Donald Rumsfeld, Master At 'Lying About Consequential Things,' Dead At 88 1

Donald Rumsfeld, Master At ‘Lying About Consequential Things,’ Dead At 88

Rachel Maddow reviews the life and legacy of Donald Rumsfeld, former Secretary of Defense in the George W. Bush administration, among a lifetime of government roles, most remembered for his lying and poor planning of the U.S. wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. 
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    1. @GABOS GOON They’ve been right more than Meadows! You still think covid didn’t come from a lab?

    2. @Censored User , they have not. but, they did say to not take them seriously because they arent journalists and real news ppl. (insert laughing emojis)

    3. @GABOS GOON You don’t know what was actually said! Why you defect about the lab? And yes! Yes that have been right more than not. I suggest you get informed.

    1. I think we can be pretty certain in knowing exactly where he is right now and it’s a lot hotter than Iraq

  1. If anybody wanted to actually know the exact coordinate to where the weapons of mass destruction they couldn’t find, they should have asked the pillow guy

  2. No mention of him talking about the 2.2 trillion dollars that was missing September 10th 2001 though?
    Hmm, weird

    1. Cause It was staged by our own government to give a new mission statement to reset america.
      It’s funny anytime you question anything the media says your crazy

  3. This crook killed millions of people and thousands of Americans and continued life like he was some angel…God please take care of him

    1. I’m guessing you mean “take care of him” in an Al Pacino way, not in a Julie Andrews way…

    2. @Booby Choo Choo And it was mostly Democrats who voted no: sixty. Rethuglicons? Only four voted no, one Ron Paul, but then Paul spawned Rand, and he’s a Covidiot! One other R, Lincoln Chaffee, switched parties soon afterwards.

    3. @Thandi M He’s trying to equate both parties, which is BS. Look at the voting record to give W permission to have his war. The no votes, and there were plenty, sixty of them total were from Democrats. Four Rethuglicons voted no then, one Ron Paul, who spawned Rand Paul, who is a huge Trumpanzee and Covidiot as well! One other R switched parties soon after: Lincoln Chaffee.

    4. @Duke in the urinal Sixty Democrats voted against the resolution to give W permission to wage war against Iraq. Four Republicans did. Now, tell me how both parties are the same?

    5. Yet you probably voted for the following potus who not only kept going what Rumsfeld did but expanded it magnitudes more. But hey we can’t talk about Mr Barrack.

  4. We all have an end. His own justice his own way. Carless choices ended many American lives.

    1. No they should be given term limits. Don’t you people think Shummer, Pelosi, and Mitch has had enough time in government. If you have to wear false teeth, it’s time to go.

    2. This actor telling the lies is the queen of lies this story is bs.this waa the guy 3 dqys before 9/11 was trying to blow the whistle it waa a inside job they stole 3.2trillian and distracted the world with fake attack..

    3. McConnell and the NRA. 30+ yrs in bed together. Gun violence killings are from that relationship. Yet top 10 state for the worst of everything from education to infrastructure. (His wife, Elaine was Sec. of Infrastructurefor the US.) How does KY take back from the government more than it puts in for national revenue? Where does the money go? Some people haven’t had SAFE DRINKING WATER in his state for 21 YEARS and counting! Just an example.

    4. @David Spence There’s so much going on people are just trying to survive and fundamental issues like this just gets lost in clutter especially if you don’t live in those states but whatever affects new states eventually we all have to pay for it

  5. One of the loudest voices against Hussein using chemical weapons against rivals, but always forgot that he was one of the people who facilitated those weapons to Hussein during happier times.

    1. I met him in California at the National training center. He was a B@stard! I also met him in Kuwait. I hated him even more!

  6. “Known knowns and unknown knowns.”
    Was that his “I didn’t know buffalo’s had wings” moment?

    1. That was a case of him repeating what a smarter person had explained to him, and hoping he would sound clever. Instead, he came across as fumbling through a philosophic domain blindfolded.

  7. 2:40 yeah … and himmler had NOOOO IDEA what was going on in “the camps” and was shocked after the war to find out …

  8. Pretty sure that Rachel won’t be asked to deliver the eulogy at Rumsfeld’s funeral…

    1. Maybe Biden will deliver it. He seems to have a track record of eulogizing disgraceful people in government.

    2. Stating facts and providing actual news foorage of him lying and obfuscating. He was a liar, grifter and mass murderer. He is getting a better send off than he deserves.

    1. Wow speculation and assuming
      None of us know what’s happening to him on the other side.
      It’s all a guess
      For all you know Rumsfeild is in purgatory
      Noone knows

  9. Rumsfeld: “Stuff happens!” Sure does, when you cherry-pick the intelligence to lie the U.S. into an illegal war.

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