Stelter pinpoints when Trump ‘changed his tune’ on testing

CNN's Brian Stelter breaks down President Donald Trump's comments on coronavirus testing and how the right-wing media feedback loop feeds into those talking points.
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  1. “The same kind of lying.” I’m glad reporters are starting to use the proper language for Trump, liar.

  2. “They don’t test…”

    Um… no, they actually test far more than the US could ever hope to because their government is not a bunch of corrupt, incompetent murderers and criminals.
    They test as much as possible so that they can track the virus and get it under control, which is what they did. And they STILL keep testing constantly even though the virus is under control.

    America didn’t test to start, then had a bunch of different companies make various tests with no standards, so most didn’t work or just give false positives. And the supply of testing is pathetic.
    The US has the manufacturing power to ensure that every citizen could take a test once a day… but they don’t. They only make a small number of tests compared to what’s needed, and then complain that they have too many tests.

    1. @John Mininger I’m not hearing I’ve seen this at personal level and I’m from India and during my visit they only tested ppl who were showing signs and only place to get tested was at hospital for considerably high price which most of the majority class in India can’t afford. And I can be right for other countries.. so yes number of tests in USA per population is more thn any other countries reason we have so many cases. More testing leads to more cases to be confirmed. It’s really not that difficult to understand.

    2. @Harbir Singh – India IS one of the few countries that charges for tests, that is well documented. India a country, it is not most countries. No, the US has the most tests because of its population but does NOT have the most tests per capita and even that doesn’t tell the whole picture. Yes, the US has increased its testing but the increase in positive results does not correlate to the increase in testing . Furthermore, the increase in testing has happened across the board but the increase in positive results have happened in specific states. Testing is also not entirely ubiquitous, as is the case for my daughter; in many parts of the country you still need to have a reason to believe you may have it, presenting with symptoms. All this means is the dramatic rise in coronavirus cases cannot be explained away as merely the result of more testing. It is really not that difficult to understand … but apparently it is for Donald Trump.

    3. I don’t think I’ve ever loved America more than I do now…I’m a registered Democrat…however, sorry fellow Dems…you can call me a Trumptard from now on..and I’m not the only Democrat switching channels…and that’s a FACT…(PS…CNN no longer has my respect)…globalist media

    4. @Raven R – Weird how you along with a bunch of other posters seem to “know” these two people, one who died of cancer and one of a drug overdose (sometimes also mentioned as a suicide) who were labeled COVID-19. I am sure that some cases are mislabeled but it goes both ways. More telling is that in many states, the increase in deaths over the expected number of deaths cannot be explained by the reported COVID-19 deaths, meaning that more than likely the number of deaths, especially in the beginning, were under-reported.

    5. @Variant Ways – Yeah right. Come back here on Nov 4th and tell us all about the big Trump wave.

    1. Now is the time for teachers to refuse to return to school. Quit your job, and charge $250 a week to home school 10 kids. Your class of 28 students will get cut to 10 and your salary will go from $30,000 to $120,000. You’re welcome.

    2. @Ali B Not All Teachers can do that
      Also the LA Teachers Unions demands dont even have anything to do with Covid
      Those are insane Strike demands..

    3. Yes Vote Red or let this Country turn into Chicago, Minneapolis, Atlanta and NY..
      Blue Crime wave incoming

    4. Ali B, great idea about the math is off. School is part of the year, can’t charge when not teaching.

    5. Yeah, Home School: Indoctrinate your kids with your beliefs, don’t let them be exposed to other ideas.
      The last thing we want is Children thinking for themselves. Its so much better if they think and feel how we want them to

  3. “If we didn’t test, we would have very few cases.” No Donald, we would have the EXACT SAME NUMBER of cases, we just wouldn’t know where they are.

    1. Which was the point he was making. That’s why the numbers go up because the tests reveal those who are positive.

    2. @hodaka1000 “…The Orange Oaf is Basically Useless…” Except to Vladimir Putin and Chinese Leader Xi. (John Bolton: Washington Post 04/04/20)

  4. I never imagined trump wpuld be THIS bad.
    He’s just a pathetic man, and we desperately need a LEADER right now.

    1. And actually he’s doing better than you think with what he has to put up with and deal with being the president nowadays isn’t what you think there are corporations and organizations working in the shadows putting the population in a box and at risk. Depression suicide placebo effect lack of oxygen the people are doing it to themselves have a big Mac or an ultimate burger while you try to figure it out.👀👽 nobody is sick do you know anybody that’s even coughing the scanner is quiet what’s really going on crashing the economy’s while the central bank is in control and waiting To acquire more possessions and property than ever before

    2. Imagine if he was in the Apprentice .He’s automatically fired. Lol you’re fired. Carma.

    3. And do call this leadership? Joe Biden has not said a single negative word against all the Looting, rioting, violence, defacing of statues, spitting on police, burning of buildings and property and businesses, beating up of citizens and praying priest, shaming of citizens for saying something simple like all lives matter, Etc. Is that what you call Quality leadership? If Biden does not stand up to the internal Warfare that is happening in this country, what is he going to do when we have a real threat, countries such as China, North Korea, Islamic radical country, Iran or Russia?

