1. The division in these comments are the reason why there is a surge. People stop arguing! This virus is real. I have lost classmate and uncle to it both within weeks of each other. Take care of yourself and stop arguing your politics. Republicans and Democrats are dying of this disease and those in Washington don’t care! When you die, they won’t cry for you because they don’t care. Your family cares and will hurt for you so protect them as well as yourselves. Stop the damn bickering! It’s beneath of us all!

    1. @Asteroid Impact That’s why Trump supporters are deliberately infecting others because “blacks”.

    2. get lost no it’s the red states that many don’t wear masks or believe in science – they like to believe in fantasy and this is a hoax or a “little flu” -wake up you are in denial

    1. @Martin Humble comparing trump and stalin? If he were like him you would be dead for speaking badly of him, do you know anything about history?

  1. Babyhands is going to pretend the pandemic doesn’t exist…this is going to be an example of stupidity and incompetence for future generations. : )

    1. @Sarah Petty Your guess would be wrong. I do it for free. I take enormous personal pleasure in exposing right wingers for the halfwit liars they are. : )

    2. CDC has taken bat soup off the pandemic list, the deaths arent high enough to be considered as such.

    1. I thought call girls give a what you said, for the money. And then they get fat round and ugly like a lazy Susan.

  2. Well, this is precisely why they’re blocking stats from being reported to an impartial institution as has always been.

    1. Of course. Sane intelligent people can see that. Turnip’s afraid to lose what few votes he’s got left by asking people to protect each other and explain WHY masks are so important. In a way they understand.

    2. @Islamisthecultofsin Yep, “Cases” are just numbers of those tested, bc we have more tests nd even all of those are not full proof accurate!

  3. We wear masks here in Germany thats why things are getting ready to go back to normal🤦🏽‍♂️

    1. Things are normal here. Except for TV telling me for 5 months straight that I’m gonna die. Oh well maybe next month.

    2. In Australia we haven’t worn mask and we have it under control. We haven’t had the protest like you guys have. Democrats keeping USA rampant with the virus with protest and then blame Trump. dirty tactic if ask me they don’t care about loss of life.
      Meanwhile china is becoming the new Germany nazi with concentration camps and using tactics that Hitler used.

    1. @Pam Deshane we should have idiots like you catch covid 19 and then see if you still want to reopen America

    2. @K3r0411 exactly other countries payed attention to it the people had the right response and their governments did too because they saw how it could become the idiots in America say it’s too hard to breath and it’s against their rights, right now where it is you either wear a mask and distance by 6 feet or your 6 feet down in the ground.

  4. Asked my doctor how much longer Covid-19 would last… And he said, “How would I know. I’m a doctor. Not a politician.

    1. @blackout2430 Why is it only spiking in the South right now? Thought democrats and protesters were mostly in the North?

    2. @China is a fascist nation,
      I practice medicine and you sound very ill informed… science is what I do for a living. Please stop with the propaganda. You are doing your fellow citizens a disservice. Read

    1. Criticize trump as he deserves, but don’t let your state governors get off the hook so easily.

  5. Doctors, nurses, dentists & most healthcare workers have been wearing masks for at least a couple of decades. It has not been a problem with them.

    1. @Tony Bell Perhaps that’s why social distancing, thorough hand washing and common sense are used alongside masks.

    2. @Hannah Dyson unfortunately you cannot just wear a shield cdc and other doctors have said you still have to wear a mask when wearing a face shield.

    3. @Hannah Dyson _”Yes all the countries in the world are killing their citizens off to help the democrat party.
      Inculding Trump’s buddy in Brazil .. a real fan of your Democratic party 🙄.”_ I’m stealing this.

    4. @z katzingjammer _”If mask work so well why not prisoners wear them in jail instead letting them out”_
      If it’s so safe to go back to school then why not put Manafort back in prison?

    1. @Kirsten Grau Whenever I see someone write “tRump” I picture a 5 year old on their parent’s computer.

    1. Just claim that they are paid and if your debtors claim your bills haven’t been paid, call it fake news.

  6. It’s funny how trump said it will go away with the heat and in that thumbnail pic, most of the top states are on the south in temp hot states.

    1. Sure, covid just happens to explode in Florida, days after the RNC picked the state for their primary convention location.

    2. @Tony Bell No, Trump reiterated what Jared Kushner and his other right-wing cabinet says. He actually threw Jared under the bus when Covid-19 got serious. The left-wing understands that people need to take the matter seriously, and they prefer giving the grim truth rather than hopeful speculations. The latter is better at prevention.

  7. “Pay no attention to the pandemic behind the curtain…. And certainly don’t make me do anything about it!”

