Dr. Fauci: There’s No Doubt These Vaccines Will Be Fully-Approved By FDA

Director of National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Dr. Anthony Fauci, discusses areas of the U.S. being ravaged by the coronavirus and why Americans should consider the vaccine as good as fully-approved by the FDA.

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Dr. Fauci: There's No Doubt These Vaccines Will Be Fully-Approved By FDA


    1. If “it’s guaranteed” it sounds like the FDA isn’t doing their job to properly test and prove the drugs.

  1. Talking to the media huh dr f no worries is it for money or to really help people? Because if it was to help people who pay for your salary you should have gone to the hearing with the other drs present so they could have talk to you about your research an take questions from the senator’s holding the hearing you could have clear some concerns for everyone could have talked about natural immunity antibodie therapy or those who never tested positive even after exposure??? But no right just put fear people 😕

  2. We still don’t know how they can test to tell the difference between variants. If you want us to follow the science they really need to present facts and evidence.

    1. They take the same genetic material that tells them it’s COVID, and sequence it to find out which variant it is. It would be the exact same test as a regular COVID test. This isn’t rocket science.

  3. I’ll just wait for the Israeli pill that is in phase II trials and has proven to get people well again within 5 days no matter what condition you are in.

  4. Then remove the No Liability clause for the manufacturers of the vaccines. if they’re so sure it will be FDA approved, and safe, they have no reason to worry, right. In a real.pandemic, we’d be so desperate for anything, this wouldn’t be up for debate.

    1. You know that corps that represent shareholder interests wouldn’t every willingly leverage themselves into a situation like that. Plus, if there’s any “nefarious motive” concerns, it should be alleviated by the fact the FDA is doing due diligence. If there was a true conspiracy, the FDA would have approved it months ago.

    1. These wastes of flesh wouldn’t have any relevance if no one listened to them but sadly there are low IQ people out there who will sadly stick up for this bag of garbage.

  5. I find it strange that places r gonna mandate jabs 4 safety & ditch the pcr test option. A vax passport doesnt mean that person isnt contagious. Only a c-19 test will tell u that. If vaxed ppl get mild or asymptomatic cases much more often, then they dont know they sick & go 2 work

  6. “I’m sorry, I know people must like to have their individual freedom” – he sounds so frustrated with the very idea Americans have these pesky little things called “freedoms”

  7. You could not possibly “follow the science” even if you tried. Fauci literally contradicts himself in one video. E.g. –
    2:05 – get vaccinated so you don’t spread the virus
    6:31 – vaccinated people are likely to spread the virus

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