    4. sparky sparky okay so by that same logic do you call this leadership? When there are corona cases spiking and president literally says we are getting better and we are doing a great job. How about when trump pulls authority away from the SCIENTIFIC ORGANIZATION put in place to help the pandemic aka the CDC. Or ya know how about the fact that he pulled funding from the CDC. How about the fact that he still has the audacity to go and put his focus on his campaign when we have bigger issues at hand such as corona virus and social injustice. And to just address the looting, rioting, violence, and defacing of statues, let’s not be blind to the facts here. Biden can say all he wants about the looting, rioting, violence, and defacing of statues but he can’t actually do anything about it. The man isn’t in office. What about the dude who’s in office, oh yeah, that’s right he just goes, hmm if I go punch punch and beat beat here I win boom. He doesn’t try and solve the core problem of racial injustice. If he did that would solve things without his backlash of violence that he gave. He tries to solve things with an ignorant outlook and actions on the issue and doesn’t actually solve anything. So Biden isn’t in the position to lead yet. But if he does get into that position America will have an example of actual leadership.

  5. I’m a European, not an American, but with all due respect, I think they should and can only do one thing: fire Trump.

    1. @Sue B Wtf??And Bring Biden,Pelosi, Schumer, Omar and AOC in so the country turns into Chicago?
      No Thanks..Have you looked around?
      Biden hasn’t done Anything in years
      47 Years

    2. I would like to know what part of Europe…if that is where you are from If many countries of Europe had gotten their act together sooner, they probably wouldn’t have infected people from around the world. Please fix the problems in your own backyard before you try to be an expert in someone else’s.

  6. You repeat a lie often enough, people start to believe the it – Hitler’s Propaganda Minister

    1. Kevin Ford – It’s also an irrelevant comparison. It’s like saying that since more people die of cancer than kidney failure, don’t worry about kidney failure.

    2. If COVID symptoms were ebola symptoms where people bleed from all orifaces, one image of that on the news would have people wearing masks 24/7.

    3. sparky sparky – Are you trying to say he condones it? Can YOU admit that we have a problem with police brutality in this country that needs to be addressed? Cut the crap. 99.9% of protesters are not rioting.

    1. Thomas Perry do you have a degree that proves that you can evaluate a person, you’ve most likely never met, and diagnose said person as a sociopath?? I’m not on social media much, but, someone who has 9 followers on a YouTube channel, I understand this to be a negative factor if you’re even attempting to be entertaining. Good luck in this mean mean world.

    2. I don’t think I’ve ever loved America more than I do now…I’m a registered Democrat…however, sorry fellow Dems…you can call me a Trumptard from now on..and I’m not the only Democrat switching channels…and that’s a FACT…(PS…CNN no longer has my respect)…globalist media

    3. There’s a BIG difference between people seeking a test and test administrators seeking people.

      Aside from on the job testing, at this point, I see no reason to seek a test. If you don’t have symptoms, take precautions. If you do, self-quarantine and prepare to seek medical help if necessary.

      Finding out where and how many cases there are should come from sampling the population. Contact tracing is useless when there’s already community spread. Does it matter whether you caught it at Wal-Mart or at a restaurant? It’s everywhere.

    4. Variant Ways Along with CNN, common sense, science, truth, honestly, morality and equality have also lost your respect. Good riddance!

  7. “You can’t distract your way out of the pandemic. You have to deal with it.”
    This clearly explained why Trump is losing the battle with the pandemic. More frightening is that it shines a light on his character flaw on how he deal with crisis. Trump is a clear and present danger to Americans. Instead of dealing with the pandemic, he chose to hide it.

    1. ONE HELL OF A CRAZY – When he tried to say it was a hoax by Democrats. Come on, you know what the commenter means here. Are you actually trying to defend Trump on a technicality?

  8. Hmmm, sounds like good advice, “If you want to look like you are trying to beat the pandemic, you need to actually try to beat the pandemic.”

    1. And if you want to look like you’re working for minorities, actually reach out to them instead of suppressing their votes.

      If you want to look like you can win elections easily and don’t want foreign powers meddling in our elections, don’t ask them for help.

  9. My wife said, ” I think I’m pregnant!”
    I asked “did you test?”
    She said “no”
    I said “don’t worry, if you don’t test, it can’t happen”.

    1. Drumpf: “Ivanka, it bigly hurts when I pee.”
      Ivanka: “Don’t get tested for STDs Daddy, it might come true”
      Drumpf: “You are the best Daughter-wife a pervert like me could have”
      Ivanka: “Thanks pops, and if your thingy swells up, I may actually feel it.”

    2. Sheldon Lacsina 😆 bro you really are going to embarrass yourself like this? Of course that would bring numbers up but we need numbers to go up. I’m not saying we want more corona I’m saying we need to not be ignorant and blind sided by it and figure out just who has it so that we can be prepared and stop living in a world of “if I can’t see it it doesn’t exist.” Intelligence is power my man.

  10. “See if they didn’t test me in college I wouldn’t have had those bad grades… my bad grades were the result of the too much testing not my lack of knowledge, understanding of the topics, or study habits!”

    1. ☝️…Said Trump. While as, “A Stable Genius”, Refusing to release his College Transcripts.

  11. Big ups to Chris Wallace for calling him out just about every time he lies. Good job Mr. Wallace

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