Trump Retweets False Claim Suggesting Nevada Medical Unit Is Fake | Ayman Mohyeldin | MSNBC 1

Trump Retweets False Claim Suggesting Nevada Medical Unit Is Fake | Ayman Mohyeldin | MSNBC


A selfie taken by a doctor at a field hospital in Reno, Nevada has been circulated widely after President Trump retweeted an account alleging that the hospital depicted is fake. Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak condemned Trump's behavior, calling it an attack "on the integrity of our healthcare workers." Aired on 12/2/2020.
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Trump Retweets False Claim Suggesting Nevada Medical Unit Is Fake | Ayman Mohyeldin | MSNBC


  1. At this point no one even thinks to themselves why won’t republicans remove him or at the very least condem him. Repugnant vile people.

    1. The enemy of my enemy is a friend, let them split the party. They have created there own monster and it’s turning on them, ok by me. It’s almost like watching an old Godzilla movie, you just know Tokyo’s going to get stomped.

    2. Republicans let it slide when Trump trashed Democrats and anyone who disagreed with him. Now, that Republican politicians are getting trashed—and death threats—they’re powerless.

    1. @Apada
      So he was actually “diagnosed” and was still able to get in as President!!!!! I wonder how much he paid for that!!!!!

    2. @Marya Love unfortunately, there is NOTHING in our constitution that prevents a mentally ill person from being president or having a mandatory removal if mental illness shows itself after the fact, as it was in his case! And now we know Article 25 (the “unfit to serve” article) is pointless because these politicians care more about their party’s power than they do about the safety of the country. It’s sick.

  2. Whoever wins the election should take over on day ONE like every other country in the world. It’s insane to allow the loser of an election to stay leader for 2 months!

    1. I agree that waiting more than two months before a new President takes office is insane, but the transitions for the most part were normal in the past because the outgoing Presidents were not insane.

  3. Republicans: biden cant put her in because she makes mean tweets
    Trump: literally accuses doctors of being fake and hijacks the post to make fraudulent election claims

    1. @Trinity X what cases has Rump won? 1 which got him nowhere. They’ve all been thrown out due to NO proof. You exist in an alternative reality.

    1. @you2099 Please share the information about a single misdiagnosed case being listed as Covid-19, and not corrected. We’ve all heard the same motorcycle case in Florida. That’s been fixed, but what about the other 270,000?

    2. @Doob Snackz -You didn’t answer me. So, I’m assuming you think COVID is fake. Your problem? Every single medical group in the world disagrees with you. The top virologists in the world also. Same with the top immunologists in the world. All of the top pharmas are racing to get their vaccines approved. All of the doctors & nurses in all of the hospitals in the nation would have to be in on the hoax. All of the companies that own the refrigerator trucks that store bodies would have to be in on the hoax. All of the morgues that are overrun would have to be in on the hoax. So …. let’s stack all of those people up against the “scientist” that is saying COVID is a hoax. tRump. Your problem, he admitted on audio that he knew it wasn’t a hoax. The only moron here is you for thinking that millions of people could be in on the hoax and not one of them is admitting to it. See my point? No? That’s because you listen to this guy. He’s not real … I made this up …. but it represents the truth when it comes to your blind faith in nothing.

    3. @imacmill Do a Bing search for: johns hopkins report number of deaths
      What you’ll find, naturally, is an article from them now saying that “Oh, it was all a Mistake.” “It was incorrect.”

      And it looks like they’ve now provided a PDF of the original article that was taken down.
      But that’s only because they got called out.
      (Otherwise I would have directed you to go to the Wayback Machine, which is where you can usually find things that people try to hide from the Internet.)

      But regarding the article. You might now say: That means there is an explanation. They said the original article was erroneous and misleading.
      Well, What else are they going to say?
      Of course they’ll have That same response to the 10s of Thousands of scientists Around the world, who are brave enough to Dare speak out.

      It’s the same way how Everyone in prison is innocent. Just ask their lawyers! Who will always have a brilliant explanation for you, as to why all the circumstantial evidence is wrong.

      They say “Follow the science.” But what they really mean is, Follow whatever story we tell you this week … which might be different next week.

      This is bigger than just the US. The future of humanity will be determined over the next 2 to 4 weeks. And sadly a large percentage is ready to hand over permanent authority, to the groups ready to enslave them.

