Eddie Glaude: We Must Confront The Ugliness Of Who We Are | MSNBC 1

Eddie Glaude: We Must Confront The Ugliness Of Who We Are | MSNBC


Christopher Rufo and Eddie Glaude Jr. continue the back-and-forth discussion on critical race theory.

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Eddie Glaude: We Must Confront The Ugliness Of Who We Are | MSNBC


  1. There are schools that haven’t had new textbooks in over a decade.Classrooms full of mold and no AC.overworked and underpaid teachers spending their own income on school supplies.and children getting hit with “student lunch debt” but the debate over critical race theory is what’s making national headlines…

  2. Absolute power corrupts absolutely
    Sergeant Robert Justin alford green where are my daughters karee and Jahmela and my 7 grandchildren

  3. Joe eating up air time as usual. I would like this show better if Newt Jr. wasn’t part of it.

  4. Alot of philosophies, posthumanism for example are suggesting we move past anthrocentrism. And for good reason, if we thought of the nonhuman more often we would be alot more careful with technology and things like pollution, mining etc.. hopefully lol

  5. The average American doesn’t have a child in private school.? So who is it you’re talking to about this?

    1. it’s happening in public schools as well, so he’s talking to everyone that has a kid who isn’t homeschooled

  6. Mika, “We just want the truth.” You can handle the truth. Why do I keep watching this show? Joe, do some research for God’s sake.

    1. LOL. Joe hasn’t had a real job since he was the kid on the bridge in the Deliverence movie.

  7. Much better than the Joy Reid err…interview… But how can you discuss a topic with someone in good faith if that person believes you don’t pick your side of the arguement in good faith?

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