Doug Ford asked why unions should believe his latest promises | CUPE strike in Ontario


  1. Then why are you letting them suffer? And saying it’s the fault of those on strike but those on strike work 2 to 3 jobs just to afford to live. Ford, you just said that the Liberals abandoned them in 2012. If that is the case, then you are kicking and beating them saying it’s for the children. That education workers that have to go to food banks should take it and say thank you for the crumbles I’ve been given.

    1. @garry w 166k for leece is more understandable than the CUPE leader making the same amount per year😂

      166k for a high government position while you think janitors should make that🤡😂

    2. @Rob – see you think janitor should make that much but what is FAIR WAGE FOR THEM!see hou defemnd lecce scapegoat but youy nlamr cupe erverything must be nice makibng 166k off of the taxpayer dime right

    3. @garry w Janitors make $27 an hour in cupe. That is a fair wage lmfao. Thats an above livable wage in every part of ontario

      55,000 cupe getting a raise to $37 an hour would increase the cost of education by nearly 1 billion in 3 years… and you’re trying to compare 16k after ten…

  2. “Building” by gutting the system? Health care workes earns less than pandemic because of insane inflation and his bill capping pay increase to 1%.should start helping middle class than the rich developer buddies

    1. @Mongo Blazingsaddles sure. You want them to work with all the risk of infection and deal with patients for minimum wage.

    2. @Nzmalayalee When did I say anything about minimum wage? Learn to think and talk like an adult. If you want to improve health care in Canada open it up to private healthcare like the rest of the world does. Or is it all about the fat union wages and benefits?

  3. You should believe me because I never tell the truth and every chance I get I am subtley trying to turn the public against you….

  4. Freeze public wages until they can be matched and indexed to the private sector. Let the free market dictate wages. Not politicians.

  5. A 2 percent increase he is willing to give the teachers after they have had no increase in 10 years. Pathetic!

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