‘This Was Huge’: What SCOTUS Ruling Means For LGBT Community | Morning Joe | MSNBC

The Washington Post's Jonathan Capehart and the New York Times' Jeremy Peters discuss the Supreme Court's landmark Monday ruling on LGBT individuals in the workplace. Aired on 06/16/2020.
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'This Was Huge': What SCOTUS Ruling Means For LGBT Community | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. @Dave S That would be living up to our ideals, and I salute all the young people who want to get that done.
      But we are not a failed state. We can get to there from here.

    2. @Mcbeezee
      The polls were not saying landslide in 2016. I’n sure some people were, because some people always do. Just like they are this time. The national polls were quite accurate in 2016. They just missed movement an a few of the states. You are right that anything will happen, but re-election is looking increasingly unlikely.

    1. @John Lightfoot
      I don’t think he really cares. His only calculation is how it might affect his voters.

    2. @Steve Dee Right now Donald Trump, the Nationalist President of the United Sates of America and Harbinger of a Really Great New Society, free from the Radical Democrats and Anti-Fascist Terrorists could be standing in the middle of fifth avenue wearing a MAGA hat and a dirty diaper, sucking on a live pigeon while lunging at passersby and some lawmakers who claim to be republicans and have “₨€pub£i¢an va£u€$” still would back him up because they know for a fact that if they don’t hang with him and win, they will surely to hang with him in the end. I bet Barr gets a chill when he thinks about January 20th, 12 noon. He wont be scheduled for any lunch dates.

  1. When I ran in the street in ACTUP and organized the 1992 March on Washington, we couldn’t even believe that we would ever be able to marry, but now being included as part of Title VII … within thirty years! And in spite of the evil Donald Trump… WOW…

  2. Mike Pence has been hugging “mother” all morning and Steven Miller is rocking on the couch in the fetal position!

    1. Francis Conners I shall follow the case. I know Clarence Thomas will vote no for the release. Thomas adds nothing to the Supreme Court.

    2. @Francis Conners Good god I hope so, but I doubt it. trump’s court appointees know their job is to keep trump in office.

    3. @Thomas Reilly Who is ‘mini-hitler’? trump is obese; not mini at all. An obese hitler in high heels and makeup who can barely walk down a ramp. What an embarrassment on every single level. An embarrassment to the intellect, to masculinity, to tradition, to the US and to his supporters.

  3. Ahhh when Trump meant winning he really meant losing , after 3 years we understand that now

    1. @Kevin Johnson it was trolled by Tik Tok kids… thousands singed up but don’t ever intend to go.
      🤭He got trolled by kids 🤭😂🤣🤣

    2. @Claudette J are you telling me Trump S Racist and Agolf Twitler aren’t actually attending the Kult rallies?

    3. @Lawrence Smith 😂😂😂 only one million. Give your head a wobble you inbred rat

  4. Step back a minute.. Jonathan says “breathtaking” when referencing the courts decision to abide constitutional doctrine.. just think about that… oh the times we live in

    1. Yep, I’m glad somebody spotted that, the matter should have never been up for discussion or are we to see all historic decisions reviewed?

    2. Actually this had nothing to do with the Constitution. They were just interpreting existing law.

    3. I noticed that too. That was a bad word choice. I think he should have written himself some notes before the interview, or at least have washed his feet. LOL. I hate sticking my foot in my mouth like that. Also the host used the word “indistinguishable” where the text said “disguised”, a totally different connotation.

    1. @David Kanu people are sick of the cultural wars religious conservatives have been waging on women, gays and POC for decades. Enough already, focus on your own life.

    2. @9 LizaDayA typical triggered atheist reply , ranting angrily without cohesive argument. I haven’t heard anything like Christian taliban, I don’t know what you are smoking in that pipe mister but I don’t think I want any of it.

    3. @– My faith was already there in the world before your American politics came into being. Conservatism is basically about religious values, so there are politicians who are conservatives in offices, so there is no such thing as” get your faith out of politics “, is not for me to decide whether my faith will be in politics or not.

    1. Is it a coincidence that both Thomas and Kavanaugh have a history of sexual harassment against women? When we are mature enough, as a country, to not give men like these power, then we may come to a 9-0 vote. I am not holding my breath.

    2. To be fair, they weren’t voting on whether LGBT right SHOULD be protected, but only on whether they already are under existing law.

    3. It isn’t progress, It is basic human decency! and is long overdue in so many parts of the world.

    4. Jock Young Actually you are more accurate than me I think Jock. I notice that Joe is starting to get wide spread and deeper support lately. For Trump to increase his slightly diminishing base will be extremely difficult

      Auckland. NZ

    1. @josef jerbils Trump spends a lot more on his golfing trips and what was your comment again?

  5. Well it’s about time that America was living in the real world this day and age being against someone who has a different sexual gender are long gone and if America does really want change America is going to have to except people for what they are equality in all walks of life is needed for change

  6. I find all of this talk about how ‘huge and earth-shattering a motion to hold employers accountable for homophobia a bit bizarre, the supreme court should be ashamed that these discriminatory violations have been side-stepped and enabled for this long….shame on you.

  7. Gorsich was nominated by the Federalist Society. Confirmed by an immoral tortoise. Trump’s input consisted of scribbling with a sharpie.

  8. Unlike Kavanaugh, I don’t believe Gorsuch takes into account having to be loyal to his appointer. While I will probably not agree with him on most of the opinions, at least I know he will opine based on his constitutional conscience, and not out of some misplaced loyalty to Donald Trump. The same CANNOT be said of Justice Fratboy Forever, Brett Kavanaugh.

    1. Agreed, ironically because Gorsuch’s seat is so illegitimately gotten and boofin’ brett’s wasn’t.

    2. Yep, Kavanaugh would have had a ‘loyalty’ conversation with trump. I’m pretty certain trump has something on him to keep him that way. That’s trump’s MO; get dirt on someone to keep them loyal.

  9. I was very happy to hear of the Court’s decision.
    I was also happy when I learned the other day that the judges Moscow Mitch has been stuffing the courts with can potentially be removed.
    He has put through judges who the American BAR has deemed unqualified, and they should be removed. Any appointment, who it is found has lied during their vetting interviews also can potentially be removed for purjury.
    Now this is not to say any and all Trump judges will be removed without cause. But McConnell’s carelessness and poor quality candidates has left many of apointees open removal.

    Americans deserve qualified judges who haven’t lied to get the job.
    We need QUALITY over quantity.
    There is some hope still.

  10. You didn’t think kavannaugh was going to have the spine to go against his master. That’s why trump wanted that man baby elected.

  11. doesn’t matter they’re still human be they work or what ever they do they still have to pay the tax ” DID TRUMP PAY TAX ? “

  12. These judges need to demonstrate a scintilla of independence as they gear up for the post trump era

  13. When they vote to let financial information to go to Congress for oversight…will be a victory!!! Our government has to hold corrupt behavior in check!!!! Tax law was broken when he WOULDN’T give his tax info!!! VOTE to jail our disgusting MORON IN CHIEF!!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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