1. Simply growing up in a human family taught me that community responsibility is always more important personal freedom. I erroneously believed we were all human or humane enough to have that understanding unless there was some impairment present. These people are impaired.

    1. If what you’re saying is true then we should do away with democracy and embrace communism. Seems to be the point of your comment.

  2. Didn’t Spock point out there are times when, “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few – or the one.”?
    We are all living in the time of Covid and its evil spawn the Delta Variant.
    How will history record our choices as individuals and the nation of America?
    I wonder…

    1. @Sparky McSpark He also vandalizes people’s discussion pages. I’d disable mine if I were you because the mindless sheep read it and treat you accordingly

    2. @Sparky McSpark if that were really what you believe, you would be wearing a mask and getting vaccinated, and helping others do the same. But you only want to believe you believe in helping people out. Don’t worry, though, we will still try to save your life if you come into the ER.

    3. @William Springer six hundred and forty thousand people and counting would disagree with you if only they were not dead. Too few to matter to you, though, I suppose.

    4. @Winston Smith Great cowardly advice. I notice you don’t allow anyone to say anything to you, bub. What’s the matter, Winnie, you can dish it out, but you just can’t take it?

    5. @MJL I did and you left a comment saying I’m a right wing hate speech troll to try to discredit anything I say. I’m just returning the favor troll

  3. I am shocked to hear that rapid tests are so expensive. I live in Germany, and I can get a rapid covid test for in home testing in the supermarket for starting at about $1,00 a piece. Basically most folks have a few lying around at home because they are so accessible. Two test for about $20 is immoral

    1. There are places here in NYC where you can actually get them done for free in one of those rapid testing vans in the city. The issue moving forward will be what happens when the city decides to take that away as well.

  4. Schools are failing. The Socratic method is broken. Can anyone tell me what the socratic method is? (Thats why it fails)

  5. Why gamble. We are homeschooling & quite happy. You can’t trust any republican. Our local school does not want parents to know their child has been exposed to covid. Young kids mock mask wearing.
    The world is too nuts to trust anyone.

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