Donny Deutsch: The 2020 Republican Party Is ‘A Gift To The Democrats’ | Deadline | MSNBC 1

Donny Deutsch: The 2020 Republican Party Is ‘A Gift To The Democrats’ | Deadline | MSNBC


Branding and PR expert Donny Deutsch argues that kindness and truth will return to politics during the Biden administration because the Republican party will not be able to recover after a majority of House Republicans voted in support of Marjorie Taylor Greene. Aired on 2/5/2021.
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Donny Deutsch: The 2020 Republican Party Is ‘A Gift To The Democrats’ | Deadline | MSNBC


  1. …as much as the trump administration was a gift to late-night comedians, this bunch of QoP Republicans is a gift that keeps on giving… now we can paint them ALL with the same despicable brand…

    1. When she was saying those silly little comments in her past, she was just Trolling you people on the Left!! That’s all.. It’s called Free Speech and its a Free Country!! She is a Strong Conservative Woman!! She Did Nothing Wrong, Please Stop the Cancel Culture!!

    2. @Jason Milton …no it’s called “accountability culture”, chuckles… but I don’t expect you to understand anything like that… and sedition isn’t “free speech”…

  2. The Republicans party is a gift to comedy writers.
    That’s Sad but True…
    You can’t make this ……. up.

    1. @Jason Milton Oh boy, that’s rich, now she was just trolling us on the left? Quick, get that new lame excuse over to that POS tonight
      so she can use it tomorrow.
      So weak, as usual.

    2. @ruth depew Not, Greek Tragedy. They don’t have the dignity to be Greek Tragedy. They’re a stupid farce.

  3. Actually, I wish MTG all the best, and hope more like her in the GOP, she’s what they deserve. It’s called karmic justice

    1. Unfortunately EVERY AMERICAN has to deal with this Qanononsense nutcase…trust me, the anti-trump sane intelligent Americans DO NOT deserve that bigoted hateful delusional POS…

    2. I hope her well, there needs to be more of her in the Gop. She is good for there party. The more Q the better!

    1. If they get removed for this they will use that as a crutch to not be there anytime a hard decision has to be made because they are such punks and babies…

    2. It is very easy to imagine the laws they break, it is all the laws they are constantly accusing the Democrats of breaking while projecting.

    3. Exactly! I don’t just want a fine deducted from their paychecks. I want the whole dang check! We shouldn’t be paying people who are too pig ignorant to follow the most basic health & safety regs! (Pelosi had to fine them, to get them to wear masks, too.) If I were a staffer or another member, there’s no way I’d be in a room with these lunatics, unless I was 100% sure they were unarmed.

  4. I lost faith in the american people the moment Trump was elected. Getting it back will take more than one election cycle.

    1. @judy britt, writes _”They are continuing down the divisive & destructive path Trump forged. The GOP is splintering and headed into a dumpster.”_

      I hope you’re right, but I doubt it. Apparently I don’t have as much faith in the American Electorate as you do…

    2. Don’t lose faith those voters thought they knew drump trump , unlike the left who always knew that he was bad for business. Just look what he did to the United states football league back in the 80s.

    3. So true. Many of us fell like that. And I think until this deeply corrupt and anti-democracy GOP is dismantled, and we have a new, decent conservative party, we won’t be out of the woods and our democracy will remain in jeopardy

  5. The GOP is now dead…it’s now the Q party even though none of its members are bright enough to know it……bye bye …..hope the proud boys have deep pockets

  6. She said that people in the government ate babies, sooo… IS that why she ran for a government job? How many babies has she ate? Was that a job ‘perk’ for her? Some one needs to ask

  7. I never would’ve thought the Republican Party would be labeled the looney tune party but sadly they have exceeded that title!!

    1. I suspected it was heading in that direction in 1980 when Ronald Reagan unnecessarily embraced The lunatic Fringe

  8. Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.

    Martin Luther King Jr

    1. *Neanderthal Metrosexual Donnie Deutsch rants like a 1985 Ad Man telling us “trust ‘New Coke it’s better’! Be optimistic” . . 6 weeks ago Donnie was saying on MSNBC that ”when Trump is gone… he will be a nobody. Trump will be a No-Brand-Man.” Donnie got that wrong, too.*

  9. Anyone who tries to sneak around metal detectors to get into congress with a gun SHOULD BE EXPELLED FROM CONGRESS.

    1. Totally sophomoric. GOP-Q are like a bunch of frat pledges on a tear. Vote for them if you don’t want serious representation in DC.

    1. That’s the problem with a person putting crap up their nose and in their hair. The brain is right in between. Gets baked out.

    1. Marjorie approaches the detector and opens her trench coat like Neo when he went to save Morpheus (guns…..lots of guns).

    2. That’s exactly what I thought! Can you imagine doing that at your JOB, or at any court house USA!!! FIRED AND ARRESTED! This is why people in general believe there are a different set of rules for these people than for the rest of us!

  10. We should tell that to the terrorists in the airports; you can bypass the metal detectors as long as you pay a fine.

  11. Why were they even allowed in when they refused metal detection? Haven’t there been enough seditionists in the place?

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