Sen. Booker: There Will Be No Change Without Accountability | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Sen. Booker: There Will Be No Change Without Accountability | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Sen. Cory Booker, D-NJ, discusses police reform, officers shielded by qualified immunity and how his experience as a mayor has shaped his view of policing. Aired on 06/16/2020.
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Sen. Booker: There Will Be No Change Without Accountability | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. @Richard Hawkins: first let me give you a word of advice you look like an old woman get your hair Cut second of all this has been the dirty little secret of the Republican Party they’re not passing bills that would insure individuals are not going to be murdered by these Rogue Cop’s that suffer from mental illness because of over work and stress and also because they use their power as a weapon through Force and also Racial Profiling…. They need to be stopped and they need mental evaluation to make sure they can do their job adequately and be what they’re called to do which is the peace keepers not murderers of suspected drunk driving individuals….

  1. Sen Booker has it right, until they are prosecuted for misdeeds there are going to be officers who will continue to push and break the legal boundaries set to protect the public. With Tasers and other methods, there is no reason to use deadly force on someone who is obviously unarmed.
    There is no reason to use a double handed grip on a baton swing on someone already moving back, there is no reason to shield bash a person with the edge of the shield or at the face, there is no reason to shoot them mini hockey pucks (i refuse to call them rubber bullets) at a person’s face or neck which could lead to permanent disability. There is no reason for the use of intrusive “taking the streets with force” attitude when a reasonable voice can be found and recruited to help spread the word that people need to leave. How many of the protests turned peaceful when the leaders of the city and police sat down with individuals and reached a common ground. The days of police jumping instantly to violent measures has to stop

    1. No, there wont be any officers because they are all resigning and I dont blame them. There will come a time when armed citizens are policing their own neighborhoods.

  2. the guy that was shot in the back was probably running because he thought he would be strangled to death if he stayed

  3. As a retired PO with decades of experience on the streets in uniform and plainclothes and having seen colleagues dismissed for a range of criminal offences – CoryB is absolutely correct – There will be no change without accountability, but it needs to be implemented coherently from State to Federal levels of Policing. The community deserves, no demands accountability. The current standard of Policing in the US is pitifully poor.

    1. Doug Lowe 2 years college or military with honorable discharge. Most police academies are 6 months

    2. I am the daughter of a policeman who served for over 20 years. And I agree with you! This must change, my father would be appalled at the state of the country right now!

    3. @D Ross They need to do there training at college alone with placements throughout the community section and exposure to the people they are to police before they can be accepted and deployed.
      Extreme scrutiny of there history and attitudes towards various strata of society.

    4. pmb0001 Were/Are you ex military – Did you graduate collage? I believe hiring ex military to be cops is a big part of the problem. Uneducated trained killers policing the streets, the FBI hires only collage grads and we have never heard of them killing the way we hear weekly about police today. (90% of ex military have 12yrs or GED educations.
      Never heard of FBI brutality.

    1. @Amen Knowtech they are handing out ar 15s in shitattle and not a word from cory racist
      thanks to obama flyover America is ready,you people want a war and you will get one for sure.
      X democrats for TRUMP 2020

  4. I’ve been saying for years oh, that you can pass as many laws and legislation as you want to to curb police corruption and brutality…. But until you start holding cops accountable for bending and or breaking the laws themselves nothing will change!

    1. Police need to carry malpractice insurance and I bet you then they will start doing better instead of the tax payor paying the law suits..

    2. The cop was legal in enforcing a DUI situation where’s the illegality? Tragic result I agree but then decriminalize driving while intoxicated. Or just tell the police which laws to enforce and which to ignore

    3. Perhaps they should ban police unions. After all the same right wing racist wackos who are in those unions hate unions because it gives people power over The Corporate.

