Dr. Kavita Patel: Vaccine Delays Feel Like A ‘Gut Punch’ To Health Care Workers | Deadline | MSNBC 1

Dr. Kavita Patel: Vaccine Delays Feel Like A ‘Gut Punch’ To Health Care Workers | Deadline | MSNBC


With some states only receiving fewer Pfizer vaccine doses they were expecting, MSNBC medical contributor Dr. Kavita Patel shares how frontline workers are feeling about the potential they may not get the vaccine for several weeks. Aired on 12/18/2020.
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Dr. Kavita Patel: Vaccine Delays Feel Like A ‘Gut Punch’ To Health Care Workers | Deadline | MSNBC


  1. Americans are dying at levels never before seen, and yet Trump and his pals were cured overnight. This is GENOCIDE. The Republican Betrayal, Greed and Genocide is burned into our memories. Trump and Putin are birds of feather, but an entire party turning on it’s Constitutional oaths, allowing the deaths, filling the coffers. Let the Trials begin

    1. Yes! How insane that trump got free medical care and pence got the vaccine while they are directly responsible for so many deaths. This year has blown every injustice and insanity of our system out of the water. Looks like we have to re-think who we allow to make decisions that can cost us our lives. Time for some deep reforms.

  2. Repubs are holding back on the vaccine their heard immunity they still running that shift hang up on delivery of the vaccine and more will get sick

  3. That operation dork speed thing is turning out as expected. Things will start getting on track next month. Meanwhile people die while Donnie whines about losing and cheats at golf.

  4. Pfizer plant is sitting on plenty of vaccine right now. I think it is being held up for political reasons ~ b/c they did not participate in Op Warp Speed, and recall POUTUS turned down bigger vaccine order from them this summer. Its disgusting, vile, criminal.

  5. Whoa whoa whoa….you’re saying t’rump’s government wasn’t organized or ready? Clearly you don’t understand how their strategy of “someone else can do it” works.

  6. If Jared Kushner, had any influence in the vaccine rollout,,,I’d not be surprised, if the tRump/ Kushner grift enterprise is at work,,,!!! WHERE ARE THESE UNACCOUNTED FOR VACCINATIONS,,,?????

  7. First, a complete gaslighting of the seriousness of the coronavirus pandemic.

    Then, oppositional messaging regarding remediation measures; business closures, mask wearing, and the like.

    Followed by a completely botched non-response at the federal level (yet much credit-taking, for what I don’t know).

    Next, “Free Michigan”, “Free Virginia” and on and on and on.

    Oh, and let’s not forget “It’ll be gone by April with the warmer weather”, “We’re turning a corner” and other such buffoonery, added to hydroxychloroquine, light and disinfectant inside the body, and oleandrin.

    With vaccines on the horizon, the Trump administration says, “No thanks” to an option on 100 million more doses of Pfizer’s vaccine. No money even needed to change hands. It was simply an option to reserve up to 100 million doses above the 100 million doses initially purchased.

    So, in a country of 331 million people and a single vaccine with an Emergency Use Authorization, the Trump administration elects to secure enough vaccine for 50 million people (remember, the vaccine is a two-dose affair).

    Dr. Scott Atlas magically appears on the scene, promoting…wait for it…herd immunity.

    Last week it was leaked e-mails from HHS promoting…wait for it…herd immunity.

    Now, this week, it’s states across the country receiving notification that their vaccine allotment has been reduced by 30+%. All while Pfizer emphatically states that production is running according to plan and that, while the first shipments all went out, again to plan, inexplicably they have millions of doses ready to go…wait for it…with no direction from the Trump administration where to send them, and when.

    January 20th can’t get here soon enough. This is utter BS.

  8. Congress call him out for what he is, a criminal committing crimes against Americans. Call/email your US representative and your senators. He has the actual ability tosave Americans lives but of course he is stalling.

  9. Pfizer says is has vaccine ready to go awaiting instructions from the federal government where to send it WTF???

  10. This is trump’s doing – Pfizer wrote a letter stating that they had millions of vaccines just sitting around in their warehouse with nowhere to go. Why? Because the trump administration won’t instruct them on where to send it! Trump lied again – there IS NO SHORTAGE of the vaccine, he just doesn’t want us to have it!! Effing monster!!

  11. From what I’m seeing in the comment sections all over the internet is that there are many many frontline workers that wouldn’t touch any of these vaccines with 10 foot pole.

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