Dr. Redlener: The Average Person Will Not Be Vaccinated Until At Least The Least The Middle Of 2021 1

Dr. Redlener: The Average Person Will Not Be Vaccinated Until At Least The Least The Middle Of 2021


Dr. Irwin Redlener, physician and MSNBC public healthy analyst, discusses the complicated process of rolling out the coronavirus vaccine including when certain groups will be able to get it, and how to assure the public that it is safe. Aired on 12/2/2020.
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Dr. Redlener: The Average Person Will Not Be Vaccinated Until At Least The Least The Middle Of 2021


    1. I don’t know why people keep saying this.

      You won’t have access to it until it gets through the FDA. If it makes it that far, Fauci will insist that everyone get it

    2. its safe we here in the uk have ok’d it asd safe, and our laws are so strict its stupid on safety for drugs, half of the drugs legal in the usa are banned here, we are that strict. and we start vaccinating next week

  1. History will remember how ignorant and unqualified orange45 is. The emperor has no clothes. SMH, in the mean time Americans die due to his hubris.

    1. @Alvinius Alviniathan you vote for killing babies . Do you realize 1,000 babies a day are killed by abortions ? Thats a dump truck load of dead babies . Want to see that truck ?

    2. The up side is, people that believe in the vaccine might actually get it sooner than what that doctor is predicting.. By the simple fact that a LOT of people will not get it because of Trump and there are already anti vaxxers to start with so… The less people in line the faster I’ll get the shot. I see no problem with that.. I fully support them not getting the vaccine, free will and all… Lol

  2. The truth is that, with this new spike, there will be at least 400.000 dead Americans before all vaccinations will be implimented. All because of the criminal mismanagement of Donald Trump, the criminal in charge!

    1. @gswombat they should thank him for the vaccine. Operation warp speed has been wonderful. I don’t care who you are, the vaccine is going to end the pandemic, allow Americans to get back to a normal life, our economy will do well, people will Travel, and President Biden can do his job

    2. @Kelvin Blackstone The orange traitor did nothing. vaccine companies were already at work in almost every country. Operation warp speed was nothing but self aggrandisement. He did nothing.

    3. @gswombat see, your pure hatred for Trump is why you won’t agree. Those are the facts. I don’t like Trump; his facts and accomplishments are still real as are his faults and failures. The fact that you let one man hold so much power over you is sad. I hope you can get over it

    4. @Kelvin Blackstone The vaccine is not his doing. Trump simply asked around scientific community, and hurried them up because he wanted credit for it. And behold! all his supporters are extatically thankful to Trump for the researchers’ work. All the other heads of states worldwide did that too. That doesn’t mean the vaccines are their doing either. It’s the work of researchers and all mankind should be thankful to their work, not to politicians for throwing a question and telling them to hurry up. Trump is far from being our savior. You place him far too high, but I respect your opinion. Just don’t try to enforce it to all. We keep our opinion too. Let’s hope you are right that this vaccine will put an end to this mass murderer. Sad though that it’s going to be too late for the 273K of Americans and 1.57M worldwide dead so far.

  3. Im sure the entire trump mafia will get the vaccine! They should be force fed like a duck but with hydroxychlorequine!!

    1. @INCARNATE I know Trump supporters that are black and hardly racist. I know white female Trump supporters married to black men and Black male Trump supporters married to females.

    2. @Pulse2AM you would lose that bet. I vote in every single election and I vote Republican almost every time except this election. I live in Oregon. Would you like my address?

    3. @Pulse2AM are you in the USA? Lol. I served this country proudly and deployed 3 different times to Afghanistan.

  4. Half of the population may have the opportunity to get fully inoculated by mid 2020. The logistics of vaccinating 280-330 million people in 6 months is a dumb notion.

    1. I wonder why it is everyone (the general public) seems to think that something important will happen immediately at the snap of a finger. There is a reason the phrase “Hurry up and wait” is heard a lot among regular people who happen to wear a uniform. Still waiting for that stimulus ain’t we. Chances of it being passed before biden takes office.. 0%. So, between the time the first vaccine is administered until, but just prior to its use in the general public, It needs constant reviews for any side effects. I simply do not trust trump enough to want anything to do with this. Yet.

  5. Let me help you out. First. I’d walk 50 miles to get this thing if it worked , people will get there.
    2. How about using the vaccine not needing freezing it refrigeration.
    3. Let’s do it and stop talking about what we can’t do .


    1. Dry Ice will keep the vaccine more than cold enough (-78°C or -108°F). It’s used all the time for vaccine distribution worldwide. Whoever (i can guess) made up this panic about refrigeration is spewing misinformation.

  6. Im sure the entire trump mafia will get the vaccine! They should be force fed like a duck but with hydroxychlorequine!!

  7. Schedule: Jab One…wait three or four week… Jab Two…wait three or four weeks…You are immune to the severe symptoms of COVID, but you still need to wear the mask, because you might be an asymptomatic contagious virus carrier.

    1. @Bran Evans Probably not, because 1) it complicates the process and 2) the vaccine will provide an immunity boosting effect for those who have already been infected.

  8. Yes, Dr. Redlener, The UK has approved phizer, what does US promote as ‘best’ pharmaceutical ( effective as well as safe) brand??

  9. its safe people my country the uk has ok’d it and is starting vaxxing tomorrow, and we have stricter rules than the usa, half the drugs legal in the usa are illegal in the uk. so its safe

  10. The first to receive the Covid vaccine will be the drug companies executives, employees, families, Trump’s family, then the front line workers.

  11. Those who don’t believe in the virus, science or technology won’t need it, many who don’t want free health care should pay for it, we’ll call it survival of the thickest.

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