Mask Mandate Clashes Show GOP Is Now A Party Of Grievance McCaskill Says

COVID-19 mask mandates considered and implemented to fight the spread of the pandemic have sparked clashes with conservatives at local school boards. Joy Reid and her panel discuss.
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    1. @Glenn Farris Just because they are Republicans from another country, doesn’t mean they are right. They are still wrong and anti-American.

    2. Biden and the democrats = The Taliban’s supplier of advanced weapons systems. Coming soon to a street near us .

    3. The REPUBLICANS are worried about their population going to extinction if they would just join the world of humanity instead of trying to dominate everything then they wouldn’t feel threaten by everything . YAHWEH will be the final judge.

    1. It’s weird how I gave you more information than you gave me, showing you that you are wrong about viruses and being too simplistic in your thinking, then you repost the exact same lesser information as if you think you are still right and correcting me.
      You’re weird. Republicans are just totally weird.
      Is it that once you think you have learned a little, you cannot learn more?

    2. @jim bob Dude, you aren’t even a serious person. While parasites are anything that uses the human body to live in, worms are NOT the same as viruses. Please keep your stupidity to yourself. You keep passing this misinformation around like it’s real and it’s killing people.

    3. @Red Son right! And you have to wear a seat belt and wear a helmet on a motorcycle. How about no drinking while drunk! God forbid freedom also requires the people to act civil and responsible.

  1. Republican policies haven’t had majority support for a few decades now but never considered changing their policies. Instead, they went with the “Southern Strategy” and now extensive white grievance, racism and misogyny are what they offer, defending their power with gerrymandering and voter suppression.

    1. They do seem to be doubling down on the idea of minority rule. Exactly how they intend to oppress an ever larger majority of non-white, non-Christian, pro-science, pro-science people with an education is not clear. Do they really want to go the way of police brutality and bully-boy militias to keep the ‘other’ in their place?

  2. imagine having nothing better to do than complain about masks
    and get violence about a piece of safety protection.
    shows you exactly how spoiled, pathetic, and lost the reich-wing is.

    1. @mike’s corner of the universe Mayb one day, when your IQ goes up a few points, your apply that same logic to “Antifa” ?

      You know, those guys who dress up head to toe in black (i guess they went off brown huh) faces covered (of course)
      fighting against “fascism” by using every fascist tactic in the book.. But they aint fascist tho, cos, wait for it…..
      they are called ANTI fascists.

    2. @The White Rabbit look at you embracing censorship and reporting your fragile feelings to youtube.

      pathetic. that’s all you are.

    3. @The White Rabbit i glad you are taking horse dewormer. it increases your chance of dying from diahrea.
      in fact, you should totally own the libs and double your dose of horse dewormer.

    4. @Sabo308 that is just about right. They talk in circles until they find a prompt line they can step on with a canned response to show how clever they are (but with little understanding of what they are saying). As long as they can attack the people they disagree with they seem happy. Most of the angry commentators on here don’t even seem to understand the simple concepts of political left and right and what they really mean or where their historical concepts came from. They plainly don’t know right from wrong either.

    1. @vegeta ss I didnt Biden say Biden is a dictator. I was simply pointing out the fact that a “one party system” is a dictatorship.

      He is a puppet tho 100%
      God only knows who is running things, but *everyone* knows it aint biden.

    2. @Freeasabird , getting all worked up emotionally about this mess nor going rambo over the net will not change a thing. I will keep my joy, keep a positive attitude , continue to vote for the lesser of the two evils (Democrat) and I will continue to live my best life.😑

    1. Except every homeowner who pays property taxes pays for the school system. It’s pretty simple they have a voice also.

    2. Just because they pay taxes doesnt mean they get to override my parental rights to protect my children as I see fit. Paying taxes doesn’t make anyone special! We all pay property taxes. I have an invested interest because MY CHILD attends. These anti-maskers can kindly GTFO

    3. I agree only parents should be there at the school. However those crazies will say that they have a right because their taxes go to the school..

    1. @free mind we tried to warn you in 2020 that Biden was gonna be an absolute disaster. I guess people like you don’t believe it til you see it

    2. @John B Taliban telling Biden what to do about what ignorant they got everything they wanted from the coward who surrendered.

    3. @Julian Rivera they offered to give Biden the whole city of Kabul and Biden said Nah that’s ok, we just want the airport.

    1. @Will Don. I didn’t say it was good enough. But the Moderate Democrats and the progressives have to find common ground to fight off the Republicans because that party has gone full fascist..

      Whatever the differences between mainstream Dems and Progressives are we cant afford to split which will help Republicans win and I think we can all agree that we dont want that.

  3. I could care less what happens to Republicans. What I do care is that they’re the reason why this stupid virus is still around mutating making things worse.

    1. It’s a freaking virus, we haven’t been able to stop the flu for 500 years. Blame China that you liberals love.

    2. @D Beard let’s put it this way. You’re in construction. Yet, everyday, floods, termites dry rot, all that stuff, kills houses.

