Trans Student Sho Sued To Use His Gender's Restroom Speaks Out 1

Trans Student Sho Sued To Use His Gender’s Restroom Speaks Out


Gavin Grimm, the transgender student who sued his high school after being prevented from using the bathroom that corresponded with his gender, discusses the Supreme Court declining to take up his case. “The fact that it took as long as it did to affirm the basic humanity of trans youth, and then only in the Fourth Circuit, is frustrating,” he said. “But this victory is important and wonderful and will not go underappreciated by me, at least.”
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    1. Nah y’all just lack the emotional intelligence and empathy…..but mostly emotional intelligence

  1. Did they not say the Supreme Court would not hear his case? I’m not sure where the win is. Can someone please explain?

    1. basically, it means the lower court ruling still stands. He won his case, so therefore nothing changes

    2. There is no “win,” but the lame Democrats want to call it a win, anyway. Doesn’t matter. It’s just semantics. Common sense prevailed here.

  2. What about the straight girls who aren’t homophobic, but just don’t feel comfortable or safe in the bathroom with a biological boy? HS girls often feel uncomfortable and awkward around biological boys in the classroom and hallways, cafeteria, gym, etc. Know they are in the bathroom. Is there an option for girls to use the single bathroom? I suspect this is not going to end well.

  3. I don’t think the Justices gave her a “Win”. They just didn’t take on the case thus, the lower court ruling stands for now.
    My question would be… If she uses the man’s room, does she get to sit down, or pees standing up?

  4. Sounds like this dude has a girls bathroom fetish . He prob likes hearing and seeing them go to the bathroom

    1. @You’re Beautiful I think you misinterpreted my comment. This “thing” will be the epitome of future American men unless we start bullying again.

  5. My public high school back in the 90’s already had single bathrooms for any gender. Why can’t we just build more of those? This entire gender-designated bathroom debate is bound to be problematic.

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