asked for. No matter what you show or tell a democrat or a socialist or a communist they will never accept it. It’s like talking to a wall.

  5. First of all, can someone explain to me why Chauvin felt afraid when there were 3 other cops w/ him on the scene. Mr George Floyd was treated like an animal by a racist group of cops who then killed him in front of a small crowd of people. Tell the truth.
    And “Yes”, we do need to have the talk of White Supremacy & Privileges. But most importantly, we need Justice.

    1. Feelings aren’t logical. If feelings were logical nobody would cry during “Bambi”, or “The Lion King.” How we feel results from the many and complicated ways our underlying brain chemistry, since birrh, interacts with the world around us.

    2. @DCM SR what do you mean pink people? There’s only one race the human race. Stop speaking in racist terms. Martin Luther King Jr ir Malcolm X would not be proud of you.

    3. @LotWizzard his lack of information!?. You sir lack information. Let’s not go down the road of defending a drug addict and a criminal just because he has a skin color that’s popular to uphold these days against all the facts.

    4. @Wayne Braack people who are pink, as a collective whole have an issue of being in the minority, “Pink People ” isn’t a racist statement nor is the “Fighting Irish” or “Pale blue colored eyes” be careful Wayne you don’t want the “Proud Boys” or “Oath Keepers” see you having a conversation with someone of color. These terrorist I understand are dangerous.

  6. Man heart is desperately and deceitfully wicked, God creat in us a clean heart and renew the right spirit in us. Greater is he that is in us than he that is in the world.

  7. PLEASE keep talking openly about the impact and reality of White Supremacy in this country. I need to hear your experience of it and it’s impact on you so that I can stay awake and sensitized to your experience in order to work on my part in it. Thank you for being willing to talk about it despite the criticism and suffering it causes. For those of us dedicated to the difficult conversation around race, your contributions are priceless. ♥️🙏

    1. @Sanskrit Blue people are using racism as political weapon. To gain sympathy for something that doesn’t exist.
      They’re using it to shut down any opposition. If you oppose anything they say. Automatically your a racist. Even calling black people racist.
      It’s ridiculous. And here you are just going along with it like a puppet

    2. What about the impacts of unicorns and leprechauns. Same impact of systemic racism and white privilege.

    3. Where who’s the white supremacist. Besides liberals who are so racist they are removing black people from products like Aunt Jemima and other products from the stores because they don’t want to see black people on products.

  8. imagine the video of Daniella didn’t existe!!!! thanks to this young girl who had the courage to apply the wise words of John Lewis : When you see something that is not right , do something it !!! SHE DID IT !!! ii hope she will get over the drama she also is going through, and all the witnesses who watched this murder and felt helpless !!! HOPEFULLY SOMETHING WILL CHANGE in POLICE POLICY !!!

  9. I’ve watched every day. And every time I listen to GF dying I cry uncontrollably. It’s even hard to type this out without crying. Justice for all BL’s!!!!

    1. Unfortunately George Floyd was a unemployed drug addict. Who we now know was manufacturing and methamphetamine and fentanyl pills plus had a counterfeit money operation going on.

    2. @Mark Nolan The 8 : 46, oh sorry 9 : 29 I guess, is sad viewing for sure. But you might want to check legalinsurrection dot com for some objective reporting. Might change your life some more.

    3. The emotionally unstable posters like ‘Red Ice’ who want to deify Pretty Boy Floyd are just sad examples of living
      by their gut and admiring common, everyday , violent criminals. I’ll guess their lives are very strange.

  10. The whole world is also a jury in this trial to decide if America has human values as they claim to do through lip service. Because Floyd’s death and this trial alone has spiked stress and depression among black teens and some adults in U.S who are worried if they will survive to see tomorrow if they ever encounter a cop like Chauvin in the streets.

    1. @Liberal Dumbfuck your words alone show and tell the issue that is really happening in the streets. You are thinking that all people that are treated like this are criminals and if they do happen to commit a crime then any cop has the right to justify killing them😒

    2. What would we know. We know George Floyd overdosed on fentanyl. We know from court that he was also making methamphetamine and fentanyl pills while running a counterfeit money operation. We’ve clearly seen the video camera angle perspective that his knee was never on George for his neck etc

    1. Americans who live by the noble credo of ‘law and order always’ are praying that Derek Chauvin is
      acquitted. He and all LEOs have such a hard job, dealing with society’s worst every single day.

  11. Reliving the emotional trauma again, and again, I believe is something that is warranted until the time we are numb to the emotions, and can focus on all actions of preventable measures that will not allow this to ever happen to anyone again. We are exhausted to think of each waking day to endure this again, but surely if tables were turned, they would gladly endure it for change.

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