  8. This is a list of the ways our “president” has helped Covid-19 to claim over 142,000 American lives. Please feel free to help me add to the list:

    -Ignored, dismissed or downplayed early briefings and warnings about the virus, saying “It’s going to disappear,” or “It’s one person coming from China, and we have it totally under control.”

    -Hesitated to take action early enough to protect our country in a cohesive, strategic, intelligent manner – based on denial or being more concerned with his campaign optics.

    -Instituted an impotent and chaotic “ban” on travel from China, resulting in crowds of thousands packed shoulder to shoulder into our airports for hours on end.

    -Politicized the wearing of masks, crippling one of our only defenses against a pandemic in order to play political games, saying masks are worn to “signal disapproval” of him, or that he “didn’t want to give the press the satisfaction.”

    -Pushed responsibility onto the individual States, rather than forming a Federal response.

    -Pawned the administration’s ‘response’ to the pandemic off on Mike Pence, telling him not to even bother “with Governors who don’t treat you right, don’t even call them” – pitting the States against each other to compete for resources.

    -Dismantled the federal Pandemic Response Team in 2018

    -Eliminated a key health position in Beijing intended to help detect disease outbreaks in China: Dr. Linda Quick, American epidemiologist who was embedded in China’s disease control agency and left her post in July of 2019.

    -Claimed the previous administration left depleted PPE resources, but failed to replenish them over the course of 3 years.

    -Inconsistent and chaotic mixed messaging, confusing the public and undermining his own Doctors.

    -The continuing bizarre Hydorxychloroquine debacle.

    -Pushing States to re-open ahead of his own administration’s safe re-opening guidelines.

    -Pushing schools to re-open as 35 states see a massive, rapid increase in cases.

    -Crowded people together at indoor Tulsa rally, without masks – due to concern for low turnout and optics.

    -Crowded students together at indoor Phoenix rally, without masks.

    -Crowded people together outdoors without masks for divisive, incendiary Mt. Rushmore speech.

    -Failed to act as a leader and a unifying force to address a national racial crisis, instead contributing to the hateful rhetoric and chaos.

    -Circumventing the CDC, so that hospital records of cases and deaths now go straight to Washington, to the Department of Health and Human Services, so that the TRUTH and REALITY of the pandemic can be minimized, manipulated and subverted to benefit campaign optics.

    -Claims that the U.S. is testing the most people in the world, and cites testing as the cause for increased cases.

    -Cut federal funding from testing sites, and said at a rally that he has suggested we slow down on testing.

    1. @I then I have nothing to say. Your voting system is based on electoral college, not popular vote. Fair or not, its the legal foundation for your country’s election.

    2. @China is a fascist nation False hope is not the same as hope. False hope gets people killed. Sobering truths are better than comforting lies. Sobering truths makes us feel _more_ secure if anything, because then we feel we are equipped with the information we need to survive.

    3. I – I understand where you’re coming from, but thinking that way and not even trying to do something is worse. PLEASE register soon, and vote this year. It has never been more important. 🇺🇸

  9. No, the question is who are those people in the 40% who approve the reaction by Trµmp to the pandemic 😂

    1. @Coye Bodie Remember those odds as they decide to put you in a coma to intubate you. Maybe quote them to your grandparents or your kids. Its easy to say 1% when you’re not one of them. FYI you’re still talking about 3.5 million deaths with your 1%. So yeah. And you’re even wrong with the mortality rate. It is is 3.8% according to John Hopkins University. You need to brush up on your analysis. Maybe why its not just a Flu?

    2. Biden: plan for coronavirus mask and social Distance Trump: plan inject Disinfectants ignore coronavirus don’t test as much and win elections 😃

    3. @Coye Bodie % = (numerator ÷ denominator) x 100.
      deaths: over 100,000 (numerator).
      Infections: over 3,000,000 (denominator).
      100,000 ÷ 3,000,000 = ?
      .03, you will find.
      .03 × 100 = 3.3%
      1% of 3,000,000 is 3,000,000 x .01 = 30,000. Not 100,000.
      Where did you go to school? America?

    1. @Cuomo Primetime Many of the 40K who came were white and American, genius. I’m not attacking them or Chinese people, I’m attacking Trump and Xi. A Country’s govt does not necessarily represent its people. Trump and Xi are both authoritarian-minded narcissists who engage in cover-ups that kill the innocent while abusing their public office to preserve their own selfish political prospects, and they can’t even do that properly; the blunderous fools that they are.

    2. @Cuomo Primetime A fake ban is worse than no ban. A fake ban is dangerous and misleading. Rushing 40K into the US _at the very last minute_ caused them to pack together in airports like sardines, worsening the spread of the virus. Trump and Xi should have addressed the travel dilemma in November when Trump was first warned of the pandemic and incrementally gotten Americans out of China.

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