‘I think it’s going to be a difficult fall and winter’: Ontario’s top doctor on COVID-19 #shorts

Ontario's top doctor warned that he's predicting the province will face a 'difficult' fall because of the Delta variant.

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    1. its someone with a medical degree that agrees with their politics so they made them a bureaucrat. They aren’t chosen because they are an expert in their field, they are chosen simply because they agree politically.

    2. Is better than someone reading a few articles online and thinks that they know better than the entire medical community. 🙄

  1. might be a tough winter indeed. we’ll see if the jabbed do better after a new viral challenge than the ferrets did.

    1. @Matthew Simpson you mean the unjabbed. The ones with a still functioning immune system. But don’t take my word for it. Dr David Bauer from the Francis Crick institute can explain it to you

  2. You can forget about “getting back to normal” that went out the window about 2 years ago….this is just the beginning we haven’t seen nothing yet.

    1. Yes, well, anyone who’s not a Dalek is an enemy of the Daleks, so that was an easy guess.
      – Missy: The Witch’s Familiar

  3. Doctor , would it be possible to publish the ISOLATION / PURIFICATION REPORT OF SARS-COV-2 , COVID -19 , from any Sample Anywhere ?
    We gonna be grateful if You do that . Thank You .

    1. It’s likely to be published in the forthcoming book, “Covid-19 and other Fairy Tales”, by OHW Books. Due to come out coinciding with the “Oh my gaaaaaaad” variant

  4. Feels kinda dope to be part of that 20% unvaccinated. Haven’t had as much as the sniffles in 2 years. Usually I get sick here and there…. but nope, nothing.

  5. This ‘crown’ virus has really lowered the quality of living…I hate this the most ever.

  6. There are many ways to tell if hospitals in the critical states are reaching capacity. Go to a hospital in Miami, for example, and talk with admissions. Or if you see nurses coming or going from the hospitals, ask them what is going on.

  7. “I think” he says not like they can just make the numbers whatever they want and pay the news to continue to scare the public.

  8. Right on schedule. Lockdowns will be issued in the fall – as predicted. This is not meant to end until we end it. We must cut the rot out.

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