Doug Ford extends Ontario’s stay-at-home order until ‘at-least’ the start of June

Ontario Premier Doug Ford is extending the stay-at-home order in an effort to have the 'most normal July and August as possible.'


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    1. @Gods Child Voting for the same thing and expecting a different result is insane. It’s batshit crazy.

    2. 99% of them are corrupt and in bed with pharma and others, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have a revolution….

    3. @Gods Child i like ppc but I got a better idea. We all switch our currency to bitcoin or etherium or other crypto, then completely de fund these ruling class idiots.

    4. @Carl H anything to wipe the slate clean .I get it .
      I spoke to my financial person she said to stay away from bitcoin .

  1. Make no mistake: the woods keep on growing, so as we move towards the ‘out’ part, we keep on being stuck ‘in’.

    1. The rich and land owners get to escape to the north while the city sinks into crisis. Farmers not included.

  2. Oh Yeah. Just won $100. Had a bet with a friend this will happen. Should bet again this going till the end of this year.

    1. @Mian N they said it lived on surfaces for 11 days, then it didn’t, it was 6ft, even on windy days. It was in dollarama, but only after 801pm.

  3. Sure thing Doogie real fair system.. Yes Sir 18 to 30 year olds all over the Toronto region ignore the lock down, the social distancing & wearing masks & there consequences are giving them the lions share of the preferred vaccines.. And might as well make the suckers that have followed the rules in the communities with extremely low case counts suffer right along with the rest of the Province

  4. Yep, and when June comes it will be streached to close to July. Then guess what a little break , hold on now here comes a other variance of covid. 19. Now do we get the picture.

    1. Naw look at the states and UK… shits back to normal everything is open. Same thing will happen here

    2. @George Oy irrelevant this is not necessary and we should have opened a very long time ago.

  5. I need for flight to start going to Jamaica I need to go home to look for my kids this is driving me crazy it’s really depressing

    1. Ontario residents are allowed to travel to houses they own in other parts of the province, that’s considered essential.

    2. @Golden Falcon you are still allowed to go to your cottage for essential purposes, you just have to be going to “check up on it”.

  6. Marsha, Marsha, Marsha. Don’t you know to stay away from the noodles at dollarama? That is a superspeader zone. I know its tempting, reach out and grab it, its only a pink paper notice between you and the noodle. The “vid” knows when your within 6 ft and it’ll get you. They are not asking for much, just a couple of more days, weeks months, years. We get it, a noodle should be considered essential, after all it can save you from drowning. RESIST. we are all in this together

    1. Let’s not forget the underwear and sock area. I have had to sew all my masks together because I was out of underwear and it’s off limits at Dollarama”

  7. If the hospitals are jammed still , why not build more hospitals. You’ve had a year and windsor hospital still isn’t land scouted yet

  8. my diabetic mom got a positive test .the worst part was the health unit bothering our whole family for weeks.. mom is fine everyone who tested positive(in my family) had no symptom..

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