  5. Police Officer’s need to be held accountable for their actions, it’s disgraceful that they are protected when they break the law that they are supposed to uphold

    1. If you really want change in America you need to change your whole political system and you need to start by holding your president accountable for all the troubles he has and is causing America I think the world has had enough of trump and hopefully the military will step in and do something about trump it cannot go on the way it is I’m not being disrespectful towards you Leroy not at all but being a outsider looking in it doesn’t look good brother he’s turned America into the biggest embarrassment, liability and laughing stock on the planet and to be honest with you if trump was in the Middle East America would of invaded the country and took him out by now has a big threat to world peace the biggest threat since Hitler everyone I know just laugh at him but when you look into it more because I have followed trump since I saw him running for the president job first of all I thought he was having a little giggle but when I realised he was serious I said to my son and his mates that he was a lunatic and he will take the world into darkness he has become or is becoming a dictator and the rest of the Republican Party is terrified of him because if they speak out against him they automatically get sacked that’s the traits of a dictator take care of yourself buddy my best wishes from Stevie in Britain

    2. Carolina Macias that’s fair enough but they didn’t send him to jail they just killed him instead

    3. @Yo Mama I don’t have any. That’s two stupid comments in a row. Is that your whole schtick, dumb comments? Seems a bit one-dimensional, there, Yo.

    4. @Yo Mama Ok, Dorothy. Do you please anyone, with infantile, meaningless drivel?
      I mean, does anyone find you anything but tedious? Tell the truth, now.
      More importantly, and whatever you do, DO NOT BREED

    1. @Guillermo Gutierrez-Santana II I don’t reside in the city, I don’t care what those losers do. I’m just gonna sit back and laugh.

    2. @Christina Yeah you’re definitely a good, moral person with that kind of narcissistic rhetoric.

    3. end killing your own people
      end selling drugs
      end having fatherless babies
      end committing crimes and murders
      end blaming everyone else for your problems
      how about you have some accountablity

    4. @Guillermo Gutierrez-Santana II what is a bear gut? Telling the truth is not racist. Thanl you for proving he was right with your whining

  6. Those are murders by police and the Prosecutor or state’s attorney should be locked up ,for not indicting the Police.

    1. CatPower The corruption appears to be in our democrat controlled cities. I posted a listing of all of the latest police killings of unarmed black men that have occurred in our most progressive cities under strong Democrat control. It doesn’t do any good to blame the Trumpster, We need to look at our own side and clean house to get rid of the inept and incompetent mayors and city Council’s in these corrupt cities.

    2. @T. R. Campbell I can’t say .
      But how do we know that they are real Democrats and not like the devil in sheep clothing like the fake president???
      If that is the case.
      I’ll wait to see it or you know I will do my own research.

  7. Booker – well said – it’s about time we hear more about what needs to be done to fix the issues instead of just complain complain – great job let’s do it !

  8. Dylan Roof kills 9 black church members and the police take him to Burger King. Let that sink in..

    1. @lord of the Sith liberal slayer it’s the difference in the arrest one is dead,they other got Burger King.

    2. @EMAN67 (Movies,politics,commentary) so you dont think police use tactics like that to get confessions so the perpetrators own up to their actions in interrogations instead of letting them cop out to a insanity plea before lawyerhets to him ?

    3. And a few weeks later a b l k person shots up a church in Texas and it’s all quite on the media front

    4. oftenlucid are u stupid or cruel. He just MURDERED people oh yes let him eat. FOF u k him and u. Clear on this

  9. As always, Senator Booker has clearly articulated the hypermilitarism in the U.S. and our escalation of violence with violent solutions that DO NOT WORK for any of us. Thank you Cory Booker! We SO NEED more representatives who are like you, . . working FOR THE PEOPLE, not AGAINST the PEOPLE like Trump and his hateful cronies.

  10. I’m for truth, no matter who tells it. I’m for Justice, no matter who it’s for or against.
    – Malcolm X

    1. @milk cookies god made diversity then god commands I loved you first now you love all my children all equaly

  11. He’s speaking the truth as it is everywhere that way cops need to be accountable for their actions.

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