High-profile UCP MLA resigns from caucus, calls for the removal of Premier Jason Kenney

Dissent from within the United Conservative Party has reached new heights with a call from within caucus for Premier Jason Kenney to resign.

Todd Loewen, caucus chair and MLA for the Central Peace-Notley riding in northwestern Alberta, posted an open letter to his Facebook page Wednesday night announcing his resignation from caucus and stating "we must remove the primary source of this dysfunction, Premier Jason Kenney."

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    1. @Rusty Shackleford I think he’s leaps and bounds more “benevolent” than that Rachel Notley yahoo we had before. I think Alberta’s lockdowns aren’t at strict as anywhere else in the country and we have him to thank for it.

    2. @Walter Berniko Kenny is a leader who couldn’t even learn from his own mistakes. Another stable genius? Canadian version of Donny Trump?

    3. What’s happening will split the vote guaranteeing the NDP get in and at this point I would vote them over anti science bible thumping UCP .

    4. @marc st laurent
      Hey how many genders are there according to “science”? I forgot 🤣

    5. At this point, Notley is preferable to Ziocon Kenney. At least she wasn’t a total sellout (and actually from Alberta, LMAO)

    1. Kenney isn’t a king. His causus needs
      to go. Their the ones pushing him to
      make these stupid decisions. His vote
      has more sway in the decision making
      process sure, but if his entire causus
      thinks one way and he thinks the other
      he has to listen to them. Has to. He
      can’t just go around them. if we get rid
      of Kenney some liberal or ndp person
      will take over and they will lock down
      Alberta wwaayy worse. Everywhere
      else is locking down with more strict
      measures. Alberta in comparison to
      the rest of the provinces is leaps and
      bounds more free and open.

  1. If all the premiers are calling for lockdowns, as well as ALL elected politicians, what do you expect to change?

    1. @john15008 every single one
      they ARE ALL open for business

    2. @Dapper Canuck See, here’s the problem, you could have made a compelling argument but then you inserted things that just aren’t true. “ZERO OUTBREAKS” – That’s not true at all. Sweden had 50 COVID related deaths just yesterday. That said, if you were to say “Sweden stayed open, and their society is doing just fine,” I’d have been on board.

    3. @Adam The Confused
      there ARE
      ZERO outbreaks in florida or texas or sweden
      p.s. fifty deaths IS nothing
      how many swedes die EVERY day?
      they have around 15 000 deaths ALLEGEDLY from covid
      canada? 25 000
      p.s.? CANADA had?? FIFTY TWO deaths yesterday

      SWEDEN had.. THIRTY SIX yesterday
      not 50

      mic and drop

    4. @Adam The Confused sweden has 346 severe or critical hospitalized or 0.2% of cases
      canada has 1 327 severe or critical hospitalized or 2.0% of cases
      canada has…
      TEN TIMES as many severe or critical cases

      mic and drop

    5. @Dapper Canuck the few shouldnt out weigh the many these commies are a joke and clearly you don’t need to have common sense to be a doctor like hinshaw masks do absolutely nothing and why do they always have the same amount of cases it’s not fishy at all if we are on lockdown and have to wear masks and numbers keep going up clearly this isn’t working at all

    1. We have a major problem with liberals in the conservative party. They call them RINOs in the States, Republican In Name Only.

  2. Kenney said he wants a different base. It would seem much easier for him to change parties, than for the entire UCP voter base to change parties.

  3. These politicians/leaders need to start showing the science they believe justifies their lockdowns. The science we are seeing from around the world certainly does not yet here we are!!!

    1. There is proof from many countries around the world that it works. You have to be smart enough to use google though dude.
      Australia is a perfect example.

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