Dr. Osterholm: We Are Still In This Thing For Months | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. @Russian Bot Don’t forget the Obamagate hoax! They fall into the same category!–….You’re not going to get that…..

    2. How dare you, given that world wide governments, doctors, nurses etc irrespective of left/right have collaborated.

    1. @ATV HogHunter you aren’t very educated are you…trump is the president…you do have the destroying part right but you are blaming the wrong people..it’s trump that’s destroying America you are just too blind of stupid to see that..funny how you finger pointers never post any links with facts …you just repeat what you hear…just another sign of ignorance…thanks for projecting yours!!!

    1. @Dave S Never watch Fox News. All msm lies. If my brain is frying your is fried already. Done. Well cooked. Burnt. Toast. Dismissed.

    2. Dave S go ask a black mother in one of those cities that was rioted and looted that can’t buy food for her family because it’s all gone or the person who needs medication and can’t get it because the cvs was burned down. See if they agree with you.

    3. @Crystal Giddens Nothing is “never”, nothing is “all” and educated people can corroborate information and tell what is wrong and right. Only ignorant right wingers like Crooked Donald see things in black and white (no pun intended).

  1. Why isn’t mask wearing manditory everywhere and in every place ? This prevents the spread of virus.

    1. @Blade Runner You’re assuming the duration (and existence) of immunity as well as ignoring the likelihood of mutation. The only practical way out of this mess is to lockdown as much as possible and wait for a vaccine (if possible). In the age of Amazon and Information, is there any reasons we can’t run our economy from home? Any reason we can’t make our manufacturing facilities safe for workers? It’s too bad we don’t have any leadership these days, this situation is readily solvable if the country had the focused will to deal with it.

    2. @Tosca Tattertail I don’t care if Trump wears a mask or not. I’m not. I could care less about contracting covid. Developing an immunity is a good thing. Hiding abd prolonging the inevitable is not a good idea

    3. @John Cahill so are you going to write checks to everyone on the planet so you can implement your plan?

    4. ​@John Cahill WRT mutation. we have little evidence with which to have an opinion. but the similarities between the covid-19 virus and the polio virus are remarkable; mode of transmission, virulence, incubation, period, and symptoms are all surprisingly (read wiki on polio) similar. and as far a mutation and immunity are concerned the polio virus has remained remarkable stable for at least several thousand years and all three forms of the polio virus are not subject to recurrence.

    5. @John Cahill Lockdown is just not viable. Huge sectors cannot work on a meaningful way with lockdown, from tourism, restaurants, schools etc. We need to find a middle ground

  2. People are really dumb to sign a waiver just to go to a hate rally. Is their hate more important than their desire to live,?

  3. Didn’t Trump just contradict himself with all this he has said on camera?

    “Our, testing is so far advanced its so much bigger and better than any other country that we’re going to have more cases we’re always going to have more cases…if you don’t test you don’t have any cases, if we stopped testing right now we’d have very few cases if any.”

    February 26
    “Well we’re testing err everybody that we need to test.”

    March 6
    “Anybody that wants a test can get a test.”

    March 21
    “We took over an obsolete broken testing system.”

    April 10
    “There’s not a lot of issues with testing.”

    April 14
    “The governors are supposed to do testing.”

    April 27
    “We are lapping the world on testing.”

    May 5
    “We have so much testing, I don’t think yeah need that kind of testing, that much testing.”

    May 6
    “We’ve done more testing than every other country combined…so in ah way by doing all of this testing we make ourselves look bad.”

    May 7
    “I’ve always said testing is somewhat overrated.”

    May 8
    “Something can happen between a test where its good and then, something happens and all of a sudden…this is why the whole concept of tests aren’t necessarily great.”

    “But testing certainly is a very important function and we have prevailed.”

    1. Nothing this incompetent, corrupt, scamming manchild can be believed or trusted. I keep asking his mindless supporters when they started believing what he said. I never get an answer.

