Dr. Anthony Fauci On Cases Surging Around The Country 1

Dr. Anthony Fauci On Cases Surging Around The Country

Dr. Anthony Fauci encouraged people to get vaccinated and warned that allowing the virus to freely circulate could create new variants.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Dr. Anthony Fauci On Cases Surging Around The Country


    1. @Zuupa DePesh Please don’t force your virus on me. And I don’t respect your ill-informed opinion; why should I?

    2. @psycobleach46 tullis o really? Is that what it is? So the guidelines cured the influenza but Covid is still running rampant right? Lmao

    3. @psycobleach46 tullis so you are telling me there is a low case of flu because people took precautions, while at the same time telling me that covid still exists because people don’t take precautions? So which is it?

    1. @Merc Harris Nice suppositions. You do realize you just named off the policies of the GOP to me, right? Outsourcing jobs to foreign countries to maximize corporate profits is a mark of the GOP elitists.

    2. @afisemenaborevlaka 48 don’t need both side because the left is nothing more than liars and we all know this

    3. @Ivo Vlot There are many now a days who differ with Einstein also. The other side of the vaccine story is clearly being censored.

    1. @Andrea P

      All those Democrat politicians that were down playing it from the start and also put sick people in retirement homes are just as much to blame.

      Covid response were mostly state level. Not sure why people don’t get this.

    2. @The Boring Channel but now we are finding out little by little that the good doctor may have played a role in the funding of Gain of Function research which caused this whole global mess.

    3. @M S guy in charge, made something as simple as wearing a mask, a political flash point. the height of stupidity.
      also added 9 trillion to the deficit,
      after promising to pay it off.
      called a huge loss, that we the people
      will be paying off for many decades.

    4. @Domino EP there were lockdowns and i had paperwork just to go to work in case i was pulled over or stopped. PLEASE…!!!!

    1. @José Angel Sánchez Castillejos they said 2 weeks to flatten the curve. They knew there wouldn’t be a vaccine after those 2 weeks. What are you talking about?

    2. @José Angel Sánchez Castillejos

      The vaccine doesn’t prevent contraction. With or without the vaccine, I can get covid, and you can get covid from me.

      You’re going to have to find something else to snivel about.

  1. “My staff has investigated our actions when it came to funding gain of function research and concluded we did nothing wrong.”

    1. You hate Fauci and everyone who stood up to Dear Orange Messiah. That includes Cuomo, Pence, Romney, Bolton, McCain…
      Even Cheney is a “RINO” now…..
      What a bizarre cult the GOP has become.

    1. @Al TheChemist if you’re not going to get vaccinated then at least mask up and be hygienic lmao. you formed that narrative up in your head. that was already scripted in you like an npc. you need to be your own person already and do some reading.

    2. My body my choice. If you are vaxxed then you’re good, right? Why do you care what I do with my body?

    3. @EZLN 10% of confirmed cases. There is likely an order of magnitude more infections that have not been recorded – so closer to ~1%.

    4. @theodore thompson if you’re wearing a homemade cloth mask, then maybe lolol not the good kind of masks.

    1. Why would that happen? We already saw nothing about this was timed for political reasons.

  2. The important question is, is the video of Tom Brady throwing the ball into the machine 3x real?

    1. @Laurel We already made our choice, Laurel! But you guys won’t stfu about our choice to the point of harassment and bullying at this point. Next thing we know, jabs will be mandatory. Sure seems like that’s where it’s heading.

  3. I’ve been tracking the stats for almost a year and a half since there is a real absence of honest reporting. Deaths are less than a 10th of what they were in January which was the highest level since this all began.

    1. Yep…if people are worried, they can call their local hospitals to see if they have covid patients.
      I called mine…they don’t.

  4. We still have to take this guy seriously .. At the rate he gets things right he couldn’t get hired as a weather man.

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