    4. I feel rly bad that covid, climate change and other occuring events have to be “disputed” as truth when it is already a fact in other parts of the world. I am still amazed at home disinformation can spread to insidiously that denying reality is something that is somehow acceptable among some American. I wonder if media has anything to do with it. From where I am our media is extremely globalised from Asia to Europe and if anything we have the internet to check out more neutral agencies like Associated Press. Do supposed “Trumpers” have access to such media? Or do they turn a blind eye? I am just dumbfounded tt despite the president’s obvious lies, people don’t fact check at all?

    5. ​@Rite83 MoeLawBks (earlier reply had some typos, so I’m rewriting here.)
      Does anyone remember that ABC show, “The Practice.” ? It was a great legal drama, Back in the day. It had a small group of attorneys who were So Good that they specialized in getting people off who were clearly and Obviously guilty.
      That’s the power of words. The power of brilliant and persuasive writing.

      To the question of “show me a single misdiagnosed case being listed as Covid-19, and not corrected.”
      Ok, I would say look up the recent story of the CDC reporting that: only 6% of the “Covid” deaths, were from people who ONLY died of Covid.

      But if you look that one up. The First thing you will find is a Fact Check article from USA Today, which is utterly brilliant, and supports Your own argument.
      It’s So Effectively and so clearly written that I just can’t dispute it. And That’s the point.

      It’s no longer about Truth. It’s about how factions Can weaponize Truth in order to Fool and manipulate people. And your side has the best writers. (while all we have is the truth? ok, I won’t push it.)

      (Elon Musk recently said, They lay claim to the truth, but publish only enough to sugarcoat the lie.)

      The only way to refute something as well written as that USA Today article, is by pointing out how many times the MSM has been caught in so many similarly truthful lies. Lies of omission, Lies of misdirection, and clear cases of profound corruption.

      re. the Iraq War. It wasn’t Bush, Cheney, and Powell who got us into that one. It was the MSM. THEY made the case. And they trashed the few journalists (like 2) who dared to question the Intel they were being fed daily, from the Administration & Intelligence.

      “Truth is the first casualty in war.” And today we are at war with an enemy that few can see.

    1. @you2099 – the selfie was taken on the center’s opening day, November 12th. They have since treated over 200 patients and, with the Thanksgiving super spreader events soon to blossom, they’ll be treating even more and dealing with many deaths. You think this is some kind of joke?! It’s quite apparent you have yet to lose anyone. You will.

    2. @you2099 I pray neither you nor anyone you love or care about gets a serious case of covid-19. The ignorance is abounding.

    3. ​@Patrick Ross Point taken. I’ll stand corrected. I Just did a little checking And that does appear to be the case.
      But there have been so many cases of fraud and deception from the people pushing Covid as a political tool.
      This one doesn’t detract from those.
      (but I’ll be Watching, in case he slips up )

    1. @Brian Nave
      Ah…Nevada has been called
      dt 669,890 votes
      Joe Biden 703 ,486 votes

      So…in democracy…. the one with the most votes wins
      You know…like in 2016… when low and behold trump didn’t have any problems what so ever with possible fraudulent votes…or mail in ballots

      So now Joe Biden wins
      Thats what democracy means

      Beyond time to get rid

  4. These doctors, nurses, EMTs, and all those working with coronavirus patients are amazing compassionate people.

    Thank you for being there for us.

    1. @Manuel Santiago what apparently am I looking for? the 13+ million cases… the mortality rate? whats it got to do with the service doctors, nurses and other staff are providing?

    1. He probably did have covid… remember the president has the best doctors and access to better healthcare… probably got stem cell treatment or something….

    2. @Karz N Stuff Y’all seriously believe that Trump have covid-19 but was saying that covid-19 is fake?? This is coming from the same people who also believe that an presidential election was rigged and stolen?? Oh please!! I’m about sick of y’all as well!! Please If Donald Trump had covid-19 then I’m Beyonce!!

    1. Not sure what the media is going to do without inflaming the divide in the country when Biden takes office. Keep talking about what Trump did back in 2016-2020?

  5. Please just ban him from twitter already. His access to it is destructive to the peace of this country. The year has been hard enough, let this demon go away already.
    God bless you Dr. Keeperman and all the other front line heroes.

    1. That’s a very un-American thing to do to call for censorship. It comes down to whether you think you are better than others by deciding you determine what is good for them, instead of them determining it on their own.

    2. @CrossCynical nope…better for americans….he spreads hate…and this proves it….this man got nasty messages because of Trump….thats un-american….especially for a president!!

    3. You need Big daddy government to censor information for you, are you too stupid to decide what’s true and what’s fake?

      Censorship on any level is unAmerican, This is not Communist China

  6. Dr. Jacob. Thank you for your hard work and your love for the people. Praying for you and all your colleagues.

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