Dr. Bhadelia: If You Got Johnson & Johnson I Would Not Worry 1

Dr. Bhadelia: If You Got Johnson & Johnson I Would Not Worry


Infectious diseases physician Dr. Nahid Bhadelia discusses if there is a substantial difference between the coronavirus vaccines and if it matters which one you got. 
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    1. good for you , not like you were going to have kids anyway snowflake lol hahahahahha

  1. “If someone dies WITH covid-19, we are counting that as a Covid-19 death.” – Direct quote from Dr. Birx at the Coronavirus Task Force press conference.

    Which means, if someone has Covid and they jump off an airplane without a parachute and they die, they died of Covid. Makes sense to me.

    1. spoken like someone who clearly doesn’t understand medical reports. if you actually cared about facts, you’d look it up now… but facts are really just obstacles to your political tirade. much better for you to remain purposefully obtuse.

    2. Actually, there have been people who have committed suicide, because they could not bear the unrelenting symptoms of long COVID. I would count that as a COVID death.

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  3. Why would the Johnson & Johnson vaccinated people worry, when all the breakthrough cases are happening with the Pfizer vaccinated people not J&J. The J&J trials were actually done with the South African & Brazil variants unlike the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines.

    1. The clinical trials were complete on the BioNTech and Moderna vaccines before any of the major variants emerged. Besides, there have been a hundred times more of the mRNA vaccines administered than the J&J vaccine, so there will be more breakthrough cases of the more used vaccine. Still, unless one is severely immune compromised, there are not serious breakthrough cases.

    2. You got that backwards. The Pfizer vaccine is far more effective against the new variants than the J & J. Read the NIH papers on pubmed.

  4. Not Vaccinated, lived in the house with family sick from covid & I never got infected 2 GOD BE THE GLORY!!!

    1. @Puggles McWardog I have been this whole time and will continue to. It’s a reason the majority of you ppl end up homeless. I’ll toss some loose change at a “vet” later in your honor

      I guarantee you they will thank me and beg for more. It’s what vets do.

    2. @jstreets1983 you’ve been running it behind a screen. You won’t do it face to face because you’re scared and you know what would happen to you.

    3. @Hugh Jass I’m always down to meet anyone. I call will that person a waronger they will call me whatever and if they don’t lean right we can debate.

  5. I got the Johnson & Johnson shot, if boosters are required I’m just going to stop caring about the virus and vaccine as a whole.

    1. @Richard Thomas – You have no room to talk.
      You joined Jan 10, 2021
      You already delete posts that you clearly start with alt accounts when you become the laughing stock of everyone and it’s a real shame.

    2. @Crimdor 100% wrong but if it makes you feel better about you having so many deleted by youtube . Maybe your mommy believes you but nobody else does !

    1. If you did not get a vaccine, you are also a part of the experiment. Let’s wait and see how that works out for you and yours.

    2. @ruth depew 95 percent of America shut down for a virus that’s infected 10 percent of America.

  6. No need to panic. We’re all going to need booster shots eventually anyway. That’s just how it works.

    1. @DAVID She’s correct on this one, with one caveat. The immunity evoked by the vaccines lasts longer than that acquired through infection. While those, who are fully vaccinated, are more likely to allow these new strains to replicate, they still don’t get sick enough to require hospitalization.

    1. @Hugh Jass So this is your newest 1 day old TROLL account . How many TROLL accounts have you had deleted by youtube now ?

    2. @Richard Thomas – You joined Jan 10, 2021
      I like how you’re projecting about account deletion when you’ve clearly crossed some red lines yourself.

  7. “If you got it, I would not worry” sounds like, “I’m not you so why would I care”

  8. The death rate from a vaccine is les than %0.01. Listening to people talk about “risks” of the vaccine is just feeding the flames of conspiracy nuts.

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