    2. @Susan Sullivan You can’t even spell, much less know what’s coming…
      Have fun in the future, dunce.

    3. @Hazel McCloy Too bad we can’t test his tiny brain because as soon as that happened he would have to step down or be taken down.

  4. If only we had listened to the Health Professionals months ago instead of a “very stable genius” who has put us in a deep hole with no ladder

    1. @Sask Sun seekers I never saw odumma donate his presidential salary to charity. That’s the difference, odumma needed the money, Trump doesn’t

    2. @Sask Sun seekers Trump lowered my taxes fool, I make more money now than I ever did. If he’s stealing from me he’s doing a poor job. Maybe because I live in a white community that respects one another and we all have career’s, paid healthcare from our company’s and don’t beg for free stuff cause we are lazy?
      Stay stupid, lowlife!!!

    3. @camjamsdad lol, and if you think he isn’t making more with the frequent golf trips to his own properties you are a bigger fool than you seem.

  5. Now that we know $trillions$ are available
    Reroute American money to AMERICA
    All American citizens need healthcare.
    All American citizens deserve healthcare.

    1. @Willy S yes. Some people are making money hand over fist, while at least 68,000 Americans die because of lack of adequate healthcare and medication each year, and that’s before this pandemic.

    2. @Sask Sun seekers I am really glad to see your comment here. 💙
      The more of us speak, the farther truth will be told.

    3. @Laura Lafauve yes it is mess this healthcare system.
      Many fall between two chairs when it comes to health care. Don’t understand why we should be so negative to universal healtcare for everyone. All well-educated countries have this and have had it with great success.

    4. @Willy S it’s propaganda by people who gain so much financially.
      And they pile it on top of the fear mongering our government did concerning socialism and communism a few decades ago. I won’t go into details
      Because that would make a looong comment, but basically, I’ve been told, universal healthcare is socialism which always leads to communism and communists always subjugate and murder citizens. Also, every American citizen being able to go see a doctor would bankrupt our country. It would take, according to some, the same amount of money the Congress just gave to big business. I don’t know what their problem is. If we aren’t dead we’ll all be around the next year to work and pay our taxes. 🤷

    5. @Laura Lafauve stay safe and watch your family also.
      Have faith we will get a healthcare system who work for all, poor as rich.

    1. @Jeffrey Dahmer
      Define “liberalism,” without plagiarizing someone else’s definition. We’ll wait.

    2. @Crystal Giddens
      It appears these mindless trolls that you identify with have shallow minds and a lack of critical thinking skills…… but that’s because you’re not leaders, you’re followers…. a dangerous precedent for God fearing Americans.

    3. @Shawn Corbin
      At the peak of the pandemic, the state governors were desperately trying to stay ahead of model predictions by filling hospital shortages of ventilators, PPE equipment and hospital beds.

      But instead of working in unison with those governors, drumpf picked petty fights over shortages and refused to release federal stockpiles.

      Instead of extending calm leadership and organizational skills, he was confrontational and picked petty fights with the governors.

      That is not the way a president of the US should act, he is a divider, not a uniter….. we can do better than this Clorox clown in November, it’s time for drumpf and his cowardly enablers to leave Washington and allow real Progressives a chance to achieve those things to revive this economy and restore security to our medical fields against future pandemics, with a clear mindset
      to get things done effectively.

  6. Besides trump rally attendees getting masks and having to sign waivers, they will be handed free glasses of Kool Aid at the door

  7. I think all the experts are stumped by this virus. Stay away from crowds the government has not protected us all they care about is the market.

    1. Trump will be at the door. Hes handing out free Corona kool-aid. Twitler says drink up , theres more. Take some home to your friends.

  8. People won’t wear masks or distance
    I got to the store and everyone is like it never happened

  9. Did the Feds put Dr Fauci and Dr Brix in ‘Witness Protection’? Where are they during this escalating COVID pandemic?

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