      So, do you surrender? Nope. Too much money, too much need, too much advantage to do that.

      Same thing with the virus. I’m going in for my second shot, soon.
      I could “roll snake eyes”, and die, for some weird reason.
      I hope not, but it could happen.

      The virus isn’t 100% controllable. Neither is it 0% controllable.

    1. What can be done? They are HALF the population. And they have guns they are willing to use at a moment’s notice. They are in the military, police, government, everywhere! What do you expect the “Democrats” to do? There is NO simple answer/approach. Stop blaming Dems.

    2. @Linda C Republicans are applying for election official jobs by the 1000’s and volunteering for the next election in 14 states and DEJOY is messing with the POST office and has put people in there . They might be falling now but they plan on cheating. probably as payback beucase they think the election was stolen.

    1. @MYBABYSEXYASS LOVEBRNI1 people like you need to stop watching fake news. I’ve been watching lately a
      To see how much of Afghanistan they talk about and there’s been a lot that’s happened that CNN hasn’t reported on. They’re covering for Biden’s incompetence once again. Just like they did during election

  4. Imagine caring more about Dr. Seuss and Mr. Potatohead than health + safety measures during a pandemic.
    Thats the GOP for ya

    1. Come again language police? Come again book burner? Many smart people have said, if fascism ever comes to America, it will come under the guise of progressivism. U know Hitler considered himself a progressive. Did u know that? Probably not.

    1. Remember Chris, Jim Crow laws originated with the democrats. The party that supported slavery. The party that resisted the voting rights bill in 1965. The party that supported the klan. Thanks to Lincoln , a republican, slavery was ended.

    2. @Todd Anonymous Amazing how things change, isn’t it? I guess that’s why Dems are known as Progressives as opposed to the degenerates.

  5. Republicans don’t want to just start “culture wars”, they want to start REAL CIVIL WARS! (Remind you of anything?)

    1. @Julian Rivera you actually think Trump said that? $10,000 says you can’t find anywhere where he says to get needles of disinfectants and inject them. Don’t send the video or transcript because that only proves my point. Seriously, you’re making this much to easy for me

    2. @Julian Rivera I’ll even help you. Here’s his direct quote, just highlight the part where he tells people to get needles and inject themselves. I’ll wait. “And then I see the disinfectant, where it knocks it out in one minute. And is there a way we can do something like that, by injection inside or almost a cleaning, because you see it gets in the lungs and it does a tremendous number on the lungs, so it’d be interesting to check that, so that you’re going to have to use medical doctors with, but it sounds interesting to me.”

    3. @Julian Rivera how much longer is your ego gonna keep you here embarrassing yourself. I’ve got all night to keep educating you if that’s what you want. It’s been quite easy so far. Try hitting me up with something a little harder

    4. @Julian Rivera seriously, are you even from America? Sure doesn’t sound like it. Perhaps you should stop getting all your news exclusively from social media or fake news. So sad

    5. @Julian Rivera what judge is gonna set precedent and career suicide by putting a former president in jail. That would be a life sentence for Biden with all the high crimes he’s committed and that’s just in the last year

    1. @Karen’s Gummer I would Karen if they actually cared about black lives. They attack the police when video proves the police were attacked. And they ignore the thousands of blacks that are slaughtered every year on the streets of Chicago by some of the same thugs that attack the police . Their lives matter but no one seems to care .

    2. @T Dunleavy If this is the case, then you cannot rightfully call yourselves a republic. You, the people, own the government, not the other way round. You, the people, should be holding the governemt accountable. Unfortunately, the “republicans” are not really who we all think they should be. You have a problem on your hands, and it ain’t gonna be easy de-radiclizing the “republican party” whilst trying to not vote for democrats.

      I think what might be happening is the democrats are becoming the new rightwing of your country, many of the republicans have leapt off the far right completely, and a new “left wing” might come into play. I hope I’m right (no pun intended) because I think the democrats have some good things they want to bring to America, but they can’t get done what needs to be done when the balance of power is teetering on the far right edge of the abyss.

      From an outsider, looking in 🙂

    3. @Dave Gilmour From another concerned outsider who knows just how fine many Americans are — I sadly feel less hopeful as time passes.

    4. I always said those people worship him. Trumpy could have took a dump on his desk as a state of the union address and he would have started a new trend, desk dump day. He’s a deity to his puppets. Invincible.

  6. This is when the FBI and Homeland Security need to get involved with monitoring Anti-Vaxers and Anti-Maskers as potential terrorist threats.

    1. @J J…and a fair portion of MAGAdom, Qanon influencers, Proud Boys, and Anti-vaxxers that have turned violent.

      Most people have no problem with disposing with Antifa. There is not a thing Antifa does that has any impact on the problem of fascism in America, they get violent just for their own thrills.

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