Double Murder Rocks St. Thomas in Jamaica | TVJ Midday News – Nov 16 2021

Double Murder Rocks St. Thomas in Jamaica | TVJ Midday News - Nov 16 2021 1


    1. I1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣%Agree Everything’s A Joke Until The REAL BIGMAN Comes Knocking At Their Doors🙏🏾😇

  1. So it is the police fault that gunman watch their every move, then as soon as they have the free passage to commit the killing they do it. Please tell the people who a hide the criminal to turn them in the police can’t be at one place the entire time as you all know the criminal them have persons looking out to tell them when the police left and when they are returning to the place.

    1. You are right but there is another side to this. How are the people gonna risk their identity and tell the police they know when some of the cops are also corrupt?

  2. Prime minister need to run to almighty God and call the nation . You can not be a leader of a country and not call your people unto almighty god 🙏🙏🙏🙏🔥🔥🔥🙏🙏

  3. Father God I pray that you help the person reading this to have a blessed life and a happy one 🇯🇲🙏👁

  4. St Thomas just get hot so,MI tired of all of this. The whole off Jamaica 🇯🇲 is that’s all we can do ????

    1. We need to stop supporting slackness from our leaders in politics, business and entertainment. We keep focusing on the puppets and not the puppeteers. There’ll always be puppets

  5. What’s the police supposed to do? How do they control crime when those who know the criminals are afraid to speak up? Jamaica is such a beautiful island being ruined by its own people. Very sad

    1. these P N P all big talk what about the years o f P j Paterson and Portia simpson was the Jamaica crime free so why make JLP problem get togather and solve the problem

    2. So Mr lawyer y u have so much questions. Go talk to the criminal dem what you defend ing and tell dem to stop bruck down Jamaica. You just like dem

  6. We need international intervention on crimes in Jamaica.. The 3rd political party the UIC. Will win if they run on asking for international help on crimes and more Jobs for the youths…

    1. The UIC cannot win elections in Jamaica. There are no precedents for this in Jamaica, and furthermore, the UIC does not have the galvanizing leadership that it would take to top the JLP and the PNP.

    2. They let the wound fester out of control, now they don’t kno what to do, it soothes them, see ppl feeding the homeless an they want to stop them.. They kno the ppl will eventually dont need them, ppl must start to be self sufficient an run them to tim buc too…

    3. Jamaica 🇯🇲, don’t need no outside help. They know exactly what to do. They just don’t want to do it..

  7. Any person who is working in the medical field and spreading false information and is not vaccinated should be fired. What kind of treatment are you giving?.

  8. I rarely watch JA or US news because of the impact on my energy and yo, I finish watch this and feel out of breath and my head hurts from how tight my eye brow dem knit…

    Evil is afoot but the Mighty Creator, God of righteousness shall prevail.

    To my fellow soldiers keep your filter on and stay prayed up, protected and steadfast. Put your faith in The Great I Am and apply discernment to EVERYTHING.

    1. They may not be able to prevent it but they should make sure that anyone who chooses to commit crimes will know that they will be caught and punished severely. We need more high-definition cameras and other means of catching the criminals in action.

  9. Mark Golding, shame on you! And shame on the government too, because you and Holness know that Jamaica crime situation has to be treated with brute force, at this time. Social interventions to follow. So people, you are seeing why Jamaica cannot overcome the crime monster. These people are not working together. The parties must work togather for the better good, of the country.

  10. We have to start being our own police. For example, the citizen in st. Thomas who didn’t stop until the two little girl was found. And this other community who disarmed a gunman. The police can’t be every. And we know more than the police do.

  11. I wonder if I’ll ever wake up one day to listen the news in Jamaica without MURDERS. Who are these people carrying out these acts? WHY? What kind of hearts do they have? What rights do they have to take someone’s life? Which returning residents want to live in this kind of environment?
    Thanks be to God who allowed this family to overpower the culprit.
    It’s not the first time Golding spoke out about SOE but when his constituency was experiencing BLOODSHED he asked for it. Real hypocrite.

  12. The government should buy block machines and let prisoners build blocks, and use them build more police stations and holding facilities

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