Sen. Warner: 'Bumps' In Infrastructure Negotiations 'Got Worked Through' 1

Sen. Warner: ‘Bumps’ In Infrastructure Negotiations ‘Got Worked Through’


Andrea Mitchell is joined by Senator Mark Warner (D-VA), who is part of the bipartisan negotiating team leading the infrastructure deal, to discuss the "twists and turns" taking place surrounding the passage of this bill. Warner says that despite these "hiccups" the bill will be “so broadly popular" and one where “Americans of all political persuasions agree.”

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Sen. Warner: 'Bumps' In Infrastructure Negotiations 'Got Worked Through'


  1. We need a definition of infrastructure that matches the professed values of the United States, and that provides the means to address the inequalities of wealth, health and opportunity plaguing our society.

    1. @Uniquely Lily: That’s exactly what McConnell was asking for; two SEPARATE bills so each could be considered, negotiated, and VOTED on separately. One for infrastructure (which has bipartisan support) and one for a larger tax and spending bill (which only has Democrat support).

    2. @Reason I do think it is. We have to do something. With the collapse of buildings, getting our pipeline hacked, the Texas electric grid fiasco, and then some. And we need to get some jobs going for Americans by Americans🇺🇸

    1. Agreed. Reason the bills popularity gets focus is because later when it’s determined it wasn’t enough they can deflect blame by arguing its bipartisanship.

    1. @Mark Lawrence there’s that, tax breaks, subsidies, long term loans & many other levers that could be pulled to incentify business but there’s always reaction to action so countries that are currently hosting businesses will counter offer, either way the end result is higher business profits & lower prices for consumers.

  2. Texas had a power grid failure.
    Building collapsed in Florida.
    A pipeline was hacked and held for ransom.

    But these clowns in DC can’t get off their rears and do something about it. THIS is why Americans hate politicians.

    1. Yes, we must go big. The Republicans are just lacking vision and the ability to spend the required money that it takes to accomplish all that is needed. The Republicans are just trying to save the rich from spending their money. Remember the scripture passage that says that it’s harder for the wealthy to enter heaven than it is for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle. The wealthy just can’t part with their money, even though they can well afford to spend it. They are just plain greedy.

    1. There’s a job plan interwoven with all the work that needs to be done. Then the new jobs with clean energy too. We really need this infrastructure bill and human infrastructure, women need to get back to work and our seniors need care, but people need to make a better living and some will need training or re-training. Now let’s see if GOP stops with the obstructionism 🤔

  3. I’m sure the GOP who would never admit it need this for their constituents. It’s very popular amongst “most” Americans.

  4. I’d argue infrastructure is a vital component in any Nations prosperity, like decent affordable healthcare.

    1. He gets it. If he does what he promised it builds trust. Integrity shouldn’t be so refreshing.

    2. @jstreets1983 If you are an adult and you’re not making 15/hour, maybe you have made some poor life choices.

  5. The devastating tragedy in Florida for me is a metaphor of our crumbling infrastructure around the country. Please, have eyes to see and ears to hear what is being shown us. This is not an isolated incident and could even be worst, we know it. Washington must listen and do their jobs. 😢 Condolences to all the 👪 families.

    1. It’s related more to the inevitable and expected shifting sands of barrier islands.
      But climate change and infrastructure go hand in hand. We need to be prepared.

      Geologists warned Miami government of this.
      But Rick Scott consistently ignored the warnings and “greased” the permitting of developers.
      It’s been said, often, in last 6 yrs, Miami is ground zero for climate change.

  6. The GQP serves only Trump and Hannity for the most part, maybe someday the insanity will go away

    1. It will just keep debasing and perverting itself until it implodes. Should be fun to watch, at least.

  7. Let’s spend the $40 to 70 Billion that is already in the Federal highway trust fund. This does not include the money allocated for state road and bridge repair. Let’s spend that money before we try to grab any more from the poor overburden taxpayer.

    1. We can definitely include those funds but spending ONLY $40-$70 Billion on National Infrastructure is a Joke .

    2. @Larry Grecko It’s not a joke, it’s a start. It’s a beginning. That money will repair a lot of roads and bridges. Let’s start now.

  8. “ A Little Less Talk & A Little More Action, This Ain’t Satisfactionin Me”
    Just another Media PhotoOp. Another chance to list the things that are wrong with absolutely no answers.

  9. A tax code that will be fair? Hmmm, Oh yea, TAX THE RICH, CORPORATIONS, AND COLLECT THE BACK TAXES OWED BY THE RICH, that’s fair.

    1. That’s what Biden plans to do. GOP isn’t thrilled about that. No corporate donations for them😎

  10. Where’s the story about the anti American Olympian who turned her back on the flag?? Msnbc is such a predictable propaganda unit of marxists.

    1. @Uniquely Lily very true, so if you hate the US and feel oppressed maybe try another country.

    2. Lol don’t be a child , I’m sure I’ve been an American citizen longer than you’ve been on the earth😏

    3. @Uniquely Lily great so you probably remember a time when representing something like let’s say, The United States of America would be something people did because they are proud of and not something that you hate. She has every right to hate America, you’re right. Just don’t be a hypocrite and represent them on the biggest athletic stage in the world.

    4. Feathering it Brutha – What does Marxism have to do with them not running a story? They have priorities. You heard about it, so what’s the problem? Are you actually implying they didn’t run it (so you say anyway) because of political reasons?

  11. “Bumps” translated occur when someone is not getting as much money as they want. The people will get nothing from this bill.

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