Dr. Moore announces Ontario’s new vaccine policy | FULL COVID-19 UPDATE

Dr. Kieran Moore announced that educators and health workers in Ontario will now have to be vaccinated or submit to regular testing.

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    1. @WheelPatriot TheBestIsYetToCome Just crossed one on my way home, she got off the sidewalk!
      Get ready to fight!

    2. Research the casualty rates for the last 8 months. Tens of thousands have ended up like Tiffany Dover.

    1. Cory Teneycke is Doug Ford’s campaign manager. He also represents AstraZeneca. Chris Froggatt Loyalist Public Affairs is a lobbyist for LifeLabs and Johnson & Johnson and he was Doug Ford’s vice chairman of Ford’s election campaign. This is called “Pork Barrel Politics” where the stooge in office gets kickbacks from the pharma companies. Ford’s wealth has gone from $3 million to $50 million since he took office. Ford’s crimes are obvious and easy to track, but the civilian police have done nothing to investigate this corruption. Ford and his cronies must be arrested immediately; they must be charged with their crimes, put on trial, go directly to jail, and they must be barred from holding public office forever. They are committing genocide for their own personal benefit.

    1. @Richard Wariner and in three years when nothing happened you’ll move the goalpost. And when they live their live without any negative effect, you wont have the integrity to admit youre wrong. Cause youre a ducking coward

    2. @j d And conspiracies, and hate speech, and anti science….and while we’re at it….you’re an anti-vaxxer for asking a question about the ‘vaccines.’ How dare you! Shut up and obey.

    3. @left4twenty And when that person is dead in 3 years….you’ll move the goal posts and claim they died of anything else besides the experimental, improperly tested, unapproved injections.

    1. @Simple Jahk you yake a covid test. If you’re test is positive, the may sequence your sample to see which variant it is. They don’t do this on all positive samples because the sequencing takes much longer. So they spot check variants.

    2. @Darrin Fry What ‘covid test’? If you are referring to the PCR test it is so unreliable that they are ceasing its usage.

    3. @Darrin Fry a virus so dangerous that one has to be tested to know he is sick or not. 🤣 covid clowns everywhere.

  1. Is Dr. Kieran Moore willing to sign his name and accept full legal and financial responsibility for any injuries that may occur?

    1. @D M nope none of them are! that and many more reasons are the reason why they CANNOT FORCE ANYONE TO INJECT ANYTHING! Yet they are trying so so hard…

    2. No Dr Kieran Moore is not willing to sign his name to accept responsibility, no one will, that is why the vaccines companies are granted immunity from our Canadian government. But yet our Canadian government is toting that these covid vaccines are safe and effective. So why is there no indemnification clause? Why isn’t there any compensation to anyone who have suffered from these covid vaccines?

  2. Reading…always reading teleprompters. Real experts can simply speak and deliver the message and information. He too just reads what they put in front of him.

    1. I think half these doctors on TV don’t know what they’re talking about if they’re infectious disease specialists.

  3. We need to sue our government, and it needs to be done soon. Sue them personally, then they are held accountable personally!

  4. “we’ve reached our goal but we’re going to move the goalposts again because if we didn’t we’d have to relinquish our overreach”

    1. “Weve reached our goal” = we purchased moderna stock at $15 and sold it for $480; that’s lots of 💰💲💰💲💰
      “We are going to move the goalpost again, and again, and again”= the stock is going down so we are shorting it at every peak of its downtrend. That’s more 💰💲💰💲💰.

    1. Let’s not get carried away with genocide myths for Heaven’s gate…I mean _for Heaven’s sake_
      It’s all very scientific: if the 1st dose don’t get ya, the 2nd may fail, so 3rd time is the charm!

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