‘Drop the charges’: Black Lives Matter on arrests of Toronto protesters

Black Lives Matter organizers held a press conference at Ryerson University after 3 protesters were arrested after tagging two statues.

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  1. For most law abiding citizens the police are relied on to uphold the law. If we don’t have them it might as well be the Wild West. That statue was paid by taxpayers go through the proper routes if you want it removed.

  2. BLM should pay for the damage. Plus those who made the mess should clean it up. That’s the deal.

    1. They should be forced to live in a tent beside the monument until they’ve cleaned off all the paint. ALL OF IT!

  3. As this comment section shows, the divisive, destructive and hypocritical charade of BLM and its ‘benevolent’ mask are crumbling down.

  4. can’t listen to this self righteous wannabe victim make his demands who does he think he is no one elected him.and there is no way the cops will be dismantled.

  5. Why the hell should they drop the charges? They clearly break the law, and then, BLM wants a “conversation;” check that ; “we demand… we demand… etc. etc. etc.

  6. So pathetic! Enforce the law Toronto, and there will be fewer incidents of this nature. See what is happening in the USA when laws are not enforced.

  7. As a Canadian taxpayer, I disagree with many of your “demands” and say to you “who do you think you are? What makes you think you are above the law? Why don’t you use your passion to work within the law?

  8. If u wanna remove those statue which u think has racist history u gotta do it through LEGAL process, as we r living in a peaceful country with rule of law. Pouring pink paint to statue without permission only shows how uncivilized and uneducated of those protestors are.

  9. I am against this violence and defacing of Canadian statues. I have a vote also.

    More funding for police!

  10. I am done supporting BLM. this Canadian version BLM is hijacking the issue of police brutality and turn it into a hate group toward police.

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